preparing boat for winterWinter will be here before you know it. You want to make sure you protect your investment from the colder weather. Here are eight tips for preparing your boat for winter and making sure it is ready for the harsher weather that lies ahead.

  1. Change your boat’s motor oil and filter.
  2. Drain out any coolant and put in fresh coolant diluted to the manufacturer’s expectations.
  3. Turn the engine over without starting it and spray fogging oil through the spark plug holes into the carburetor.
  4. Loosen any drive belts to protect them.
  5. Use waterproof grease on all control and steering mechanisms.
  6. Disconnect the battery so it will not drain.
  7. Remove any electronics and make sure the interior is ready for cold weather.
  8. Make sure your boat is clean. Wash and wax it.

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preparing your boat winter transport