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Are enclosed auto transport companies right for you? First you should ask yourself if you are needing to have your vehicle transported but are not sure whether to should ship it open or enclosed. There are some very significant differences between open car transport and enclosed transport and a number of factors to consider. The decision should be based on your individual transport needs, but here are some things to consider when making your decision.

An enclosed carrier is exactly that, completely enclosed. The trailer has side and roof panels, protecting vehicles from the elements. They have only the capacity to transport 2-4 vehicles, less than half of what the open carrier can. For this reason, enclosed transport is more expensive. However, it is sometimes completely necessary to ship door-to-door transport enclosed if you are shipping a greatly valued vehicle such as, a high-end sports car or an antique vehicle. An enclosed carrier has a 1 million dollar insurance policy per vehicle, where an opened carrier has only a 100,000 dollar insurance policy per vehicle. So, people transporting their vehicles valued at 100,000 dollars or more are recommended to ship their vehicle in an enclosed trailer.

The Advantages vs. Disadvantages on Enclosed Carriers:

Ask any of the enclosed auto transport companies out there about the main advantage of enclosed vehicle delivery, and they’ll tell you that it is the safest and most secure option. The enclosed trailer protects your vehicle from all elements of the air and the road. It is also climate controlled. The biggest disadvantage of enclosed carriers as we already discussed, is the price. The driver must cover his expenses of the trip such as fuel, taxes, and weigh station fees while still making some kind of profit. This amount will be the same whether the trailer is opened or enclosed. The truck driver then must take that total and divides it by the number of vehicles on the trailer (also taking the vehicles size into account). So basically, the difference in price has to do with the fact that the driver’s expenses are being divided only 2-4 ways, where the driver with the open carrier can divide his expenses 8-10 ways, which would of course mean a cheaper price per car. There are some instances in which enclosed shipping is recommended.

Vehicles Commonly Shipped Enclosed:

  • Motorcycles
  • Antique or classic cars
  • Expensive luxury sports cars
  • Any vehicle valued at $100,000 or more

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