Three Major Boat Shows in Minnesota, January through March

January 21-24, the Minneapolis Convention Center, the Minneapolis Boat Show will play host to 400,000 square feet of marine products on display and for sale. It is one of the best places vendors can go to sell their equipment. If you want to become an exhibitor, the show’s website has all the necessary information. Once you jump through the usual hoops, it’s time to start planning how to get your boat to the show.

Nowadays, one of the best ways to transport your equipment can be through the aid of a reputable transport broker. A good place to start looking is Transport Reviews, where they compile lists of reviews. A good one has contacts in your state who should be ready to answer your questions and provide you with a quote. Brokers work for individual clients as well, transporting boats and even yachts for clients who are looking to move their vehicles or equipment. Regardless of what you are having transported, brokers negotiate costs to get you the best rate and some have their own equipment. If you know you will be buying equipment or a boat, you can get in touch with a transport broker beforehand and things can go much more smoothly.

As a buyer, perhaps you don’t like what you see at the Minneapolis Boat Show, maybe nothing meets your needs or you just went to the show to test the waters and see what kind of boat you want, and maybe a couple weeks pass and you know exactly what you want. You have checked ahead for other boat shows. February 5-7, you know, is the 2016 St. Cloud Sportsmen’s Show in St. Cloud. Perhaps, as a vendor, you want to keep a strong presence in the early 2016 boat show season. All of their contact and registration information is available on their main site.

The distance between these shows is not exactly a short hop and a skip. Minneapolis and St. Cloud are close, but transporting equipment between the two cities is long enough that a transport broker’s help is good to have. In March and back in Minneapolis will be the Northwest Sportshow. Like the shows mentioned above, Northwest is a great place to either sell or buy a boat or equipment.

Whether you buy your equipment right from the show or are brokering your purchase elsewhere, you will need to find transport for your cargo. The best deal might not be the first to present itself and after your own research, a second opinion can help you secure the best way to ship your ship, pun intended. A good transport broker can transport just about any cargo you need, be it watercraft, vehicles, or heavy machine equipment. Get help with the research and you will be that much better off. Whether you are buying or selling, losing your cargo before it arrives is terrible. Fortunately, if your equipment is in the right hands, only an act of nature can make the worst happen.

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