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Daniel SheffieldDaniel Sheffield
20:39 12 Sep 23
I purchased a tractor from one of those government websites. I attempted to pick it up using my truck and trailer, but the rear wheels on the tractor were too wide to fit between the trailer's wheel wells. So, I searched online for someone with a trailer that could help me. We Will Transport It came up in my search. I contacted them immediately. I was met with a friendly voice and explained my situation. In less than twenty minutes, the call taker notified me she had found two drivers who could help. For that, I am grateful for the services from We Will Transport It, and I highly recommend that if you find yourself in a bind, reach out to them for help.
Traci CapizziTraci Capizzi
23:38 07 Sep 23
From start to finish I was treated like family.. Tim the driver treated my home and everything I owned in it like it was his.. 600 miles not even a smudge on my fifth wheel.. 5 STARS ISN'T ENOUGH
Fabian PerchoFabian Percho
14:33 12 Aug 23
I've work with them and I had a good experience, everything was done timely and very professional.
Kaydeen SinclairKaydeen Sinclair
03:03 11 Aug 23
The experience I had with WWTI was beyond excellent I was able to have my veie transported from one to the other with absolutely nonproblem. I had the pleasure of working with representative Daniele who did a superb job in explaing and making sure that everything went well. Thank you so much for a great transition…….Kay
Quentin BastianQuentin Bastian
02:27 11 Aug 23
Fast and efficient. They do whatever it takes to get your shipment where and when you need it. Vanessa worked tirelessly to get the items shipped. Even cross country for an affordable price.
Got_ Your_SixGot_ Your_Six
22:30 10 Aug 23
We will transport made my experience easy from pickup to delivery, great communication from the get go. Delivery was made ahead of time I will definitely use We will transport again in the future. 5 star service at an affordable price.
07:02 10 Aug 23
I hired this company to transport a tractor 150 miles and was willing to pay his asking price for the timeframe he promised. He is a complete coward named Art that works there. Bottom line I wired them the money and the sent some halfassed driver out to pickup the tractor with a trailer rated for 9500 lbs. I told this genius art it was 13k lbs so I don’t get how that even happened. So after that he tries to tell me that the steering was the problem but again I told him the power steering was out but like all backhoes you can steer with independent rear brakes. So I end up saying okay fine just give me my money back. He promises a full refund and yup he did not come through on that one either.I can’t understand why they employ such an obvious liar. There is no way this is an isolated incident. He has all of those trademark characteristics of a pathological liar. Like radio silence rather than dealing with the hole you dug for you and your company. It will be interesting to see how your company reacts by the end of next week. All that had to happen was that you give me back my $1200 for failing to do what you promised.Oh and btw for anyone at “We will transport it” that feels I’m not telling the whole story or I misstated the facts.etc… the very first truck dispatched from U-Ship picked the tractor up and had it to me within less than 4-1/2 hours from when he picked it up. He charged me $650I promise you this, you will piss the wrong person off one day by breaking promises like this and not refunding the money adding insult to monetary damages.If you doubt anything I’ve said I’m more than happy to supply the name of the broker and the actual driver who came through. Pics are the tractor after it was driven off the trailer.
Mike S.Mike S.
13:25 02 Aug 23
It’s unfortunate that some people had a negative experience, but I had my boat hauled from south Jersey to Long Island and had a great experience. I dealt with Andy who was very responsive. I executed the contract with WWTI around noon and had my boat by around 11:30pm that same day without any issues. I shopped several hauling companies, all of which were at least 5 days out from being able to pick up the boat. WWTI also came in at the lowest price. Strongly recommend this company.

How boat shipping works

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Boat transport processPickup

Boat Shipping processBoat shipping

Boat Shipping processDelivery

Reliable Boat Shipping Company

5 Star Boat Transport Company in the US for quality hauling. We provide stress-free nationwide boat shipping and on-time delivery for local and long distances.

We are the best Boat Transport Company in the US.

Boat Transport, We Will Transport It

Shipping A Boat To Florida?

Examples of boat transport pricing that are not on a trailer.

Smaller Boats

LengthBeanHeightWeightShort distance and costLong distance and cost
23′ to 26′8.6 to 9.56ft to 8ft4,000 lbs to 7,000 lbs500 miles to 800 miles, Cost $2.25 to $3.00 per mile1,300 miles to 3,000 miles, Cost $2.00 to $2.27 per mile

Medium Size boats

LengthBeanHeightWeightShort distance and costLong distance and cost
27′ to 32′10′ to 11′9′ to 11′10 to 15 thousand lbs500 to 1,000 miles cost $3.75 to $5.00 per mile1,300 to 3,200 miles, $3.50 to $4.50 per mile

Larger Vessels

LengthBeanHeightWeightShort distance and costLong distance and cost
33′ to 44′12′ to 14′2′ to 14′16,000 to 22,000 lbs500 miles to 1,000 miles Price $9.00 to $18.00 per mile1,200 miles to 3,000 miles $7.00 to $15.00 per mile


Whether you own the boat, represent a manufacturer, or represent a dealership, it doesn’t matter. As well as delivering from the Northeast, we provide to the West Coast. It does not matter where the boat is located; we can transport it from Point A to Point B. Worldwide, we have boat transport drivers that handle boat shipping.

Best Certified Boat Transport Company

What kind of insurance do we have?

Our drivers have standard insurance of two hundred and fifty thousand. We can also add additional insured and have your name put on the insurance as a certificate holder.


How much does it cost to ship a boat? No answer exists because too many variables exist.

