Car Shipping Montana

Montana has many names; The Last Best Place, Big Sky Country, and Land of the Shining Mountains are just a few. As one of the biggest and least populated states, with mountain country in the west and prairies in the east, Montana has many different types of terrain that can be explored through vehicles. If you’re visiting Montana, or relocating to the area, you might want to bring your recreation vehicles with you; it may also be more cost effective to fly to the area, while having your car travel separately. If you’re interested in car transport in Montana, you save yourself time and frustration in getting your vehicles where they’re going on time. At Minuteman Press, we have the skills our customers need to make sure that vehicles arrive on time and in great condition.

Planning a road trip can be fun, but when you have to haul a recreation vehicle behind your car – or your car behind a recreation vehicle – the process becomes a lot more of a hassle. Reducing the hassle can mean having your car transported for you. We offer free quotes by phone or through our website to give you an affordable and reasonable estimate on transporting your vehicle to or from Montana. When you contact us, make sure to have available:

  • The year, make, and model of your vehicle. (Shipping older cars isn’t cheaper, but this helps us know the weight and dimensions of your vehicle)
  • The preferred dates of pickup and delivery
  • The location for pickup and delivery. If your street allows for heavy vehicles, we will do door-to-door transport; otherwise, we will usually meet you in a nearby big parking lot.
  • Whether or not you are interested in closed transportation. Closed transportation allows for higher insurance, which is particularly important for expensive sports cars and unique antique vehicles.

We also ship cars and recreation vehicles overseas. Whether you are moving to a new location and want to bring your car with you, or you are an active duty military personnel, we are happy to arrange for your vehicle to arrive in your new home or duty location. We are able to offer a discount as well to those who are active duty military personnel, just let us know when we’re working on your quote.

We Will Transport It is a five-star vehicle shipping company with a specialty in heavy-hauling. We have years of customer reviews backing up our commitment to customer service, and we are excited to help you with your car transport in Montana. Whether you’re visiting the state for recreation, moving to a new home, or leaving the state for a few months to escape the cold and snowy winters, we are here to make sure the process is smooth and painless. Contact us today to get your free quote and get back to relaxing.