Shipping a car across the country can be a challenge, but only if you choose the wrong transport company. We pride ourselves on being the car transport service you can count on whether you are shipping your car to the next state, or shipping a car from Las Vegas to Florida. No matter how you slice it, Interstate 70 and the other critical routes can be full of dangers, and you can trust in our twenty years of experience to get your car where it needs to be with minimal trouble and zero damage. So, now for the big question: How much does it cost to ship a car from Las Vegas to Florida?

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car from Las Vegas to Florida?

When making this determination there are a few things that need to be taken into account including:

  • Year/Make/Model of your Vehicle
  • Distance of Trip
  • Time of Year
  • Carrier Availability
  • Diesel Costs

The Make and Model of your Car

The year, make, and model of your car does play an important part when you ship a car from Las Vegas to Florida, but not in the way you think. Many people believe that the newer the model, the more expensive it will be to ship it, but this could not be further from the truth. The make and model play into the size and weight requirements – cars that take up more space will cost more than transport, etc. While these factors are important, they are not the only things that play into the cost.

The Distance Travelled

Shipping a Car From Las Vegas to Florida shipping a car from las vegas to floridaYou know that the price to ship a car from Las Vegas to Florida will be fairly high, but it also depends on precisely how far you are going. Transport for any vehicle is governed on a cent per mile model and this is determined by the carrier. Keep in mind that the carrier will need to charge fees to pay for overhead including fuel cost, taxes, weigh station fees, tolls, and of course the cost of insurance per vehicle.

The Time of Year

In car transport, the time of year plays a huge role in the price. For example, if you are planning to transport during the winter, particularly the ‘snow-bird’ period, you will have to deal with not only increased travel times but also thousands of others who are looking to obtain a good vehicle shipping quote. In addition to that, if you are trying to arrange for a specific date, you may be able to get it, but this will raise the price slightly. Remember: it is best to order your transport months in advance!

Open vs. Enclosed Transport

When you ship your vehicle you will have the option to choose between open or enclosed transport, both of which have their benefits. For example, an open transport is far cheaper but also offers less insurance coverage than the other option. In addition to that, it is open to the weather, which means you will find yourself dealing with potential damage, especially during the winter months when hail is a concern. Enclosed auto transports on the other hand ship one to two cars at a time, features climate control and is generally safer than the alternative.

The Car Transport

If you need to ship a car across the state or across the continent, you can count on our twenty years of experience to get your vehicle to its destination not only on time but intact. We have a top-notch reputation that is easily represented in our numerous five-star reviews that you can find easily online. Your car is important to you; don’t trust it to the wrong people! Call us today for more information and to get your trip underway.

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