How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company for Long Distance Haulage

In an age where businesses, people, and even government organizations are more connected than ever before, it can be surprising how hard it is to find a decent service provider. Car shipping is one area where businesses and government departments often struggle the most, finding it difficult to sort through the transport providers that are real market leaders, and those that will simply take your payment and leave you disappointed.

If you are tired of dealing with expensive vehicle shipping quotes, or with unreliable car shipping from state to state, then knowing how to identify the best car shipping company will be invaluable.

Ask a Car Shipping Company if They Provide DUNS Approved Transportation

DUNS approved transportation companies are fully registered and can give you the confidence that you are dealing with a reputable and transparent organization. DUNS approved transportation companies are able to display fiscal responsibility, because DUNS numbers are typically used for business credit files. When you choose DUNS approved shipping you will know that the company has a reliable financial model.

Finding a DUNS number car shipping company is important because vehicle haulage typically means moving expensive equipment over long distances. You wouldn’t trust your car to a driver that was uninsured, so why trust long distance vehicle shipping quotes to a company that can’t display fiscal responsibility?

Does the Shipping Provider Have a History of Good Customer Service?

Hauling Cargo VansPeople often look for price first and worry about the details later. This is often a mistake, and in the shipping industry, it can result in some unfortunate situations.

There’s no problem with looking for low prices, but you should always consider the customer service history of a company at the same time. If a car shipping company provides low vehicle shipping quotes but has negative testimonials and predominantly negative reviews, then this could be an indicator that you will be less than satisfied with the service.

Things that can go wrong with an unreliable company include:

  • Shipping contracts that are delayed.
  • Vehicle shipping quotes that are grossly inaccurate compared to the final shipping bill.
  • Inefficient communication such as slow responses when requesting quotes.
  • Lack of accountability when problems arise.
  • No disputes resolution process should something unexpected happen.

A car shipping company like We Will Transport It provides confidence and peace of mind, thanks to a 5-Star service that is consistently rated highly by consumers and business clients. We Will Transport It also maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, indicating a strong commitment to customer service and a swift complaints resolution process.

Can You Get Reasonable Car Shipping Quotes from a DUNS Approved Transportation Company?

While cost isn’t the only thing to look for when choosing a car shipping company, it is still critically important. Cost matters to private vehicle owners, government departments, commercial clients, and anybody that wants to save money when car shipping from state to state.

We Will Transport It provides fully transparent quotes with no hidden fees and no requirement for deposits upfront. Vehicle shipping quotes are calculated on a case by case basis, so you will have confidence knowing that the price accurately reflects your unique shipping needs. Distance is one of the most significant factors that go into the cost of a car shipping company. Insurance and the number or type of vehicles will also be important.

When you choose We Will Transport It, you can request vehicle shipping quotes online or over the phone, offering you the best convenience depending on your needs.

Does the Company Have the Necessary Credentials?

You should never trust your vehicle or fleet of vehicles to a car shipping company that doesn’t have the right credentials. We have covered the need for a DUNS number car shipping company. SAMS approved transportation will be important if you are a federal government entity. A company should also be fully licensed and insured to provide vehicle shipping.

Always ask about credentials before you commit to a contract after receiving vehicle shipping quotes.

We Will Transport It Offers Everything You Need in a Car Shipping Company

Now that you know what to look for, it will be evident that We Will Transport It is the best choice for your car shipping needs.

  • We are a DUNS approved transportation provider, with full registration indicating our commitment to fiscal responsibility.
  • We can offer SAMS approved transportation for federal government departments.
  • We can ship vehicles and large machinery of any shape and size, including disaster vehicles and military vehicles.
  • Our quotes are some of the lowest in the industry, and we back them up with industry leading customer service.
  • We provide car shipping from state to state, city to city, or anywhere that you need to go.

When you need car shipping quotes from a DUNS approved transportation company, We Will Transport It simply makes sense. Contact us today for the best service and most affordable car shipping in the country.


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