Five New Jersey Car Transport Tips

Transporting your vehicle might seem like a big deal, but the truth of the matter is that following your New Jersey carrier’s instructions and making your own personal checklist of car transport tips can make the whole experience go smoothly.  Here are our top five tips for a successful auto transportation experience.

  1. Empty and Efficient

First things first: clean and empty out your car.  Your auto transport service isn’t just being finicky—regulations prohibit them from allowing you to use your car as a secondary U-Haul for your move.  You’ll save yourself and your carrier time and hassle by having your car empty and ready to go. Plus, having a nice clean car to pick-up is only a positive!

  1. Photo Evidence of Inspection

Incidents that could cause damage to your vehicle during car transport New Jersey are extremely rare, but of course, things sometimes happen that are out of anyone’s control.  Both you and the carrier should conduct your own pre-inspections of your vehicle.  For your own peace of mind, it’s a great idea to photo-document this inspection. Take clear, well-lit photos of the vehicle, detailing both undamaged areas as well as areas with pre-existing damage. That way, if something unfortunate does happen, you’ll be able to demonstrate exactly the state of your vehicle when it changed hands.  This will also give you a leg up when it comes to insurance claims, if any, necessary to repair that damage.

  1. Pick-Up Preparation

Many carriers offer door-to-door transport service, but before you take that literally, consider the practicality of picking up a car at your “door.” The carrier that picks up your car is going to have to have room to maneuver a very large vehicle, not only to your door, but successfully back out to the main roads.  Do you live in an easy to access cul-de-sac, common in many New Jersey suburbs? Or on a narrow, busy street? Do you have a long, winding gravel driveway? Communicate with your carrier to ensure that they know the logistical considerations of your preferred pick-up area, and be prepared to compromise if necessary. Ironing out these details ahead of time can save you headaches later on!

  1. Plenty of Planning

Unforeseen delays are common in land shipments.  Your carrier will likely give you a window for both your vehicle’s pick-up, as well as its delivery.  If possible, it’s a good idea to pad those windows a bit on your own end.  The last thing you want is to miss a flight because of circumstances outside of the pick-up driver’s control, or be stranded without a vehicle because of unforeseen traffic or delivery issues.

  1. Elementary Element Protection

Depending on your vehicle’s value or your attachment to it, it may be a good idea to request “top loading” or enclosed transportation for your car.  Vintage cars, classic vehicles, and luxury cars are all more susceptible to damage from road chemicals and debris that could result in a drop in value.  New Jersey roads are notorious for their road chemicals, de-icing salts, and heavy trucking routes, all of which can contribute to damage.

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