Need help preparing a sailboat for transport? Sailboats are beautiful vessels, but they come with a lot of parts and pieces. All of these pieces can make transportation prep difficult and a bit confusing. However, once you know what needs to be done, preparing your sailboat for shipping will seem much less daunting.

The mast will need to be removed from the sailboat and transported on a separate trailer. It should be wrapped in carpet or bubble wrap and the wrapping should be secured with tape or other securing methods. Spreaders should also be removed, wrapped, and stored in the cabin. Cables should be coiled tightly, labeled, and placed in a secure location. All antenna and wind instruments need to be removed as well.

The anchor must be secured so that it does not cause any damage and all water tanks should be drained. Fuel tanks may remain full. Lastly, remove any items that may become damaged or fall off the vessel easily.

Following these simple steps (and choosing the right shipping company) will ensure your sailboat gets where it needs to be safely.

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preparing a sailboat for transport