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Confidence is everything when it comes to shipping vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping a single private vehicle or a fleet of new vehicles for sale, confidence in your shipping provider will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Many shipping companies claim to be the best at what they do, but few have the feedback or industry recognition to back it up. We Will Transport It is a company that can deliver, and we are an A rated BBB auto shipping company. Quite simply, our customer ratings and feedback set us apart from the competition.

Why it Matters to Choose an A Rated BBB Auto Shipping Company

A Rated BBB Auto Shipping CompanyEven an affordable family vehicle represents a significant investment. When you are shipping a vehicle, you are moving one of your most valuable assets. You need to be absolutely certain that your vehicle is properly handled throughout its journey,

We maintain one of the most extensive shipping networks in the United States, and our logistical knowledge is amongst the best in the industry. This means that cars are delivered undamaged, in full compliance of all laws, and within an agreed timeframe.

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a shipping company to pick up or deliver your vehicle. For businesses shipping multiple vehicles, the timeframes can be even tighter. We plan each journey meticulously to ensure that delays are exceedingly rare. In cases where forces outside of our control cause a delay (weather, unplanned road closures etc.), we will keep you updated throughout the process and will take steps to mitigate the disruption.

Our commitment to excellence has led to us being an A rated BBB auto shipping company, and we strive to maintain this rating with all our business decisions and shipping contracts.

Risk-Free Shipping When You Choose a Car Hauler A Rated With the BBB

As you could expect from a car shipping company A rated with the BBB, we don’t cut any corners when it comes to the safe and legal handling of your vehicle or vehicles.

Our shipping crews are fully licensed and DOT compliant. With insurance on your shipping, you can have complete confidence knowing that you are covered even in the rarest of circumstances.

The experience that we bring is also a safety net against problems or delays during shipping. We always use the right equipment for the job, whether you need enclosed shipping, flatbed shipping, or multi-car shipping on a specialized rig.

Positive Ratings on All Major Review Platforms

In addition to being an A rated BBB auto shipping company, we have also received overwhelmingly positive feedback on all major review platforms.

Full details on our BBB rating can be found here. We maintain an A+ rating based on our ability to deliver service and resolve any issues swiftly and to the satisfaction of our customers. Detailed customer feedback and responses from our team can also be viewed on the BBB website. We are an Accredited Business with the BBB, which is something that you should always look for when choosing a service provider. Accredited businesses must meet strict standards that are regularly reviewed and enforced by the Better Business Bureau.

We are also a five star vehicle shipping company on Transport Reviews, another highly respected online feedback platform.

More of our feedback can be found on our Google Maps Business page. Here you will find details about our company as well as in-depth feedback from our valued customers.

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Vehicle shipping can be complex, but you don’t need to worry about all the technicalities when you work with an industry leader like We Will Transport It. We make the shipping process as stress-free as possible, freeing up your time. We offer online quotes, and with some basic information, you can start the shipping process today. Our rates are some of the most competitive in the industry. If you want affordable shipping, then it’s time to get in touch.

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