West Pointe

If you have recently purchased a West Pointe fifth wheel or are looking to move one you already own, We Will Transport It is the shipping company for you. West Pointes are a very popular brand of fifth wheel and we know how to transport them. Your RV is a home away from home and a sanctuary. It is your gateway to adventure and fun. Having it shipped where you need it should not be a hassle and we can help with that. You can trust us with the care of your RV.

West Pointe – High End Luxury. Superior Strength.

West Pointes are a very popular fifth wheel because they are made to last. Their sturdy construction and ease of hauling makes them perfect for extended trips. They are easy to maneuver into small campgrounds and expand to create extra floor space.

However, the West Pointe is more than just sturdy. It is also built with a timeless luxury that people love. All floor plans are well thought out and the television and sound features are perfect.

West Pointes are for people who know what they want from life and are not afraid to leave home to find it. They like to go places and get things done and they deserve a shipping company that will help them do that. We Will Transport It is that company!

Transporting Your West Pointe Fifth Wheel

Transporting your fifth wheel is much easier than most people think, but there is some information you should have handy before starting the planning process. First, you need to know the correct dimensions of your fifth wheel. Measure and record the exact length, height, width, and weight of your vehicle. Your shipping company will use this information to find the correct trailer for transport and to obtain any permits that may be needed for travel.

You also need to have a clear timeline for travel and set pick-up and drop off points. These pieces of information are needed so the best route of transport can be planned.

Last, but not least, you need to prepare your fifth wheel for shipping. Remove any loose items that may fall during travel and cover any areas that need protecting. It is also a good idea to check your fifth wheel’s manual for any additional steps you may need to take to prepare it for transport.

We Will Transport It only works with fully certified and licensed transporters. Your fifth wheel will be in good hands!