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Great company to use 👍 great friendly staff! Super helpful when it comes to transporting cars & boats I highly recommend them
Susan BrusgardSusan Brusgard
17:42 08 Nov 23
Will was awesome to work with. Great low price. Car arrived in Florida without a scratch exactly when it was supposed to. I'm a travel nurse. I need to transport my car often. Found the company I will use every time.
Amanda LogozzoAmanda Logozzo
21:07 01 Nov 23
What ever you do do not haul for this company. They are a complete scam. If you are looking to ship with them i would say look else where as well. They outsource to contactors to haul of there fright meaning a bigger risk of damages and delays. When said contractors show up to pick up freight and theres issues with the shipment they will not answer the phone or return emails. Also if thier customers cancel the loads good luck getting any money from them for your wasted time and fuel. Will be reporting this company to FMCSA and filling on their bond.
Daniel KaufmanDaniel Kaufman
17:29 31 Oct 23
Matthew HappMatthew Happ
13:37 26 Oct 23
Art is my guy. 3 loads so far in his couple of years I have done business with him.1.Wheel loader from Oklahoma to wi. Cheapest and absolutely no issues.2.chipper and excavator from Mississippi to wi. Cheapest and honestly wouldnt want to do the trec myself for what they charged.3.wheel loader from New Jersey to wi. Payed for machine Monday afternoon. They picked up Tuesday and was here in wi by 8am Wednesday. Cheaper then the local company the seller referred me too.He will answer the phone Everytime I call him. Absolutely handsome down best that I know. Works through any little issues with drivers ect. Nice job
Daniel SheffieldDaniel Sheffield
20:39 12 Sep 23
I purchased a tractor from one of those government websites. I attempted to pick it up using my truck and trailer, but the rear wheels on the tractor were too wide to fit between the trailer's wheel wells. So, I searched online for someone with a trailer that could help me. We Will Transport It came up in my search. I contacted them immediately. I was met with a friendly voice and explained my situation. In less than twenty minutes, the call taker notified me she had found two drivers who could help. For that, I am grateful for the services from We Will Transport It, and I highly recommend that if you find yourself in a bind, reach out to them for help.
Traci CapizziTraci Capizzi
23:38 07 Sep 23
From start to finish I was treated like family.. Tim the driver treated my home and everything I owned in it like it was his.. 600 miles not even a smudge on my fifth wheel.. 5 STARS ISN'T ENOUGH
Fabian PerchoFabian Percho
14:33 12 Aug 23
I've work with them and I had a good experience, everything was done timely and very professional.
Kaydeen SinclairKaydeen Sinclair
03:03 11 Aug 23
The experience I had with WWTI was beyond excellent I was able to have my veie transported from one to the other with absolutely nonproblem. I had the pleasure of working with representative Daniele who did a superb job in explaing and making sure that everything went well. Thank you so much for a great transition…….Kay
Quentin BastianQuentin Bastian
02:27 11 Aug 23
Fast and efficient. They do whatever it takes to get your shipment where and when you need it. Vanessa worked tirelessly to get the items shipped. Even cross country for an affordable price.
Got_ Your_SixGot_ Your_Six
22:30 10 Aug 23
We will transport made my experience easy from pickup to delivery, great communication from the get go. Delivery was made ahead of time I will definitely use We will transport again in the future. 5 star service at an affordable price.
07:02 10 Aug 23
I hired this company to transport a tractor 150 miles and was willing to pay his asking price for the timeframe he promised. He is a complete coward named Art that works there. Bottom line I wired them the money and the sent some halfassed driver out to pickup the tractor with a trailer rated for 9500 lbs. I told this genius art it was 13k lbs so I don’t get how that even happened. So after that he tries to tell me that the steering was the problem but again I told him the power steering was out but like all backhoes you can steer with independent rear brakes. So I end up saying okay fine just give me my money back. He promises a full refund and yup he did not come through on that one either.I can’t understand why they employ such an obvious liar. There is no way this is an isolated incident. He has all of those trademark characteristics of a pathological liar. Like radio silence rather than dealing with the hole you dug for you and your company. It will be interesting to see how your company reacts by the end of next week. All that had to happen was that you give me back my $1200 for failing to do what you promised.Oh and btw for anyone at “We will transport it” that feels I’m not telling the whole story or I misstated the facts.etc… the very first truck dispatched from U-Ship picked the tractor up and had it to me within less than 4-1/2 hours from when he picked it up. He charged me $650I promise you this, you will piss the wrong person off one day by breaking promises like this and not refunding the money adding insult to monetary damages.If you doubt anything I’ve said I’m more than happy to supply the name of the broker and the actual driver who came through. Pics are the tractor after it was driven off the trailer.
Mike S.Mike S.
13:25 02 Aug 23
It’s unfortunate that some people had a negative experience, but I had my boat hauled from south Jersey to Long Island and had a great experience. I dealt with Andy who was very responsive. I executed the contract with WWTI around noon and had my boat by around 11:30pm that same day without any issues. I shopped several hauling companies, all of which were at least 5 days out from being able to pick up the boat. WWTI also came in at the lowest price. Strongly recommend this company.

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