Auto Transport Long Beach

auto transport long beachWhat do you need to transport? We will transport it! That’s why we call ourselves We’ll ship almost any vehicle to nearly any location on the planet. It’s no wonder our auto transport Long Beach clients love us—and we hope you choose to become one of them! Here are some—but hardly all!—of the services we offer.

  • Everyday passenger vehicle shipment
  • Large vehicle shipment
  • Transport of vehicles that have been specially modified
  • Bus transport
  • Marine vehicle transport including boats, yachts, and other vehicles
  • Commercial transit vehicle transport, including busses
  • Heavy equipment vehicle transport
  • Military vehicle shipping
  • And much more!

And when we say we’ll ship just about anywhere, we mean it! Our auto transport Long Beach clients love the fact that not only do we ship to all fifty states, we’ll even ship internationally—and yes, we’ll ship overseas as well.  We’ve got the fleet necessary to ship almost any type of vehicle using the right equipment to make sure your property arrives safe and sound.

We also work with a network of other high quality, reputable shippers to make your vehicle’s journey as efficient as possible. This also allows us to offer our clients multiple options when it comes to budget and scheduling.

Auto Transport Long Beach

car shipping long beach

You might wonder why we’d take the time to research specific client pickup locations and destinations, as we have for auto transport Long Beach clients, when we ship to and from so many different places.

The answer is simple. We care about our customers. You’re entrusting us with part of your journey—whether it’s a journey to a new base, a new home, a new college, or a car show. We’ve been successful shippers for over two decades because we recognize the importance of our customers’ journeys and we value them. And that means valuing where you’re coming from, and where you’re going.


How much will shipping my vehicle cost?

As you might expect, this answer varies quite a bit. However, we always provide clients with accurate, transparent quotes based on concrete factors like the make, model, year, size, and weight of your vehicle, any necessary special accommodations, the pickup location and final destination, our fuel costs. For an estimate, contact one of our transport specialists today.

How will I prepare my vehicle for shipment?

Each shipment is different, but we generally recommend emptying the vehicle of all additional possessions, and having the gas tank at a quarter-full.

What if my vehicle doesn’t run?

Not a problem! Just make sure you let us know in advance.

My vehicle has been modified… can you still ship it?

Yes! Do let the transport specialist know, when you contact us, about the modifications and any changes to your vehicle’s weight or dimensions that they might have caused, compared to a non-modified vehicle.

How much do I pay up front?

Nothing! We do not require deposits, and we strongly discourage clients from using services that do.

If you have any more questions—even if you’re not sure you want to ship your vehicle yet—contact us today!