Getting Your Farm Equipment Ready for Transport

Moving any large equipment is a difficult task and this is especially true for farm equipment. Having equipment ready and on time is important. If equipment is late, it can cause big problems for the farmer that needs it.

Following certain steps can make the whole process easier and less confusing. Take a look at the steps below to help you prepare your farm equipment for transport.

Preparing Information

Before doing anything else, it is important to have some information ready. Take some time and compile the following:

  • Amount of Farm Equipment to be Shipped – It is important to have a list of the farm equipment you need to have shipped. This will make planning the transportation easier and will also help with the following steps.
  • Equipment Dimensions – Getting the correct dimensions of your equipment is also important. This helps us to determine the trailer or trailers needed to transport everything. You need to know length, width, height, and weight. The manual may be of help, but if the equipment is old, it may be necessary to get it weighed again.
  • Timeline – Knowing the timeline for the delivery is very important. Timeline plays a huge role in the cost of delivery.
    Having all this information available before contacting someone about transporting your farm equipment will streamline the quote and planning process. This also allows the transport company to acquire the correct permits for transport.

    Preparing Your Farm Equipment for Travel

    After contacting a transport company and confirming transport information, it is important to prepare your equipment for transport. Here are some things you can do to make pickup and travel easier.

    • Check the Manual – Before transporting your farm equipment, it is important to check the manual. If you do not have the manual, you can find it online. The manual will provide important information about how to prepare your farm equipment for travel. This may include disconnecting batteries, emptying engine fluid, and securing loose parts.
    • Cover Vulnerable Parts – Because your equipment will be traveling on an open air trailer, it will be exposed to the elements. Thus, covering any parts that may be vulnerable to rain and wind is a must. Also, if transportation is happening during the winter, it is necessary to winterize equipment tanks and lines. Protection against heat may be necessary for summer travel. Again, your ownerโ€™s manual is a great reference.
    • Plan Pickup and Drop off – Specifically, the location of the pickup and drop off need to be planned. Large farm equipment needs room to be moved on and off a trailer and the trucks moving the equipment also need room to move. Planning pickup and drop off in a large open area makes this process much easier.

    Following these steps will not only make the farm equipment transportation process easier, it may also save you money. Having all information available makes it easier for your transportation company to find the correct movers for you. Also, preparing equipment for transport will keep everything safe and secure so that no unexpected damages occur during travel.
    If you have farm equipment you need to transport, please do not hesitate to contact We Will Transport It.

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