Auto Transport Bakersfield

auto transport is your number one resource for vehicle shipping of all kinds, and to all destinations.

Why choose us? Well, not only are we able to transport just about any vehicle to and from any location, we’re the best at it. We have over twenty years of experience, making us the vehicle shipment expert that auto transport Bakersfield residents rely on!

Our customers are more than a paycheck to us. Our success isn’t built on cutting corners or adding hidden fees. It’s built on great customer relationships and providing excellent service at an affordable price.

Where Can I Ship to?

The real question is where can’t you ship a vehicle to. Our auto transport Bakersfield services are nationwide—we ship to all fifty states. Need to go even further? We’ve got you covered with overseas and international shipments, as well. Our many years as a reliable shipper has allowed us to build a thriving network of partnerships with other shipment companies around the world.  That allows us to provide our clients with safe and reliable shipping the world over, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing we hold our partners to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves.

Auto Transport Bakersfield

Auto transport Bakersfield clients turn to because we put our clients first, and we’re committed to building strong relationships with them. That’s why we make a concerted effort to get to know you and learn about the journeys you’re making—so that we can better meet your needs.  We believe that knowing and researching the communities our clients come from (and the ones they’re moving to!) is important to being the best auto transport Bakersfield service available.


Our Services

car shipping bakersfield

We chose our name because we knew that the question we’d hear most would be “Can you ship my—?” and our answer is almost always yes.  Don’t believe us? Just check out our list of services!

  • Passenger car and truck shipment
  • Heavy equipment shipping
  • Bus transport
  • Boat transport
  • RV shipping
  • Yacht shipping
  • Motorcycle/motorbike transport
  • Enclosed or open shipping
  • Classic car transport
  • Luxury car transport
  • Military vehicle shipment
  • Ambulance transport
  • And much more!

So, if you have a question, the answer is almost certainly going to be “We will transport it!”

Additional Information

Of course, you probably have other questions as well, about cost, scheduling, and more.  First, we’d like to suggest that if you’re considering shipping a vehicle, just contact our transport specialists today! They’ll be able to answer your questions more fully based on your personal situation. But in the meantime:

  • Costs and Fees

We do not require an upfront deposit, and costs are calculated based on distance and vehicle type.

  • Do you do door-to-door service?

Yes, we strive to get as close to door to door service as logistically feasible, at the client’s request. There must be room to load and off load the vehicle safely, of course.

  • Licensing and bonding

All of our drivers are properly licensed and bonded.