How to Get Your Construction Equipment to Your Worksite

We will transport it, How to Get Your Construction Equipment to Your Worksite

Getting construction equipment to the worksite on time is important. Late equipment causes delays and can cost the owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars. There are some steps that can help make the process of shipping your construction equipment easier.

Do not chance delays and hold ups. Follow these easy steps to make sure the construction equipment you need gets to where you need it.

Gathering Information

The first step to any construction equipment transportation process is information gathering. Having the appropriate information available when planning a transport is necessary for creating a route and acquiring the correct moving permits.

  1. Amount and Type of Equipment – The first thing you need to know is the amount and type of equipment that needs to be transported. Having a clear idea of what needs to be shipped makes the planning process easier and makes completing the other steps hassle free.
  2. Recording Correct Dimensions – Next, getting the dimensions of all your equipment is very important. Knowing the height, length, width, and weight of all your equipment makes it possible for us to determine what type of trailer will be needed to remove your equipment. The owner’s manual will help you determine the height, length, and width. However, you may need to get your construction equipment weighed to ensure correct weight. Transporting heavy equipment on the wrong trailer could jeopardize not only your equipment, but the driver as well.
  3. Timeline – Have a clear timeline for pickup and drop off from the beginning will help remove any confusion and make planning transportation easier.

Having all this information available will make the planning process easier. You and your transportation planner will be able to easily come up with a route, acquire permits, and determine the necessary trailers needed if you prepare the previous information.

Getting Your Construction Equipment Ready for Travel

Planning transportation is not the only thing you can do to ensure your equipment arrives safely. There are some easy steps you can take to prepare your equipment for travel.

  1. Consulting the Manual – Take out the manuals for your equipment and look them over for how to prepare equipment for transportation. If you do not have a manual, they are easily found online. The manual may suggest securing loose parts, disconnecting batteries, or emptying fluids before transportation.
  2. Prepare for Weather – Your equipment will be transported on a trail and will be exposed to the elements. Thus, it is important to prepare your equipment for the weather it will be traveling in. Cover parts that are vulnerable to rain and wind to protect them. If transportation is happening in the winter, winterize your equipment so that there is no damage. Also, if transportation is happening in the summer, there may be some steps you need to take to protect your equipment from the heat.
  3. Pickup and Drop off Locations – Considering the size and amount of equipment you need to transport, it may be a good idea to plan pickup and drop off in large open areas. This will allow easy movement of trucks, trailers, and construction equipment.


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