Redwood Fifth Wheel

We know how important traveling in a luxury residential vehicle can be especially if it’s a Redwood Fifth Wheel.  We transport Redwood 5th Wheel RVs making sure they are well taken care of in the process.

We at WeWillTransportIt know how to handle Redwood Fifth Wheel state of the art products.

Redwood 5th Wheel is a leading manufacturer of 5th Wheel luxury residential vehicles (RVs).  The company only uses the finest products to create the finest RVs in the industry with unparalleled craftsmanship and technology.  Their products are made to satisfy the demands and needs of their customers which are meticulously crafted to make sure they are beautiful, functional, reliable and durable both on the inside and the outside.

Redwood Fifth Wheel is focused on its customers and believes that they only deserve the best when it comes to luxury fifth-wheel RVs.  The cabinets and fibers used in creating their products are of high quality.  Additionally, their meticulous installation is top priority to ensure their customers are guaranteed only the best products and services from the company’s pool of highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

The Baby Boomers are the primary target market of Redwood 5th Wheel as the company caters to the free-spirited nature of the iconic and adventurous generation.

RedWood 5th Wheel has two products – the Redwood and the Sequoia residential vehicles.  Both have different floor plans with their individual specifications to match the needs and requirements of their owners.

The products come with a list of standard features designed to make sure the Redwood 5th Wheel owners are set to have the best experience while using their luxury residential vehicles.

Standards generally have specific features for cabinets, tanks/LP gas system, closets, front and rear cap designs, bathrooms, external docking stations, power supply, heating and air-conditioning systems, laundry areas, external storage, slide rooms, parks package, flooring, entertainment, wall construction, roof construction, kitchens, dining rooms, lighting fixtures among others.

Below are some of the options owners can add to their Redwood Fifth Wheel RVs.

  • Electric Induction Cook Top
  • Full Tile Flooring in Living Room
  • 5100 BTU Fireplace
  • King Bed
  • Maxx Fan Bathroom
  • Maxx Fan Kitchen
  • Splendide 2-pc. Washer and Dryer
  • Urban Clay Hardwood Cabinets / Caramel Decor
  • My RV Pad
  • Whirlpool 20 cu. ft. French Door
  • Refrigerator w/Water & Ice

Premium Features

Redwood partners with topnotch service and products providers so they can off premium features to their customers.

  • Falcon Integrated Technology (FIT) – Standard Feature
  • Clima Comfort
  • Diamond Furniture Collection


Red Wood Fifth Wheel utilizes the Falcon Integrated Technology (FIT) in the construction of their luxury residential vehicles.

The company ensures durability and reliability when building its state of the art vehicles, guaranteeing its owners a strong foundation and a meticulously installed flooring, furniture, other integral parts of the residential vehicles – interiors and exteriors – and the many amenities included that will last for years.

Redwood Fifth Wheel is committed to building high quality residential vehicles so its customers can have the peace of mind to travel for miles while enjoying their luxury residential vehicles built to last for a very long time.