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    Moving A Storage Container | Shipping Container Homes Nationwide

    We are specialists in Shipping Container Homes or Moving Container Houses. There are a few ways to move containers. One of the easiest ways is a container trailer however, due to backups in the port it’s very difficult right now to secure a container trailer. With We Will Transport It, we like to think outside the box and have come up with some effective and efficient ways to not only make our customers happy but can save them money along the way.

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    Being that container trailers are scarce and are limited to how effectively they can load and offload heavy containers, we have found that dispatching a step-deck trailer and assisting our customers in finding reputable and credible 3rd party loading companies, which will be rotator trucks, heavy-duty wreckers, and forklifts can often save our customers money. This helps us provide faster service since step deck trailers are more accessible.

    One thing customers should be conscious of is how much space will be needed to load a container. Accessibility is key. Terrain, weather, and areas with little or no space could require additional 3rd party assistance in order to efficiently load the container onto a trailer. Customers would need about 50ft of space on one side of the container and about 100ft in front.

    Cost Of Moving A Storage Container

    The cost to move a container can vary depending on several different factors. Some of these factors can include the size of the container (40ft or 20ft), the weight, contents, eg: household goods, hazmat, equipment or freight. The cost of transporting a 40ft container 2,000 miles depending on some of these factors can be anywhere from $4-5 a mile plus loading and offloading which can range anywhere from 400-750$

    A 20 ft container on average to ship can be anywhere from $2.50-$3.0 a mile. In the logistics industry, location plays a big role in the pricing meaning rural areas can cost more especially when 3rd party loading/offloading companies are involved.



    This type of container is meant for general-purpose cargo with its interior width measuring 7’8 1/8″ and its interior height measuring 7’6 1/4″. The 20-foot dry container is capable of handling a payload of about 47,900 pounds while the larger 40-foot container is able to haul just over 59,000 pounds of cargo.


    Sometimes the cargo needing to be transported will require ventilation during shipping; perishable food items are for example. A ventilated container will provide an adequate amount of ventilation while still being able to carry about 47,900 pounds of weight.


    This type of container is designed for cargo consisting of liquid payloads. This can be items like beverages, foods, oils or even chemicals. The capacity for these types of 20-foot tank containers is around 6,450 gallons.


    Flat rack containers are the best choice when it comes to shipping oversized loads or freight, heavy machines, building supplies or construction equipment.

    The flat rack container has open long sides which are better able to accommodate any odd-shaped cargo and allow for the safe and secure transport of any items which may be bulky.

    A 20-foot flat rack container is able to transport roughly 92,800 pounds with a width of 8 feet and its height being 7’3 7/8″. The 40-foot flat rack container is specially designed to handle the transport of oversize cargo, heavy machines, and construction equipment/supplies. These 40-foot flat rack containers can successfully transport loads up to 85,430 pounds.


    The design of this open container allows for the shipment of oversized payloads while utilizing its top-loading capabilities. The max weight that this type of container can handle is about 47, 620 pounds of weight.


    This refrigerated container is able to provide proper temperature controls allowing for the safe transport of food and beverages. This type of container can successfully deliver up to 60,229 pounds of weight.



    Finally, the solution for any of your top-loading needs. This is a great option when the cargo you are transporting is either very tall or long because this container has an open-top.  These 40-foot open-top containers are able to transport around 58,700 pounds of cargo.


    Larger than the regular 40-foot dry container, this high cube container can handle up to 58,445 pounds of cargo.


    Perfect for the types of cargo that are perishable like foods for example or any other type of cargo that would require temperature control during the transport. These 40-foot refrigerated containers are able to manage payloads reaching up to 56,280 pounds in weight.


    This container is for general purpose use with the “high cube” design allowing for the transport of cargo that is very tall. This 45-foot container is able to hold up to 64,000 pounds of cargo.

    How our extensive knowledge of moving containers can benefit you in relocation

    From residential moves to facility relocations to port shipments We Will Transport It has found solutions to accommodate any caliber of customer.

    By utilizing different loading and offloading we have not only met our customer’s time frames but we are able to beat out most of our competitor’s quotes by a significant amount.

