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Helicopter Shipping Service with We Will Transport It

Helicopters have been around almost as long as fixed-wing aircraft and offer a wide variety of commercial uses. The “Huey” helicopter was used to deliver troops and cargo into battle and fly the wounded to safety, and modern medevac helicopters are the best way to transport critically ill patients to state-of-the-art trauma centers throughout the USA. Helicopters can travel to places where other vehicles can’t, offering tourists a birds-eye view of some of the world’s most remote destinations. But sometimes it’s impractical to fly to your destination, and helicopter shipping is a cost-effective way to transport your chopper from point A to B.

Helicopter Shipping Service

We Will Transport It offers nationwide helicopter shipping and transport at guaranteed low rates, and you can get a free helicopter hauling price quote on our website or by dialing 1-800-677-1196. Call us 24 hours a day to learn more about shipping a helicopter across country or shipping a helicopter overseas!

Are you ready to ship a helicopter?

Helicopters have a wide variety of uses, but they’re costly and require a lot of maintenance. It might seem counterintuitive to transport a helicopter on a trailer instead of flying it to your destination, but helicopter shipping and transport is a great way to prolong the operational life of your chopper! Helicopter hauling is a great way to transport your chopper to a new airfield without putting unnecessary wear and tear on its engine. It’s also much cheaper to hire a flatbed driver than to pay a pilot, and your helicopter will be picked up and delivered rain or shine!

How helicopters are transported?

Helicopter shipping and transport are safe and easy and an excellent way to reduce operational costs. You have a significant capital investment in your helicopter, and our helicopter hauling experts will help you locate suitable transport to any location in the USA. Flatbed transport is ideal for shipping a helicopter across country, costing you less per mile than flying to your destination. The aircraft can be piloted onto the trailer or loaded using a forklift or crane. The blades and rotors will be removed, carefully wrapped, and crated before transport. We exclusively partner with bonded helicopter shipping and transport companies with excellent safety records, and they all share our commitment to legendary service at guaranteed low rates.

Shipping a helicopter across country

When you own helicopters, you need them flying to generate revenue! Whether you’re showing tourists the sites, supporting a commercial logging operation, or transporting VIPs, you need your birds ready when you are! But any time you’re not transporting passengers or cargo, you’re not making money. Shipping a helicopter across the country is an excellent way to expand your service area and increase your revenue! You can lease flight time or deliver helicopters to customers anywhere in the country and transport your choppers to any service facility in the USA for preventive maintenance. We’ll ensure that your copters are picked up and delivered on schedule, and you won’t have to incur the expense of a pilot or put any “empty” miles on the engine and rotors.

Shipping a helicopter overseas

Most helicopters are intended for short-range use, and it’s cost-prohibitive to fly them to international destinations. The good news is that shipping a helicopter overseas is easy, and we’ll ensure you get the best deal. Air freight is the fastest method for shipping a helicopter overseas, but it’s also the most expensive option. Shipping a helicopter overseas on a container ship is much more affordable, and you’ll get the lowest rates when you schedule your pick-up at least 1-3 months in advance.

Helicopter Shipping Service

Contact us online or call us at 1-800-677-1196 to learn more about the following overseas transportation options:

  • High Cube or Standard Container Shipping

    Helicopter hauling is inexpensive if you have a small chopper that can fit into a standard or high cube cargo shipping container. You’ll have to remove and crate the rotors and might have to partially dismantle the aircraft. In addition to your shipping costs, you might incur labor costs to disassemble and reassemble the aircraft before and after shipping.

  • Flat Rack Shipping

    If you have a larger aircraft that won’t fit into a cargo shipping container, you can also transport helicopters in a flat rack that sits on the vessel’s deck. A 40’x 8′ flat rack container is open at the top and ends to accommodate larger freight, and you’ll typically only need to remove the tail boom and rotors before shipping.

