Auto Transport Staten Island

As the southernmost point of both New York City and the state of New York, Staten Island has special significance within the area. Separated from New Jersey by the Staten Island Sound and from the rest of New York by the New York Bay, the borough has a population of over 475,000 residents. The least densely populated borough of the city, Staten Island has a number of parks, attractions, and the famous Staten Island Zoo. When moving to or from the borough, or when heading away for a long vacation, auto transport Staten Island helps keep the move as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Avoiding making long drives, needing to manage a moving van, and wanting to avoid adding miles to a classic or expensive vehicle are just a few of the reasons that Staten Island residents may choose auto transport over driving themselves. At We Will Transport It, Inc, we take excellent care of our client vehicles, making sure that they reach their destinations in great condition and ready to be used. The services we offer include:

  • Door to Door Transportation: If your neighborhood allows big rigs on the streets, we will pick up and deliver your vehicle right at your home. When streets have regulations against big rigs, we will make arrangements to meet you at a nearby big parking lot, typically at a shopping center. We’ll make sure you know when to be there so that everything goes smoothly.
  • Snowbirds: Staten Island, like much of New York state, tends towards warm to hot summers and cold, wet winters. To avoid this weather, many residents choose to head south during the colder months. They may prefer to fly or use rail to reach their destination, rather than making a long drive, yet still want their vehicle with them at their winter home. We Will Transport It, Inc, will make sure that their vehicle is delivered safely and on time, for their winter convenience.
  • Enclosed Transportation: For those with classic, restored, or expensive cars, enclosed transportation may be preferable to our usual methods. This protects the car from all air and road elements, and is typically recommended for vehicles valued at more than $100,000. Make sure to mention this option when speaking to us to get an accurate quote.

Auto Transport Staten Island

Choosing auto transport in Staten Island can make a vacation or move simpler and less stressful. By choosing We Will Transport It, Inc, clients choose a company that has years of experience carefully transporting vehicles from one location to another, checking an item off our customer’s list and making the experience worry free. Whether you are heading south for a few months, relocating for school or work, or just making a new start in another place, we can help you get your car where you need it to be. Contact us today for a free quote, or use the quote form on our website to learn more.