    All of our drivers are vetted thoroughly meaning they must be insurance claim-free for over three years, have a rating of 98 or better with the Department of Transportation and have clean driving records.

    Experience is key with shipping a container and we make sure we assign the job to the right person. Depending on the scope of the order, not only will we be providing white-glove service with our drivers but we also find ways to eliminate any extra costs for our customers thus keeping them happy and satisfied along the way.


    We can also ship stunning homes made out of containers!

    Container Movers specializing in the transport of your dream Container Home. We offer the best in customer service and continually strive to provide the most affordable quotes on moving storage containers in the industry.


    Moving Storage Containers and Shipping Container Homes Anywhere

    Shipping container homes and using the right Container Movers – ‘We Will Transport It’ once again makes it to the spotlight.

    We are pleased to announce that ‘We Will Transport It’ has now added moving containers to its list of available services. Yes, we are shipping containers as well!

    Shipping container homes, Shipping container

    Shipping Container Homes Keeps the World in Motion

    You can get home containers into various types of residential, Cannabis Grow Houses, recreational, farm or commercial applications:

    • Residential Containers
      • Single or Multi-Space Garages
      • Modular Offices and Modular Workspaces
      • Modular Showers and Bathroom Pods
      • Food Stands or Coffee Stands
      • Luxury Green Houses (or Grow Houses)
      • Industrial Greenhouses
      • College Dorms
      • Man Caves and She Sheds
      • Safety bunkers
      • Medical offices
      • Container Swimming Pools
    • Grow Containers (Cannabis Grow Houses)
    • Containers (6 Foot Container, 7 foot, 8 Foot, 10 Foot, 12 Foot, 20 Foot, 20 Foot High Cube Foot, 40 Foot)
    • Specialty Containers
      • Armored Containers
      • Refrigerated Containers
      • Radioactive Containers
      • Kitchen
      • Waste Oil
      • Expandable
      • School
    • Modular Construction
      • Modular Homes
      • Modular Workspaces/ Modular Offices
      • Modular Showers
      • Modular bathroom pods
      • Modular Shelving

    Moving storage containers

    ‘We Will Transport It’ is a customer favorite car transport company. In addition to transporting your everyday vehicles, we also specialize in transporting oversized and heavy equipment. We are also safe transporters of boats and yachts.

    And NOW, we are also providing shipping services for storage containers too. Moving storage containers can be challenging, but with our help, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

    Moving storage container, Shipping container movers, Shipping storage container

    We have over 25 years’ experience in the vehicle transport business, and we have what it takes to provide first-class transportation services to all our customers. As some would call it, we are a premier vehicle transport company, and we have set the market standards of providing A-class transport services.

    We take the lead among other car transport companies and have vast experience in the industry. So you can expect that we will be moving containers with excellence, too.

    Like every other service of ours, you can expect our moving storage container services to be outclassed as well. We have a record of providing exceptional service to our customers; we won’t disappoint you; we have a reputation to maintain! After mastering the art, we have gracefully added moving storage containers to our skillset.

    The science behind moving a storage container

    For international shipment of goods and commodities, entities and people usually go with container transport. Container transport usually takes sea routes for transportation. The cargo you want to ship is safely packed inside these containers and takes a long journey without ever being touched. These containers come in standard sizes. They are robust and are very effective at enduring long trips.

     Shipping container homes, Shipping containers

    These storage containers can easily fit in trailers and trains to add rail and road transport as an option in transporting them. Shipping containers choose the best means of transportation. This choice depends on the nature of the goods being shipped as these containers can fit into any transport method being used.

    Using moving containers has also proven to be very efficient in achieving economies of scale for many companies. Container transportation is highly safe, and your goods travel securely. Hauling container brings considerable advantages to international trade by cutting down transport costs, and there’s no damage to the goods either, so those costs are saved too.

    Why choose ‘We Will Transport It’ as your shipping container company?

    Moving storage container, Shipping container movers, Shipping storage containerWe are masters at moving storage containers. As our loyal customers would know, we are the absolute best in the market. We have a proven streak of providing the best pricing for moving storage containers in the market – We won’t break that streak. All our prices are set by keeping the customer’s costs in mind. We operate at really affordable rates. The free quotes we provide before the shipping process are accurate. That’s a guarantee.

