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Boat Transportation

You will obtain the peace of mind that you deserve with our Boat Transport Service, secure boat shipping process nationwide or overseas & fast delivery!

Florida Boat Hauling Company

Our boat hauling services will fit with any boat owner’s needs, any size of boat and boat movers’ distance could be international or from state to state boat transport.

We are a boat interstate haulers company loading and unloading any size of boat in any place of the country or outside the country.

You will get the best boat transport cost for any type of boat and you will have boat safely transportation for your peace of mind.

The best boat transportation

Boat Transport with We Will Transport It. When you need to move your boat for whatever reason, We Will Transport It is there to help.

We represent the industry’s top transport companies and we will get you the best rates for boat shipping.

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It does not matter if you own the boat, are a manufacturer or a dealership. We can get the boat transported from Point A to Point B, no matter where both points are located. Our boat transport companies handle boat shipping all over the world.


How much does it cost to ship a boat? No single answer exists to that question because too many variables exist.

For instance, factors that affect the shipping cost are:

  • Size. Transport trucks can haul several small boats at once or one or two large boats. When several boats are shipped at once, the cost per boat goes down. If you are looking for a boat hauling near me, then trucks are the best option. Semi-trucks can go just about everywhere a passenger vehicle can go.
  • Weight. This is related to size. Transport trucks are limited in how much they can haul at one time. Shipping by rail does not have the same weight limits, but rail access is limited.
  • Location. Location matters because boat hauling near me is cheaper than hiring company hours or several states away. The nearby company travels less to get to you. We Will Transport It has boat hauling companies around the nation and one is certainly a boat transport near me.

We are the best Boat Transport Company in the US.

Boat Transport, We Will Transport It

Do you want to Ship a Boat to/from Florida?


Good question ?… Many factors and variables go into determining the cost of transporting a boat;

  1. Where is the boat located? At a marina, a storage yard, private individual residence, auction, etc…
  2. Do you have a trailer for the boat or would we be providing a trailer?
    1. If you have a trailer then we need to determine if;
    2. Is the trailer roadworthy to be towed by one of our professional haulers;
    3. Does it have good proper trailer tires, do the brakes work, is the wiring intact for lighting and do you need transport tags or is the trailer already registered and has a license plate.
    4. What size is the boat trailer? Length x Width x Height and Weight?
  3. If your boat has its own trailer and you were able to answer the above questions then what type of hitch do you have?

Boat Loading and Unloading…

Boats come in many various sizes, styles and configurations. The next question would be to determine the loading/unloading method, by using a marina lift or ramps for wet pickup or wet launches, or is the boat on a trailer already and you just want it transported by bumper pull? Also, what are your hull configuration and propulsion system? Outboards, I.O. s Shaft drive, Pods or Jet?

Lastly, will your boat require oversize Permits and Escorts to follow D.O.T. transport rules and regulations? Length, Width, Weight and Height are determining factors.


Takes great pride in helping you transport your boat domestically overland by truck or overseas internationally by ship. We will assist you in determining the best way to transport your boat by compiling data throughout your interview process.

DUE TO OUR BEAUTIFUL WEATHER CONDITIONS, FLORIDA MARINE TRANSPORT IS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND…unlike other parts of the country, We Will Transport your boat anywhere in the Sunshine State of Florida…
In summary, as you can see that Boat Transport Costs are calculated in many ways and during your interview process we will give you a prompt estimated cost just call us.


Of all the factors, distance has the most to do with the boat shipping cost. For instance, sending a boat from the west coast of Florida to the east coast is much less expensive than shipping that same boat from Florida to Rhode Island.

Before you move your boat, get bids. We Will Transport It looks for the best prices for your boat transport needs. You do not have to worry about how much does it cost to ship a boat because our rates are the best.


What is the cost to ship a boat? If you need to move a boat from one US coast to the other, going by land is certainly the least expensive option. Factor in the time as well. Say you are moving from one city to another on opposite sides of the country.

You don’t have time to pilot the boat down the coast to Central America, through the Panama Canal & back up to the US.
When you think about the cost to sail a boat through the Panama Canal, you also have to figure in fuel, meals, port taxes and even more. We Will Transport It eliminates all those extra expenses.


What is the difference between a boat and a yacht? The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) says, no hard and fast rule exists to mark the difference between a boat and a yacht. NADA has a quick guide to help you decide which is which.


For the boat transport companies, the difference does not matter. You call it a boat or a yacht.
We take care of shipping it. For larger yachts, the boat moving company may have to get special permits to transport it. That is not your concern. The transport company takes care of all the permits. You need to be ready to receive your yacht when it arrives at the destination.

In short, what is the difference between a boat and a yacht? You decide. Every yacht is a boat, but every boat is not a yacht.


What should you do to get your boat ready for moving? That is simple. Call We Will Transport It at 1-800-677-1196 or visit our website to send us a message. We have a few questions you need to answer about the size and location of your boat. We take it from there. We will send you a free quote.


You may ask ” should I shrink wrap my boat?” No. If your boat needs to be wrapped, the shipping company will take care of that.

What about storing items in the boat? Again, you may ask “should I shrink wrap my boat?” No is the answer again. Just let us know that other items will be stored in the boat for the move and the shipping company will take care of the boat wrapping.


Many people wonder how should firearms be transported in a boat. Ideally, you will not move the guns in the boat. It is best to arrange separate shipping for firearms. However, if you have to move guns with boats, this is how should firearms be transported in a boat.

  1. Unload the guns.
  2. Lock the action open. In the case of repeating firearms, open the action. With break-action firearms, open it. If you can break the gun down, that’s even better.
  3. Put the gun in a locked case. A TSA-approved case is best. The top hard cases are Pelican and SKB. Most of the cases from these companies have the added advantage of being watertight.
  4. Always put ammunition in a separate, locked container.
  5. Stow the case and ammo case in a secure part of the boat.


What else do you need to know about moving a boat? When you hire We Will Transport It, the only things you need to know are:

  • When and where the boat will be picked up for transport.
  • When and where you want the boat delivered.


We take care of the rest. We Will Transport It is the only boat transport near me you need. Let us know when it is time to move and we’ll take care of the rest.


We Will Transport It also ships cars, trucks, motorcycles & equipment. If it moves across the water or the land and it needs to get somewhere else quickly, We Will Transport It is there to get the move done right and on time.

If you are looking for the best boat Transport from/to Florida, click here.


We Will Transport It boat shipping company nationwide and overseas(international shipping), fully licensed and covered with our liability insurance, with years of experience and the best transport specialists in the United States.

Do you need the cost to ship boats across the country? Get a 10% to 20% discount by calling an Agent NOW! 1-800-677-1196

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