Classic Cars: How to Buy, Transport, and Store

transporting classic carsCars, generally speaking, aren’t a good investment, as most people know. They start to depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot. But that’s not true of all cars. Some cars are a great investment—and they’re not new on the lot by any means. That’s right: Classic cars.

As anyone with a classic car can tell you, however, they’re not just a good investment. They’re a serious hobby.  Classic cars require tender loving care, including special storage and transport. And to get the full value of your investment, you’ll want to restore your classic car as well, and keep it in primo condition.  All of this can be a lot to swallow for the new classic car owner.

Buying a Classic Car

You have to strike a fine balance between preparation and spontaneity when you’re classic car shopping.  If there’s one (or a few) cars your heart is set on, that can mean buying on the spur of the moment, or from a distant seller.  Both are going to require finding transportation quickly, because you’re unlikely to want to put additional miles on a coveted collector’s item like a classic car.

Transporting a Classic Car

Take no chances when it comes to transporting a classic car.  Hire a professional, reputable vehicle shipper like That way, you’ll be able to confirm that the shipper has the proper insurance coverage and equipment for handling your one of a kind cargo.  Enclosed transport is always recommended!

Plus, with a classic car, you’ll almost certainly have to ship it again in the future—whether to get work done on it, take it to a car show, or sell it to a future buyer. If you already have a great auto transporter that you know and trust, so much the better!

Storing a Classic Car

Where and how you store your classic car will depend on your plans for restoration.  If you plan to do the work yourself and you don’t have adequate garage space, look for an enclosed auto storage business near your home.  Many that house classic cars, RVs, and other maintenance intensive vehicles allow you to work on your vehicle there.

If you plan on having someone else handle the restoration of your car, you can seek out a classic car restoration center that can store your car while they handle the restoration.

And as always, when you are trusting others with your valuable car, make sure they are well-reviewed, experienced, and licensed according to your region’s requirements.

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