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Fake ID — Must-Know Facts

Though the use of fake ID is strictly prohibited and is illegal, but if in case you are using one or planning to have one, here are few things you need to know:

Counterfeit Data

It is world renowned now that minors make use of the fake ID to get access to alcohols, gambling and many such other things that are illegal for them. A research study was conducted in the year 2009 regarding the number of students that make use of fake ID. This study revealed that about 13 percent of pre-college pupils and around 32 percent of the pupils studying in the fourth semester carry fake ID. This data clearly states not only about the high intake of alcohol with every following semester but also highly corresponds to the drunkenness post-graduation. Apart from the identity crisis that the minors face, this is an added outbreak.

Nasty Data

The most hilarious facts about fake IDs is that only 25 percent of the time this forged ID is been used by the adolescents to get liquor and the rest 75 percent is basically through the family and friends. While in many states, it’s legal for the parents to buy their minor a beer when they visit them for the Parent’s weekend, the siblings have a different corner altogether. They pass on their fake ID to the minor. Now, this is counted as an identity theft which can award you with 5 years of prison term.

Fraudulent Elements

We all know that nowadays, with the advanced technology, it is very easy to make fakes since the development of cloning holograms and magnetic stripes that spruce up every state’s license. The developments are paired with the technology, which means the fakes can be created using the paper, lamination, and a good knowledge of Photoshop. But have you ever imagined that if creating a fake ID was so easy, why some people pay more than $100 to get a fake? We can definitely count the fake industry as a thriving one that is sustained by the minors.

Effective Combat

Almost all the countries are fighting this issue and are trying hard to eradicate the concept of fake ID altogether. Recently, the U.K. has found a new effective system to tackle the problem. The trick is to put biological evidence in place of ID cards on all the mobiles. This plan initiated by the U.K. government is given the name “Touch 2ID”. In this plan, the citizens will need to register their thumbprint on their mobile. This virtual impression will then be scanned in all the manhood areas in order to allow you the entry. Though this solution appears to be quite expensive, it will be the most effective one if implemented. Enforcing it, the government may effectively battle all the youth’s quenching ‘alcohol’ thirst.

The most disturbing thing is that most of the minors don’t even have a clue of what they’re in for when they opt for the fake ID. They attempt this just because all their friends are doing so and thus they do not count it as a crime. Most of the time, they are unaware of the grave outcomes they might have to face if caught. Awareness becomes necessary in these scenarios.