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Looking for Car Moving Companies? #1 Best Cross Country Moving Company in the US. Do you need to move a car? We Will Transport It is a Premium High Tech Car Moving Company specializing in auto transport across the country and overseas with affordable car shipping quotes to make the process of moving your car to another state or another country as easy a possible.

Move a Car With We Will Transport It

Get the peace of mind you deserve with our car shipping service. Along with secure car transport and fast delivery, moving a car across the country has never been easier or faster.

Which Shipping Method Is Best?

The best way to ship your car is using the enclosed auto transport carrier which will be more secure and safer for your car, much more so when you are doing long distances like coast to coast where the weather and the time on the road will be more taxing on your car.

The time of the year for your car transport is also a factor to consider.

We strongly advise against leaving any personal items or effects in the car which could later pose an issue for your car’s delivery.


Moving a car can be a very difficult and stressful task if the right car transport company isn’t chosen. Shipping a car across the country takes a lot of professionalism and logistical planning, but a proper arrangement with a reputable car transport company makes it look like nothing happened.

We Will Transport It takes a combination of in-land and marine transportation to secure the safe arrival of your cars.

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Apart from a house, a car is one of the most valuable assets one can possess. You cannot base your choice on cost alone when searching for the cheapest car transport companies; it is essential to check reviews and records of the company before making a decision.

“I want to move my car, how do I go about it?”

We are the solution for all your car shipping needs. Reliability and prompt delivery is our motto and the reason why we at We Will Transport It strive so very hard to satisfy each of our clients.

A Reliable Car Shipping Company

Choosing the Best Auto Shipping Company in the US for your vehicles means many things. There are essential qualities you should look out for to avoid making costly mistakes.

Our auto transport services are simply the best with the most competitive car shipping quotes available nationwide and overseas. Many people may decide to drive their vehicles themselves within the country, but when you’re purchasing a car that’s across the country, chances are you are going to need an auto shipping company to handle this arduous task.

We continually rank high on the list of the best-handpicked car moving companies.

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Are You Ready To Move Your Car?

If you are ready to move your car then you have come to the right place! Car moving is what we do and we are the best at it. When searching for car moving companies, you need to choose the best. We would love to be the company you choose when you need to move your car to another state or country. This process can be very frustrating especially if you go with a company that doesn’t have the necessary experience or knows what they’re doing. We hear from frustrated customers all the time who have been cheated or lied to by other companies; don’t let this happen to you.

We Are The Car Moving Experts

After dealing with low-rate auto shipping companies many customers end up calling us after doing some research and seeing our reviews and high ratings and seeing we can get the job done right the first time. They simply say to us “move my car” and we make it happen. It does not matter if you are transporting your vehicle down the street or if you have to move your car across the country. We are capable of handling any job that you need to be done.
While other companies are making excuses, we are making it happen.

Affordable Car Moving Services

WWTIT Move Car with We Will Transport ItWe at We Will Transport It have numerous Car Transport Service Categories available to make your selection all the easier. Be sure to hire the right company with the proper technical know-how that understands the complexities of moving cars to another state or overseas.

We Will Transport It is a leader among the Auto Transport Companies in the US, offering car moving solutions to customers across the country.

We are proud of the customer service we deliver along with the most affordable and competitive quotes in the market. Our company takes care of everything involved in moving your car across the country and getting it delivered to you safely.

Car Shipping Across The Country

We can ship cars to any part of the world, and there is no limit to the kind of vehicle we are able to move whether it be from family-sized cars to unique collectibles or ones purchased online. We offer tailor-made car moving services using real-time data and analysis to give a correct estimate for all of our services.

We can Move Cars to any other state easily as we are fully licensed and bonded by many accredited agencies. We are vetted and insured to deliver top-notch moving services.

We specialize in moving cars for dealerships and auctions.

Transport Car From State To State

After you have submitted your personal information and requirements we can then proceed to get you the best Auto Shipping Quote, which could be Open Car Transport or Enclosed Car Carrier. Our Auto Shipping department will try to make your Vehicle Transport process easy and fast.

You can check the other Auto Transport Companies around and confirm that our price is the lowest in the industry.

Our Auto Transport quotes are the best and most accurate. We can transport regular cars, classic cars, and exotic cars, etc… The cost to ship your car will depend on the distance and the kind of vehicle being transported. With over 25 years of experience, we can proudly claim to be the most affordable Car Shippers employing only the most experienced truck drivers.

Shipping a car across the country will not be an easy decision and you will need to research the pricing and solutions the Car Shipping Companies offer.

Picking The Right Car Moving Company

Choosing a car moving company is just as important as choosing the car of your dreams. If you purchase a car and the car needs to be shipped to your location, you of course are going to want assurances that your vehicle will be well taken care of. We can move a car with ease and precision because we have access to many different options for trucks, trailers and drivers. More than anything we have the necessary experience required as a seasoned company that’s been in the industry many years. We want to be the company that you chose for all your car moving requirements.

