Measuring Your Boat for Spring Florida Boat Transport

spring florida boat transportSpring is in the air and nothing beats heading out on the water for the first ventures of the season. You will need to have your boat transported elsewhere at one time or another. When you are planning a spring boat transport, make sure you choose a boat transporter that is licensed, insured, and experienced. Once you have arrangements with We Will Transport It, Inc., to get your boat where it needs to go, you need to get your boat ready for transport.

First, you need to measure the vessel, so the boat transporter knows how to plan for the move. Here are some tips on getting the different measurements needed from your boat for your Florida boat transporter.

  • Vessel Height – You need to measure from the boat’s keel to the highest, non-removable part of the boat.
  • Vessel Length – You measure the length of the vessel from the middle of the stern to the bow’s front.
  • Vessel Width – You measure the width of the vessel from one side to the other side at the boat’s widest section.

Then make sure your Florida boat transporter is given accurate boat measurements so they can make arrangements for your boat’s spring transport. Boat transporters, such as We Will Transport It, Inc., have various carriers that are used for hauling, so they will need to determine which kind of carrier needs to be used for your specific boat transport needs. Regardless of the size of your boat or the kind of boat, you need to make sure all the measurements are precise.

When transporting an oversized load, the transporter must make sure a proper route has to be planned out. Some roads only allow oversized loads on specific days and at specific times. The proper permits must be applied for and highway departments and authorities must approve the routes. Make sure your measurements are accurate so you can get a detailed estimate for your spring boat transport needs. Don’t put off scheduling your Florida boat transport. The demand of course will increase with the warmer weather. Call We Will Transport It, Inc. today at (877) 880-5991 to get your free estimate for boat transport services.

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