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In Maine, the most populous city is Portland, but the capital of the state is Augusta. In all areas, the state enjoys a humid continental climate, which has fairly mild summers and cold, snowy winters. Maine is famous for its lobsters, and commercial lobstering maintains a presence in the economy, although it is no longer a mainstay. Maine is the largest blueberry producer in the United States, and the state’s popularity for hunting make tourism another big part of the economy.

For shipping commercial goods, freight service is provided by several railway carriers. However, for trucking and auto shipping Maine businesses can take advantage of the U.S. and State Routes that flow throughout the state. US 2, Maine State Route 6, and Route 9 are often used as a shortcut by truckers headed to Central Canada.

Consider Car Transport Maine Services for Your Next Move

If you are moving into or out of the state, consider taking advantage of the many 5-star rated carriers that We Will Transport It lists in our database. Using a car transport service makes moving your car both easy and affordable. How affordable is auto shipping Maine? There are several elements involved in coming up with a quote for car transport, including the season or time of year.

Snowbirds, people who live up north in states like Maine but who move south during the winter, often use car shipping services. In Maine, the end of fall or beginning of winter creates a big demand for car shipping services. If this is the time when you need your car transported, you could end up paying a lot more than during off-peak seasons.

Other factors that go into auto transport quotes are:

  • current fuel prices (diesel)
  • total distance
  • type of carrier (open air or enclosed)
  • year, make, model of the car

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Car Transport Maine Residents Can Rely On

Why is We Will Transport It the best choice for car transport Maine? Because, we only work with the most reliable carriers and drivers – those who have a reputation for providing years of on-time delivery and excellent customer service. Our auto transport experts will assist you with every step of the process, providing multiple quotes from our listed carriers and answering any questions about shipping your vehicle.

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