Upcoming Wisconsin Winter Boat Expos

Next January 15-17 and 20-24, the Milwaukee Boat Show will take place. Their website, as of August 14, 2015, still does not have the show details, but they are a good venue for both boat buyers and manufacturers. In February, Wisconsin will see the La Crosse Boat, Sports, Travel, RV & Hunting Show (February 11-14) and the WBAY Boat Show (February 18-21). Considering that you, as a buyer or a broker, might be from a neighboring state or even further away, there will be a lot of work to do with finding the right permits and insurances for legally and safely getting your boats to and from the shows. A transport broker navigates all the legal work for clients looking to transport not just boats and yachts, but cars and heavy equipment.

One of the great things about going to a boat show is that there is much more to find than a new boat. Most of the time, major boat shows also have vendors for new equipment such as lifts and replacement docks, and a transport broker or carrier can transport these as well. They are also great places to learn about travel destinations. While it’s certainly possible to sail your boat through whatever waters you like, it can be tremendously expensive. Yachts, especially, are expensive to sail, and a trip from, say, Ft. Lauderdale in Florida up to Vancouver can run you a couple hundred thousand dollars in fuel alone. Transporting your equipment is a huge factor in how much you get to enjoy it, don’t skimp but you don’t have to break the bank either.

If you know you’re going to multiple boat shows in the same season, consider the weather. Wisconsin is a cold state in winter and that makes a difference for transport carriers and brokers. Risks are higher and insurance is essential. Play it safe and make sure your transport broker and you work out the safest route and best transporter for your cargo.

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