Shipping a car over any distance can be a challenge but when it is a cross-country journey you will run into many more complications. Your first question might be ‘how much does it cost to ship a car from Nevada to Florida’, and unfortunately, we cannot give you a definitive answer on that. We’re going to cover a few points on price and the circumstances that play a part in the price to ship a car from Nevada to Florida

The Make and Model Factors into Shipping a Car from Nevada to Florida

When you schedule your trip with us we will ask for the make and model of your vehicle, contrary to popular belief, the age of the car does not factor into the cost of the trip. Instead, it all has to do with how much space the vehicle will take up on the transport. The amount of space taken has an effect on how many vehicles we will be able to transport along with yours, and the weight of your vehicle will have a direct impact on the amount of fuel needed to make the trip. While this is a significant part of your estimate in the cost to ship a car from Nevada to Florida, it is not the only one to consider.

The Time of Year Makes a Difference

The time of year in which you are arranging for your car transport will make a considerable difference in the price to ship a car from Nevada to Florida. If you are transporting your vehicle in the winter, for example, you will find that your vehicle travels through multiple climates and road conditions. If conditions are bad, detours may need to be taken which could increase the length of time. In addition to that, consider that during certain times of year more people are seeking vehicle transport which can drive up the cost as you work to get a spot on the transport for your vehicle. Ask us more about the different times of the year and what would be more acceptable for you.

Open vs Enclosed Transport

Shipping a Car from Nevada to Florida shipping a car from nevada to floridaWhen you book your transport with us it will be important for you to decide whether you want to go with open transport or enclosed transport. The options are very different but the core principal of getting your car to the appropriate destination is the same. Let’s take a look at the two different options now:

Open TransportThis option is suitable for most cars and involves the vehicle being moved on a flatbed truck. It will be moved along with several other cars and it will be insured against potential damage. In addition to that, you should understand that this will cause the vehicle to be exposed to the elements which are perfectly fine for most automobiles.

Closed TransportIn the event, you have a classic car or a very expensive sports car, you might want to consider going with one of our closed transport options. In these instances, only one to two cars will be on the transport at a time, and the interior will be climate controlled. This will ensure that your vehicle remains in a constant environment throughout the entirety of the trip.

A Company you can Count on

We Will Transport It is a premium car transport company that has a combined experience of more than twenty years in the industry. If you are looking to move your vehicle with minimal concern or worry, then you have finally come to the right place. A quick look online will reveal numerous five-star reviews for our business, ensuring that you can not only trust us now but for all of your future transport operations as well. Remember: you can get a much better deal if you call in advance and take into account the time of year as we mentioned before.

Whether you are moving a priceless vintage vehicle, the family minivan, and or an entire shipment of vehicles for a client, we have your back, and we are ready to give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for in auto transport.


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