Money Saving Secrets for Boat Transportation

Any boat that is too big to be pulled behind a personal vehicle needs to be professionally transported and this can sometimes get a little expensive. Many people will opt for the cheapest transporter available to save money, but this is not always the best choice. There are, however, some things a person can do to keep costs down and ensure their boat is safely moved from place to place.

Take the Necessary Steps to Prepare Your Boat for Transport

Correctly measure the height, width, and length of your boat. These measurements need to be as exact as possible. Incorrect measurements could mean a larger trailer is used than what is needed. Larger trailers cost more money. Also, if the trailer ends up being too small, you will have to pay and wait for a new trailer.

Run a professional check to ensure your boat is ready for travel. Any breakdowns that occur during transport are on the owner of the boat, not the transport company.

Some necessary steps to take include:

  • Battery and Cable Disconnection
  • Insure all tires, bearings, shackles and springs are in good condition and replace any that look worn down.
  • Drain all water tanks.

For a more comprehensive of how to prepare a boat for travel, look here.

Negotiate to Fill Extra Space

If the trailer your boat will travel one has some extra space, it might be possible for the transport company to fill it with another boat or anything else that needs to be transported. It is a good idea to ask your transport company or broker if this is a possibility. A bigger trailer may be cheaper if the cost is shared between two boats that are taking the same trip.

Don’t Delay!

Make sure your boat is ready in time for loading. Delaying loading because you are not ready will not only take time, it will also cost you money. By being late, you could be holding up multiple boats for travel. Plan ahead and get your boat ready ahead of time so you do not have to pay for being late.

Discuss and Understand Fees

In any boat transport, there can sometimes be a delay due to weather, mechanical problems, or even strike. This is especially true if a boat is being shipped overseas on a container ships. Any delay can increase the cost of shipping your boat. It is important to know if you or your transport company will cover any of these costs.

Following all these tips may help you save money when shipping your boat and they are a much better option than going with a lease expensive company that may not have the experience to ship your boat correctly. We at We Will Transport Us have the ability and knowledge to ship your boat within the continental US and even internationally. We will ship your boat ourselves or find the best transport company for the job. Contact us for a free quote or with any questions about transporting your boat.

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