At We Will Transport It, Inc., we specialize in boat transport. Getting your boat where it needs to go is our passion! In our line of work, we find that one of the most important factors for making sure your boat transport goes smoothly is preparing your boat properly.

  1. Plan ahead! Marine transport takes time, and there are numerous factors that both you and the shipping company will need to contend with—and not all of them are easy to control. By planning ahead, your boat will be where it needs to be, when it needs to be!
  2. Measure your boat accurately. Knowing the exact dimensions of your boat helps your shipping company give you an accurate estimate. It also means they’ll be able to prepare the right equipment for transporting it.
  3. Ship electronics separately or take extra precautions to secure them. Keep in mind that a boat traveling at highway speeds is experiencing the equivalent of hurricane conditions.

It’s important to consult with your boat transport representative for specific instructions, but this list is a good start!

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preparing for boat transport