Tips to Evaluate a Boat Transportation Company

Finding the perfect transportation company for your vessel should not be difficult. However, there are plenty of transportation companies out there and many of them are not equipped to handle every boat shipping need. Therefore, one must take the time to research their transportation company of choice to insure they are the perfect shipping company to move their boat safely and accurately. Researching these four factors will make evaluating boat transportation companies easier.

Is the Transport Company Authorized?

Not all companies are created equal and not all of them are legal. Transport companies that specialize in boat transport need to secure specific authorizations in order for them to operate. Checking certifications from the Federal Motor Carrier Authority and the Federal DOT are a guarantee that the carrier of your choice is fit and legal. Verify your carrier online at SAFER ( You will need the carrierโ€™s MC and DOT license numbers.

How is the Company Insured?

The personal boat insurance you have on your vessel may not be adequate to cover any damages that might occur during transport. Shipping companies provide insurance, but the amount may not be enough to fully cover your boat. Insurance coverage can also be checked at on the SAFER website. Cargo insurance is recommended as basic liability will not cover the full cost of the vessel. It might also be a good idea to purchase additional coverage just in case.

Is Tracking Available?

Open and honest communication is essential when shipping something as important as a boat. Many transport companies offer tracking so that the client will know where their vessel is at all times. Ask your potential shipping company if they provide this option. However, even if a shipping company does not provide online tracking, they should provide the client with a number they can call to check the status of their boat. Keeping communication channels transparent and open to clients is the mark of a great service provider.

Is the Transport Company Credible?

Checking credibility has become easier with the dawn of the internet. There are many websites available that will list reviews on the transport company of your choice. Any boat transport company you are looking into should have a positive and clean track record. This record is a guarantee that the company can deliver on their promises. The Better Business Bureau makes it easy to search businesses and check their score. They also hold reviews one can read to get an idea about the service they may receive. Multiple cases of negative feedback or serious complaints are a good sign that you may need to look elsewhere for a better transport company.

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