Many people do not realize how much work goes into preparing a boat for transport. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken and some of these steps may take some time. One such step is removing certain items for transport. There are many things that need to be removed from the boat before transport and failure to remove some of these could cause delay or even serious fines.

Check out the list below to see what items you should remove from your boat when preparing it for transport:

  1. Remove All Sea Life Growth – Boat bottoms and thru-hull valves collect sea life. This is a common annoyance and needs to be removed before shipping. This step is necessary to protect the environment at the drop off location and is especially important during overseas transportation. Even state to state species transfer is not recommended. A dirty boat could result in a fine or a holding charge while your get your boat cleaned.
  1. Drain Tanks – Draining all fuel and water tanks is required before travel. It is also important to remove propane tanks. This is required for transport safety. Disconnect all batteries as well and insure air conditioners are also drained.
  1. Things To Remove On Deck – All atteneas needs to be removed before transport to insure they are not harmed during transport. The anchor needs to be removed as well. It is quick heavy and can do some serious harm. Any loose furniture on the deck, or any furniture that can be removed easily, should be taken off the boat and stored. This goes for decorations as well.
  1. Personal Items – All personal items needs to be removed from the interior of the boat. Anything that is not boat related needs to be removed. This includes personal electronics, linens, clothes, food, and pictures. Take the time to make sure all cabinets are locked.
  1. Flammable Items – In addition to propane tanks and fuel, any other flammable items need to be removed before shipping. This includes emergency flares, sterno cans, and extra fuel.
  1. Final Check – Before you ship your boat, it is a good idea to take one final look around to make sure everything is secured or put away. Dingies need to be padded and secured on deck and all windows need to be latched and taped shut. This is also a good time to take some pictures. Take close up and long distance shots and send a copy to your transport company. This makes filing a claim easier if there is an accident.

By removing all the items listed above, your boat will be ready for travel. However, it is also a good idea to check the boat owner’s manual to make sure you have prepared everything for transport. It is also recommended to contact your transport company with any questions. To learn more about items you should remove when preparing your boat for transport, please feel free to visit or call 877-880-5991.