For instance, factors that affect the shipping cost are:

  • Size. Transport trucks can haul several small boats or one or two large ones simultaneously. When several boats are shipped simultaneously, the cost per boat decreases. Trucks are the best option if you are looking for a boat hauling near me. Semi-trucks can go just about everywhere a passenger vehicle can go.
  • Weight. This is related to size. Transport trucks are limited in how much they can haul at one time. Shipping by rail does not have the same weight limits, but rail access is limited.
  • Location. Location matters because boat hauling near me is cheaper than hiring company hours or several states away. The nearby company travels less to get to you. We Will Transport It has boat hauling companies nationwide, and one is undoubtedly a boat transport near me.


Are you looking for the Best Boat Transport Companies in the US? We are the Best Boat Transport Company in South Florida and Nationwide. Get the best Boat Shipping Quote in the industry! Top 3 Certified Boat Transport Company in the US. Boat Shipping Company in South Florida. We have the best Boat Shipping Cost in the sector nationwide and overseas.


You will obtain the peace of mind that you deserve with our Boat Transport Service, a secure boat shipping process nationwide or overseas & fast delivery! Our experienced staff will ensure your belongings are properly and safely loaded in the boat. We will also provide you with a detailed quote of all costs involved. We guarantee that your boat will be delivered in perfect condition.


Good question. Many factors and variables go into determining the cost of transporting a boat;

  1. Where is the boat located? At a marina, a storage yard, a private individual residence, an auction, etc.…
  2. Do you have a trailer for the boat, or would we be providing one?
    • If you have a trailer, then we need to determine if;
    • Is the trailer roadworthy to be towed by one of our professional haulers;
    • Does it have good, proper trailer tires? Do the brakes work? Is the wiring intact for lighting, and do you need transport tags, or is the trailer already registered and has a license plate?
    • What size is the boat trailer? Length x Width x Height and Weight?
  3. If your boat has its trailer and you could answer the above questions, what type of hitch do you have?


Boats come in various sizes, styles, and configurations. The next question would be to determine the loading/unloading method by using a marina lift or ramps for wet pickup or wet launches or is the boat on a trailer already, and you want it transported by bumper pull? Also, what are your hull configuration and propulsion system? Outboards, I.O. s Shaft drive, Pods, or Jet?

Lastly, will your boat require oversized Permits and Escorts to follow D.O.T. transport rules and regulations? Length, Width, Weight and Height are determining factors.


Takes great pride in helping you transport your boat domestically overland by truck or overseas internationally by ship. We will assist you in determining the best way to transport your boat by compiling data throughout your interview process.

DUE TO OUR BEAUTIFUL WEATHER CONDITIONS, FLORIDA MARINE TRANSPORT IS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND…unlike other parts of the country, We Will Transport your boat anywhere in the Sunshine State of Florida.

In summary, as you can see, Boat Transport Costs are calculated in many ways, and during your initial phone call, we will give you a prompt estimated cost; call us.


Distance has the most to do with the boat shipping cost of all the factors. For instance, sending a boat from the west coast of Florida to the east coast is much less expensive than shipping that same boat from Florida to Rhode Island. Get bids Before you move your boat. We Will Transport It looks for the best prices for your boat transport needs. You do not have to worry about how much it costs to ship a boat because our rates are the best.


What is the boat shipping cost? If you need to move a vessel from one US coast to another, transporting by land is the least expensive option. Make sure you factor in time as well. Say you are moving from one city to another on opposite sides of the country; the miles your vessel is going will always affect your shipping cost.

Best Boat Transport Company in the US

Get rid of this. You don’t have time to pilot the boat down the coast to Central America, through the Panama Canal & back up to the US.

When you think about the cost of sailing a boat through the Panama Canal, you also have to figure in fuel, meals, port taxes and even more. We Will Transport It eliminates all those extra expenses.


Shipping a boat has many variables. Having flexibility for a carrier to coordinate a delivery where your boat is being picked up will save you costs and ensure the vessel gets picked up before you pay an extra month for your boat slip.


  • What should you do to get your boat ready for moving?

    If the marina and your driver have yet to agree on a pickup date, only schedule the boat lift once your driver has confirmed that date. Make sure all loose items are secured and strapped down to the vessel. If the boat is on a trailer, ensure all the tires have air and the wheel bearings are greased. Having a spare tire is always advised.


    This is all the customer’s preference. When traveling a long dispatch haul, dirt, snow, and debris can get the boat dirty. There is always a chance of a rock hitting the driver’s tire and damaging the ship. It’s not much of a concern during the summer, but it’s highly recommended during the winter.

  • Can I transport a boat that is on blocks or stands?

    If your vessel is on blocks or stands, we can transport it, but we will need a hydraulic boat trailer, which is very expensive. The other option is a boat hauler with a crew with knowledge and experience. It may take several hours for this process to be completed.

  • How much will a boat hauler charge to wet launch my boat in the water?

    Wet launching your boat will cost you three to five hundred dollars since these are commercial trailers and marines generally charge a fee to lift your vessel onto the trailer.


When looking for a company to haul your boat near you, check their years in business and if they are credited with the BBB. We Will Transport IT has over fifteen years of moving boats without trailers and vessels already on trailers.

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Boat transport company in Florida

Bill in the boat division received a call to haul a Formula 430 Super Sport from Pompano Beach, Fl 33064, to Marina 59 in Arverne, NY. The customer only had four days to get it out of their slip before they would incur another month of fees. We coordinated with the Marina to have it lifted onto our trailer on Wednesday and had it delivered in New York on Friday evening. The total price, with permits, was $8,250.00. For all your boat shipping needs, give us a call at 877-330-0051.

Boat Transport Company in South Florida

2008 Pursuit 315 offshore 32 ft 10.8 beam 12,000 lbs, From Gloucester, MATo: Jacksonville, FL

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