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Despite the varied and valid questions, the decision of whether to transport an RV should not be a difficult one and neither should be the decision how to do it. Doing so is our business at We Will Transport It and we are eager and ready to listen attentively and review each customer’s needs and guide each one in the direction best suited for his/her needs.

Safety is the first question we at We Will Transport It. To tow an RV safely requires driver acumen – a combination of experience and driver training. Nearly as much knowledge as a CDL driver is needed yet very few local or state jurisdictions require an RV driver to have the same training that an over-the-road truck driver has. So we encourage any client or prospective client to check out our five-star service rating on the websites that rate transport companies. Every RV we transport is insured up to 100k and additional coverage can be purchased for a transport. We have experience transporting any number of RV units, including pulling fifth wheels, goosenecks, pintle hooks, and ball hitches. Units that are up to 8’6” wide, 13’6” high and 43’ feet long are typical. We are also adept at larger vehicles but they require permits that present additional expenses to the RV owner.

Camper Shipping TransportMotorhomes can be driven. And the most attractively priced way of doing that is our drive-away service. Licensed and insured drivers are flown to the location and then they drive the vehicles to their destinations. The downside to the option is the miles put on the vehicle and the wear and tear of on-road travel. A second option for RV transport is using a lowboy trailer with loading ramps. In essence, it is a flatbed but stronger. The detail of which to be aware with this option is that fifth wheels are larger than the average RV and can not be pulled by just any truck so they are more costly to transport. RV shipping rules state there must be a fifth wheel in the bed of the truck to hook up. Costs are usually $2.00 to $2.50/mile depending on pick up location and destination and size.

The average RV, on the other hand, that has a bumper hitch and a ball and that can be pulled by any 4×4 sturdy truck compromises the larger of a mass of transport business beginning at $1.75 per mile and up. An RV must be road worthy. That means the owner is responsible for tires, fluid checks, instrumentation and equipment checks plus removing or securing belongings within the unit. Too, pick up location and destination can affect transport costs. Weight and dimensions are essential for a transport quote.

RV shippingAs far as RV shipping goes, we at We Will Transport It makes a personable door-to-door delivery our norm. The driver is required to provide the client with a cell phone number for communication throughout the transport. And speaking of drivers, they are required to carry insurance so be sure to ask your driver about his and how to file a claim if there is an accident. It is your RV. The loss will be yours to bear if it is destroyed and is inadequately covered. Resist the notion that you have to accept what is offered you.

Especially if you are hiring someone to drive a motor home, talk to the driver about his experience, his motivations, job satisfaction, whether he is an independent contractor or an employee of the transport company – anything pertinent you need to know. Ask him to see the inside of his personal vehicle so you can know how well yours will be cared for during the journey from start to end. In all cases, ask whether the unit is used by the driver during transport.

As we said in the beginning, deciding whether to and deciding who will do the job should not be troubling or complicated. Camper transport really has three options depending on the unit that needs to be transported. And often the unit itself will make the choice axiomatic. Ask any question. Call us and let us get your plan going.


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