Today we are going to dispel 3 popular myths about auto transportation.

Myth 1. The cost of vehicle shipping is determined solely by the amount of miles traveled.

In addition to the distance traveled, other factors, such as fuel costs and how accessible the pick up/drop off location is, also contribute to the cost. For example, if the driver is required to traverse up and down a mountain, it’s going to factor into the cost.

Myth 2. Having a car shipped directly to your door is more expensive than having it shipped to a terminal.

the idea behind this is that the shipping company will save money on fuel and time by simply dropping the vehicle off at a terminal instead of traveling to your door. In turn, this could theoretically save you money. However, this can be incorrect in some cases, as terminals charge fees for sheltering the vehicle. Again, it ultimately depends on how accessible the pick up/drop off location is. Unless this entails a remote, hard to reach location, then you could save money by shipping door to door.

Myth 3. You can save money by removing your vehicle’s hubcaps prior to shipping

We’re not really sure how this rumor came about, but there is simply no reason to do this. Hubcaps have no impact on the cost of shipping your vehicle. Instead, focus your time on removing possessions and valuables that are inside the car.