Auto Transport Oakland isn’t just any vehicle shipment company.  We’ve been putting smiles on our customers’ faces and easing their journeys for over twenty years.  We’ve learned the vehicle transportation business and how to be successful at it in a way that few other companies can boast, and we are completely devoted to providing you with top quality services as a result.

Cars aren’t our priority. You’re our priority. We treat your vehicles like our own because you’re that important to us.  We didn’t manage two decades of success by not paying as much attention to our customer service as we have to our exceptional shipping services.

Auto Transport Oakland

That’s exactly why we’re a top choice for auto transport Oakland customers.  We don’t just see clients as a number, an address, or an invoice. We care about our clients and their travels, and we make sure that they know that.  Our transport specialists work with you to find the best pick up and drop off options for your vehicle (often, we’re able to provide door to door service) in Oakland.  We do the legwork, so you don’t have to.

You might be shipping your car from Oakland to Washington, D.C., or from Seattle to Oakland—either way, you can count on us.

Auto Transport Worldwide

We don’t just ship to and from Oakland, of course! In fact, we are more than happy to accommodate vehicle shipments to and from all fifty states.  International shipments? Of course! In fact, we’ll even ship overseas.  Our sterling reputation as a vehicle shipper means that we are also able to work in tandem with other high quality shipping companies to make sure your vehicle gets where it needs to go, safely, no matter how near or how far away that destination may be.

auto transport oakland

Can You Ship My…?

If it’s a vehicle, the answer is almost certainly a resounding yes. Here are some of the vehicle types we ship:

  • Personal vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and more
  • Commercial transit vehicles, including taxis, busses, etc.
  • Other commercial vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Classic cars and trucks
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Yachts, boats, and other marine vehicles

We have all manner of transport equipment at our disposal, which means that we are able to make specialty shipments that most other vehicle transport companies wouldn’t be able to make.  We also offer enclosed shipping.

Other Auto Transport Oakland Information

When you’re shipping your vehicle to or from Oakland, California, we calculate costs and fees by taking into account your vehicle type, weight, and dimensions.  We also consider the pickup and drop off locations, preferred routes, distance, and fuel costs, as well as your time table.

We do not pad our invoices with hidden or inexplicable fees, nor do we ask that you pay anything up front. Our goal is to be as transparent and reliable as possible, because we know that our customers are already putting their trust in us.

If you need to ship a vehicle, or you just have some questions about it, contact us today!