  • Deck Shipping or RORO Transport

    Deck shipping is an option for customers who are interested in shipping your helicopter fully intact. We can help you schedule shipping on the deck of a container ship to most ports or roll-on, roll-off (RORO) transport to popular island destinations, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You’ll need to remove the blades and ship them separately, and you should also consider shrinkwrapping your helicopter for additional protection in transit. Your helicopter will be loaded onto the deck of the cargo ship with a crane or rolled directly onto the RORO vessel for overseas transport.


We offer trusted helicopter shipping and transport and guaranteed pick-ups for any aircraft. Contact us online or dial 1-800-677-1196 to learn more about transporting these common types of helicopters:

  • Medevac Helicopter Transport

    Medevac helicopters are the best way to transport critically wounded individuals to nearby trauma centers when every second counts! Helicopters can quickly get into and out of highly congested areas and bypass even the heaviest traffic jams. We’ll help you locate suitable transportation for your medevac helicopter to help you support life-saving operations throughout the world!

  • Military Helicopter Shipping

    We salute America’s troops and proudly offer military helicopter shipping and transport. We can transport military helicopters between bases, and we make shipping a helicopter overseas easy! We can schedule flatbed transportation for all military aircraft and help obtain all the necessary transportation permits for oversized helicopter hauling.

  • Observation Helicopter Shipping

    Observation helicopters were created for the military to send two-person reconnaissance teams into hostile territory, and they still serve that vital purpose. They’re also widely used in tourism and are a very profitable way to show out-of-state visitors around quickly. We offer premium transportation for observation helicopters, including the Bell OH-58 and YOH-4, the Fairchild Hiller YOH-5, and the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse.

  • Personal Helicopter Shipping

    Every child wants to own a helicopter when they grow up, and now you do!

    No matter how successful you are and how many aircraft you own, you can’t afford to waste money when shipping a helicopter across country! The helicopter maintenance and upkeep costs are high, particularly if you’re paying them out of your pocket. We’ll help you transport your personal helicopter for routine maintenance, and we’ll make it possible for you to take it with you when you travel overseas!

  • Utility Helicopter Shipping

    Utility helicopters are some of the world’s most versatile aircraft because they can carry more passengers and equipment. They can also be outfitted for agricultural and industrial operations in hard-to-reach areas. Utility helicopters often have to be transported to distressed areas quickly, particularly during forest fires and after natural disasters. We can transport your utility chopper to any worldwide destination and offer expedited transportation options for time-sensitive disaster relief operations and search-and-rescue (SAR) missions.

  • Ultralight Helicopter Shipping

    Ultralight helicopters are fully-functional choppers without a cockpit that can carry one or two people. They’re fun, relatively easy to maintain, and much more affordable than other helicopters. They’re also more lightweight and easy to break down and ship in a cargo container or on a specialty flatbed trailer.


  • How to ship a helicopter?

    Flatbed transportation is the most common method of shipping a helicopter across country. The helicopter will ride directly on the trailer, and the blades will be removed, wrapped, and transported on the same trailer.

  • How Shipping a Helicopter Works?

    Helicopter hauling is a cost-effective way to transport aircraft when they’re not in service. Helicopters are primarily used for short-distance transportation, and keeping them in the air is expensive when you’re not transporting paying customers. Transporting your helicopter on a flatbed trailer or in a shipping container is a great way to expand your service area and reach customers throughout the USA. We’ll handle the logistics of transporting your aircraft to the airfield, and you won’t be forced to put any unnecessary wear and tear on its engine and other components.

  • How much does shipping a helicopter cost?

    The average cost of cross-country freight shipping ranges from $1.75 -$5.00 per mile, and your shipping costs are typically lower when you’re transporting freight greater distances. Shipping a helicopter across country is a pretty straightforward process, but you might have to pay for labor and materials to disassemble and reassemble the aircraft. You can get a detailed estimate online or by calling 1-800-677-1196. All WWTI customers receive itemized upfront price quotes with no hidden fees.

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Our helicopter hauling experts at We Will Transport It are ready to transport your chopper to any airfield in the USA, and we offer guaranteed low prices if you’re shipping a helicopter overseas! Visit our website for a no-obligation price quote, or call 1-800-677-1196 to schedule 5-Star helicopter ground shipping today!

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