Yacht Transport

We Will Transport It is a five-star, trustworthy heavy load hauling company and an expert in yacht transport.  At We Will Transport It, your yacht is in great hands.  We will make sure your precious vehicle is transported securely and with great care.


What makes our system reliable lies in the many strategies we employ to ensure a safe transfer for your luxury aquatic vehicle.  We have a team of meticulous and well-trained Boat Transport Agents that will handle your yacht meticulously from the time you entrust it to us all the way to the completion of its journey – and will be delivered to you in great condition. We cater to yacht owners and other customers who need yacht transport services including manufacturers and customer service companies dealing with clients involved in luxury water vehicles such as yachts.  We service customers, new or existing owners or businesses, from all across the continental United States including Costa Rica, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and Alaska. We Will Transport It can also transport your yacht not just in the United States but to international destinations. Just let us know the fine details on when and where they should be transported to.   We will make the necessary arrangements with our various contacts in ports and take care of the process with special regard to availability and the ports’ specific requirements. Characteristic to travel, you may have to expect anticipated delays depending on the condition of the seas and other travel elements during the yacht transport period.


Before we ship a yacht, we need the following information from you:

  • Full Dimensions: Height, Weight, Length and Width of the yacht
  • Complete address of the pickup area and the delivery destination

Based on the information given to us, we will determine what equipment and other hauling specifications to use to transport your yacht and how to manage the yacht transport given the weather conditions during the time of travel.  We will also determine the necessary permits and other requirements needed per state or location that will be covered in the transport process. Should you have concerns or questions, our Marine Transport Agent will assist you and provide you the necessary information so you can make decisions easily and with peace of mind.