    We provide shipping container mover services with the swiftest transit time, both within and outside the United States. We won’t stray away from the deadlines you have provided, and we operate on tight schedules.

    We allow our customers to choose the cargo delivery option that best suits them and don’t impose our opinions. For that reason, we have an enormous customer base of content customers. As a result, our website is flooded with positive reviews left by our faithful customers.

    You can compare our quotes (whether you opt for transport by ocean or truck) with other transport container companies for your peace of mind.

    We handle your supply chain needs with due diligence and expertise. In addition, we provide insurance coverage for your storage containers and operate with highly technologically advanced and task-specific equipment for moving containers.

    You can track your storage container move at every step of its transport as we readily update at each milestone achieved while providing our shipping container services. We also take care of all the paperwork necessary for a seamless journey.

    Our representatives are available 24/7 to help you with anything that you need. They are trained to communicate effectively and provide creative and agile solutions to your problems.

    How to get started with us?

    To get into business with ‘We Will Transport It’ as your moving container company, first, you need to inform us of all your shipment needs and then we can provide you with a free quote from our website.

    While giving us your details, first you need to select your means of transportation. Whether you want to move a container by road using an hauling container transport truck, by rail, or by the ocean. Ocean transport is highly recommended if you want to ship your container overseas.

    If you’ve opted for ocean transport, you need to specify the port in the United States from which you’ll be moving containers. Next, you’ll choose an option from ‘Full Container Load (FCL)’ and ‘Less Than a Container Load (LCL)’. FCL refers to shipments for which a single party owns all goods in the container, while LCL involves numerous shippers’ goods packed together in one container. As you might have already guessed, LCL costs more than FCL per unit of freight.

    Once you’ve given us all the details, and you’re satisfied with our freight charges you can then book your order, and we’ll get started!

    Feel like going old school and shipping your container by road?  Search ‘shipping container near me’ on your browser and find our nearest branch and let us do the work for you!

    Shipping Container Cost

    The shipping container costs depend on factors like the port of origin and destination (the distance if you opt for transport by road). It also depends on the type of container, the weight, and dimensions of your goods, the selected Incoterms (the set of rules and regulations that facilitate trade), the transit time, etc…

    Knowing this, you can rest assured of one thing; you’ll get the best price in the market from us!

    Container Shipping Company | Moving Container House

    A Certified Moving storage container Company in South Florida. We are a Shipping Container Company based in the US, eco-friendly and specialists in local and long-distance moves. We work together with storage facilities for customers and companies, storage units, storage companies, portable moving and portable storage loading and unloading containers.

    We are your Full-Service Moving Solution for portable storage.

    How much does moving a storage container cost?

    The cost to use a moving container will depend on many factors like the shipping distance, the type of container, the weight and dimensions of your goods, the selected Incoterms, the transit time, etc…

    How much is a container?

    A new container can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the size, features and market price.

    How big is a container?

    A Standard container is 8 ft. in width, and 8.5 ft. high. However, the higher “High Cube” or “hi-cube” units measuring 9 feet 6 inches (2.90 m) have become very common in recent years.

    How wide is a container?

    A standard container is 8 feet in width.

    Shipping Container Homes | Move Container Houses (Suggested/Important Links)

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    Recent Shipping Containers We Have Moved

    Two 53ft shipping containers, moving 50 yards from Auburndale Fl., we went back and forth and got the job done. Keep in mind we will always need min. of 100 yards when hauling a 40 ft unite, 50 yards for a 20 ft container. Best to explain the area where the container is being picked up and delivered.

    Container full of Quartz slabs, 20L – 8W- 7H- 10,750 lbs

    Shipping From: Austell, Ga
    Transporting To: Atlanta, Ga

    We are UIIA Certified and always in communication with our customers.

    4 units back and forth from San Antonio, TX with a hired wrecker service to help load and offload. Proper organization to make sure the carrier and the wrecker service were together the whole time.

    The job was completed in 6 hours. Call We will Transport it for all your questions regarding.

    53ft shipping containers, moving 50 yards from Auburndale Fl

    Container full of Quartz slabs, 20L – 8W- 7H- 10,750 lbs

    4 Containers transportation back and forth from San Antonio, TX

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