The Grand List of Oversize/Overweight Permit Sites by State

We will transport it, The Grand List of Oversize/Overweight Permit Sites by State

This list includes every state department of transportation government website for oversize/overweight permits. Many states now have online systems that speed things along, but others still do things by fax or mail. This article provides links as clearly as possible while giving a bit of information about each site in order to hopefully speed things up.

Alabama – Online application system; the rules and regulations include fees listed by GVW.

Alaska – Online; resource links at the bottom, including a link to the Alaska Trucking Association website.

Arizona – Online; main page has additional information, such as how Phoenix requires additional permits, and a link to the login page.

Arkansas – Online; there are a lot of rules for their permit system.

California – Online; their site requires a bit of reading. Most of the permit forms are available as pdfs. The STARS software speeds up the single trip permit application and acceptance process. Annual permits seem to be processed the old-fashioned way.

ColoradoOnline; forms are available online. They have a new online permitting system that allows for around the clock access and lets you self-issue many types of permits.

Connecticut – No online system yet, and there are fax and service fees.

Delaware – Online; below the login space are two Quick Links, one of which is a manual for their system.

District of ColumbiaOnline; Online permits are done through the TOPS online program.

Florida – Online; you may want to call, as the site’s links are buggy

Georgia – Online application system

Hawaii – Forms available online; applications and forms must be handed, faxed, or mailed in.

Idaho – Online system for both single trip and annual permits; their page is loaded with links to information about the different requirements and laws.

Illinois – Online; follow the link to log on or create an account. Be sure to check out the announcements to the right of the oversize/overweight movements section.

Indiana – Online; their website puts the other required forms on that same page, and their general page for oversize permits has plenty of information. An informed carrier is a safe carrier.

Iowa – Online.

Kansas – Online; the actual interactive permitting system is not on their DOT website. Their

OVS/OVW page on the DOT website links to other states’ OSV/OSW sites, but some of the links.

Kentucky – Applications available online but there is no online permit system.

Louisiana – Partially online; follow the instructions here to set up an account.

Maine – Online; also check out their motor carrier services forms section.

Massachusetts – Online system; packed with info and organized by topics.

Michigan – Online; forms can be found here, and the contact information is here.

Minnesota – Online; their system for ordering permits is paired with Wisconsin’s, so this is nice for interstate transporters, the only catch is that it is done through

Mississippi – Online; includes weight charts which makes it easier to find the needed type of permit

Missouri – Forms, but there are plenty of resources on their page.

Montana – Online; they have a general page and an online permitting page

Nebraska – Online

Nevada – Online; specifics for types of cargo are included, as well as fee explanations

New Hampshire – Online; all the pertinent information is on the main page and the β€œAccept” button at the bottom sends you to their online system’s login page.

New Jersey – Online; the NJ DOT uses the Got Permits system.

New Mexico – Forms; their forms for OS/OW permits are available for download online on the

New Mexico Motor Transportation Police’s website, along with other trucking related information. The relevant page is available through this link.

New York – Partially online; you still need to download the forms, but you will also need to make an account. Everything is available on their permits page, but as pdfs and links.

North Carolina – Online; their page includes downloads of permits and other relevant documents

North Dakota – Online; there are some links with related information on their page.


Oklahoma – Online; resources on the left side of the page include weather and live traffic information. The user interface is a little annoying at first.

Oregon – Online; their registration page has plenty of info and their registration page is straightforward and informative.

Pennsylvania – Online; forms and legal information is available here. You need to make an account and log in to their APRAS system.

Rhode Island – Online; weight and size limits are here

Virginia – Online; conveniently lists the size and weight limits before a permit is needed

South Carolina – Online; information about size limits, route restrictions, and types of permits included

South Dakota – Online; there is also a page with information for carriers.

Tennessee – Partially online; you can order permits by mail or through one of the third party services they list.

Texas – Online; forms are available on the main OS/OW page (previous link) and there is a tutorial page for their online system.

UtahOnline; there are pages with links for information for motor carriers, about pilot escorts and oversize permits, a state trucking guide.

Washington – Online; fairly helpful website that provides pages explaining when you need a permit. You can usually issue your own permits once you are in their system.

West Virginia – Online; their online permit system is run by GotPermits.

Wisconsin – Online; Minnesota and Wisconsin cross border permits are done by the WINNDOT system.

Wyoming – Phone only; call their hotline ((307) 777-4376) for information about OS/OW permits. Check their site out; not everything is right at the surface and some forms require a bit of digging.

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