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boat transport overseas ship your boat overseas

If you have been dreaming of setting sail on the other side of the world, you might find it is much more economical to have your boat transported to that destination then you meet it there. After all, sailing around the globe can be costly, with fuel, docking fees, and so forth. International boat shipping involves scheduling a boat transport that meets the timeline you have set, then allowing the boat transport service to pick up the boat with the proper kind of transporter and make all the necessary arrangements to match the schedule.

Shipping A Boat Overseas Requires Experience

Because shipping a boat overseas is not easy, you need to work with an experienced international boat shipper. International boat shipping involves presenting all the proper documentation to clear customs. Depending on where the boat will be leaving port and where it will be unloaded at its destination, the sail time and rate of the international boat transport can vary significantly. Regardless of whether you are needing to transport a
200-foot yacht or a 20-foot boat, We Will Transport It not only has the experience, we have the team and the equipment needed to get the job done.

What is Involved With International Boat Shipping?

shipping a boat overseas ship your boat overseas

Regardless of where your boat is located, the overall dimensions of the unit, including the trailer or cradles, must be accurately determined. Usually, the port of origin will have the facilities and equipment required to handle international boat shipping regardless of their size. Depending on the boat’s destination, the kind of service that you have requested, and where your boat is located, it could depart from one of many locations across the country. There are several major ports located throughout the United States, including:

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Port Hueneme, California
  • Oakland, California
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Houston, Texas

How is Price Determined for International Boat Shipping?

When the price is being determined for international boat shipping, several things are considered. First, the boat’s physical location and if a cradle must be built or if the boat must be lifted from the water. Next, the boat or yacht’s overall dimensions, including the cradle or support trailer. The kind of transport methods required, such as roll off and on or lift off and on service. And, the country of destination. Call We Will Transport It today about your international boat transport needs.