Shipping a car to the Centennial state is always a great undertaking but it can be even greater if you are further away. You may have one of many reasons for shipping a car, for example, it could be that you simply do not want to drive it yourself, or it could be that you have other obligations. Then again, it could be a classic car that you don’t want to put too many miles on – the possibilities are endless! Finding a good transport service can be difficult and it all starts with answering the most obvious question: how much is it to ship a car to Colorado?

The Ultimate Question: How Much is it to Ship a Car to Colorado?

We wish that we could give you a solid answer, but the truth is that the prices vary depending upon a number of conditions. These conditions include:

Time of YearWhen are you planning to transport your vehicle? Certain times of year incur a greater cost to ship a car to Colorado, for example, in the summer.

The DistanceHow far does your vehicle need to go? If you are only moving to the next city then you won’t incur much of a charge but if you are moving across the country you will find that you need to deal with weigh station fees, tolls, the cost of diesel fuel, and much more.

Fuel CostsAs we mentioned previously, the fuel costs will factor in a great deal when you are attempting to obtain a transport for your vehicle to Colorado. These costs are subject to rise and fall constantly, which means that there is no base price for transport across the board.

Rules of the Road

As your vehicle is transported across the United States it will need to be moved by a company that knows the rules of the road in every state and county that it is being moved through. This means paying attention to acceptable routes and of course adhering to state regulations. While this might be a burden the average person, it is easy for a seasoned transport company.

Open vs. Enclosed Transport

auto shipping michigan ship a car to coloradoThe cost for autos shipping to Colorado will depend heavily on the type of transport vehicle you wish to use. You can choose open or closed transport, either of which will get the job done but meet different requirements for specific vehicles.

Open TransportThis is the most common type of vehicle transport and is most likely one that you have seen before. It involves the vehicles being loaded onto a flatbed and moved to the destination. This is the most inexpensive type of transport, but it also involves the vehicles onboard being exposed to the elements. This is an ideal transport for those who are simply looking to move the family car to Colorado, or for car lots that need a shipment moved.

Closed transport – For more sensitive shipments, this is the route that you will want to take. For example, if you have a classic car with a sensitive exterior, a very expensive one. Either one of these are an occasion to pay a larger price for greater protection on the journey. The interior of these transports is climate controlled, ensuring that your vehicle’s specific environmental needs will be perfectly met. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose this option, especially if you have an extremely valuable vehicle.

Transport Options for Everyone

Vehicle transport can be a critical service for sellers, for buyers, and any number of other people. Maybe you need to transport a shipment of cars to a buyer, or maybe you are transporting a classic car to a show somewhere in Colorado. Either way, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you ship with us.

The Best Transport Company in the Industry

Are you ready to start the transport process? You need a company that can not only get the job done but one that cares about your vehicle and the condition it’s in once it reaches Colorado. That starts with us! If you’re ready to start moving, then now would be a great time to give us a call and see what kind of quote we can offer you for your journey whether it is cross country, across state lines, or simply to the next city over. Check out our five-star reviews online and trust us to get the job done!


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