Watch these guidelines for successful transport and read below!

  • First, make sure to inspect the vehicle prior to transporting by taking dated and well-lit photos.
  • Although most carriers will not allow you to leave your possessions in the vehicle, at We Will Transport It, we allow up to 100 lbs of stored items placed in the trunk or in the back of the vehicle below the windows on the floor. This can include clothing, books, etc. But please keep in mind that because of the 9/11 act and the new laws in California and Colorado, no illegal drugs, guns or live humans can be left in the vehicle. Our drivers go to weigh stations, and the cars will be inspected.
  • Note that transit times vary depending on the time of year, weather and road conditions, and you will receive an estimate when placing your order. It’s best to keep a realistic timeline and know that patience is key.
  • It’s better to transport a car that is operable. An inoperable vehicle translates to added fees.
  • Advise the transporter of any modifications on your vehicle in advance. Special processes may be required to transport modified vehicles, increasing the cost.
  • If your vehicle exceeds 7 feet in height then advise the transporter in advance and please note that additional fees will apply.
  • Lastly, make sure there is between 1/8 and 1/4 of fuel in the tank if shipping overseas.

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Oversized Shipping & Heavy Hauling

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