Enclosed Car Shipping Benefits enclosed car shipping benefits

Enclosed Car Shipping Benefits

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enclosed car shipping enclosed car shipping benefits

If you need to get your car somewhere, you want to make sure it is delivered in one piece. If you are moving or taking your vehicle to a car show across the country, making sure your car arrives on time and undamaged can be a stressful situation. If you have a valuable vehicle, such as a classic car, exotic car, or rare collectible, getting your vehicle where it needs to go can be daunting. You want to entrust your vehicle to a reliable auto transporter who has an established reputation. A car shipper with an enclosed trailer should be your first choice. If you want what is best for your car and you want to ensure it is out of the elements and away from road hazards, an enclosed trailer is worth the extra money.

Enclosed Car Shipping is Safer

enclosed auto transport enclosed car shipping benefits

Enclosed trailers are used to deliver various products because they keep the items away from harm. Enclosed auto transport is the safest way to get your vehicle where it needs to go. When your car is put in an enclosed trailer, your car is not exposed to the elements or road hazards. Most enclosed trailers will transport as many as seven vehicles at one time. However, because enclosed trailers take a little longer to load and unload and because additional equipment is used to secure the vehicles in the trailer, and the insurance costs are slightly more, you will pay more for the enclosed auto transport.

What Cars Should Be Hauled in Enclosed Trailers?

While any car can be hauled by enclosed trailer, there are some cars that are highly recommended to be hauled using this form of transport. Any vehicles valued at more than $75,000, or any convertible, classic, antique, rare or exotic vehicle should be hauled in enclosed trailers. But, if you choose to have your vehicle hauled by open transport, that can also be done by a reliable auto transport service. If you are looking to have your vehicle transported, call on the team at We Will Transport It today. We will provide a free, no obligation estimate for your car transport needs.