Top Reasons Why to Use a Vehicle Shipping Company

vehicle-shipping by We Will Transport It vehicle shipping companySo you landed a big opportunity at a new company or you are moving to a new home hundreds or even thousand miles away. You’re excited but the only problem is you dread the long distance travel. Long distance driving can be very stressful. Using a vehicle shipping company can reduce the burden from getting your car from point A to B in a stress free way.

Save You Money

One of the benefits of using a vehicle shipping company is saving you a tremendous amount of money. One does not have to be a genius to figure out that the further you travel the more money comes out of your pocket. When you factor in cost of rental, gas, hotel, tolls, food and maintenance your road trip will end up with a big expense; let alone unexpected car repair expenses after driving over an 18 wheeler tire in the middle of the highway. Now, that’s a daunting experience.

When you use a vehicle shipping company, you remove these major expenses of a long distance travel. The cost only revolves around your car. You don’t have to worry about gas, maintenance or unexpected repairs before getting to your destination. Most importantly, time is money. Hiring a vehicle shipping company will free you up to take a faster mode of transportation such as a flying.

Avoid Road Hazards

One of the biggest risks of long distance traveling is safety. When you’re traveling to a new destination, you can be faced with hazardous drivers. While you may be an excellent driver, you would have to consider the role that fatigue plays in long distance driving accidents. We are sure you have seen those drowsy drivers that simply drifts off the road or the drivers that do not react as quickly during traffic conditions. These types of drivers can put you at risk for an accident that you could avoid.

When you use a vehicle shipping company, you bypass these road hazard risks. It’s required by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) that commercial carriers follow driving limits such as rest breaks and daily driving limits that passengers do not follow. However; not all accidents can be avoided, therefore, many vehicle shipping company offer insurance on your vehicle in an event of an accident on the way to the destination.

The Need for Multi Vehicle shipping

One of the benefits of hiring a vehicle shipping company is to transport multiple vehicles. According to the Department of Transportation, the average household with two members average about two vehicles. For household with college students or young adults the number of vehicles will increase. However most vehicle shipping company’s offer multi-car discounts to save you money and avoid the hassle of traveling with multiple cars.

Unless, you want to travel cross country worrying about your teenager texting while driving or tailgating, vehicle shipping would be advantageous. Vehicle shipping services can make moving the household vehicles much easier and safer.

These are just a few benefits from hiring a vehicle shipping company. If you are interested in learning how an experienced and professional vehicle shipping company can save you money, time and avoid road hazards, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.