We want to earn your business and be the car transportation company you can depend on and always choose for any car transport needs. Give us a chance and we will provide you with an award-winning experience. At the end of the day, it is more than just moving a car; it will be the best car moving experience you will ever have.

How Our Auto Transport Company Is Different?

The last thing you should ever have to worry about is dealing with just a mediocre company. At We Will Transport It, we specialize in handling all types of car shipping needs with our hands-on approach. Whether you are shipping a car for the first time, or if you have shipped with other companies before, we will make this experience absolutely wonderful for you. We pride ourselves on being an elite auto shipping company in this industry. Many smaller car moving companies don’t have the infrastructure or the customer service teams available to meet the customer’s needs in this ever-growing and changing industry. This industry requires so much more than just providing customers with quotes.

You deserve a company that you know is capable of getting the job done at an accurate and fair auto transport cost. Many companies can provide quotes, but few can give you a guarantee that your car shipment experience will be handled in a professional and stress-free manner. Unlike some companies, all of our prices include insurance coverage for your vehicle during transport. We offer full insurance coverage on both our open and enclosed trailers. Our enclosed trailer transports however provide the most protection for your vehicle during car transportation.

Enclosed auto transports are the most expensive option when compared to open transport. Both are safe, but an enclosed transport does provide the highest level of protection for the car during transport. As the customer, you will need to decide which is the better option for you as you identify your car moving needs.

At We Will Transport It Company we will always make sure that when we move a car for you, it will be done the right way. This is what makes our company different from the other car moving companies in the United States. As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in providing you with our down-to-earth award-winning service, while at the same time proving to you that your experience is important to us.

Ship my car across the country

If you need to ship a car from the west coast to the east coast we can handle that. We can also handle any transport in between. Our car moving company has the ability to move cars in all 50 states in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. We offer door-to-door service, which means that we come to your location and pick up your vehicle. As long as our driver can safely operate in the area that you are requesting your vehicle to be picked up from, we will come to your front door and load it.

If for some reason there are some restrictions and our trucks cannot get to your front door, we can meet you at a local parking lot or even a nearby street that is accessible. Once we arrive, our professional drivers will complete the necessary inspection and paperwork that DOT requires to move a car. Once the paperwork is complete and the inspection is done, we will load your vehicle and secure it for transport. Once our drivers have picked up all the vehicles in your area they will begin their route to the destination state. For example, if your car transport is going from New Jersey to California, then our drivers will pick up cars specific to this route. The same driver that picks up your vehicle in New Jersey will be the same driver that delivers in California. We do not switch drivers or trucks during the process.

We will also provide you with updates throughout the entire process. Once our drivers arrive in the delivery state, they will call you in advance to schedule the delivery of your vehicle. Once again, as long as the driver can safely get to your drop-off location we will deliver to the front door of your delivery location. Once we arrive we will unload the vehicle and complete another inspection to make sure that there were no issues during transport. And just like that, the car moving process is complete.

How to Transport My Car Using A Car Shipping Company?

The shipping process with We Will Transport It is the easiest and fastest in the industry. Moving a car with a car shipping company is actually quite simple when you choose the right company. The first thing you need to do is establish what your requirements will be for moving your car. You will need to provide some basic information on the car in order to begin the process, i.e. the year, make and model of the car being transported.

You will also need to know what city and state the car will be moved from and what city and state it will be transported to. You will also need to decide if you want the vehicle transported on an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Once you have that information you are ready to start researching car moving companies. You will at a minimum need to be able to give any car moving company you are considering this information so that they can provide you with an accurate quote.

Cross Country Car Shipping Costs

Moving a car across the county can be a simple process as long as the company handling your car transport knows what they are doing. The cost of moving a vehicle will vary based on several different factors. These factors include vehicle type, pickup location, drop-off location, and transport type. You will need to be able to provide our moving company with this information so that they can provide you with a quote.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car?

The easiest way to move a car is to plan. Car moving is not like booking an Uber service. In most cases, our drivers pre-advance their loads. This means they schedule their loads weeks in advance. The more advance notice you can give a car moving company, the better rate they’ll be able to provide. Waiting to the last minute to schedule transport for an immediate pickup is going to be way more expensive than scheduling in advance. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, you want the job done right and for a fair price.

The Best Way To Ship A Car?

If you need to move your car, be sure to look for a Trusted Auto Shipping Company that will be able to provide you with stellar customer service and of course, a very fast delivery.

Car Shipping is a very difficult process but you can make it a smooth process with We Will Transport It.

What is the best way to move a car? The best way is with We Will Transport It, call us to save time & money!

At We Will Transport It we offer the Best Auto Transportation Services in the industry, that is why if you need to ship your vehicle, we always provide the best shipping price/transport price, customer service, and fast and secure delivery. We are auto shippers providing nationwide and overseas transport and are located in South Florida.

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