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When you need to move your boat from/to North Carolina, We Will Transport It is there to help.
You’ll get the best boat shipping prices from us because we represent the industry’s top boat transportation companies.

Below are examples of prices to shipping boats to and from North Carolina:

What is the Price to move a boat from North Carolina?

From ToMilesShipping Quote
Shipping a Boat from Randleman, North Carolina to Mineral, Virginia233 Miles$1,475
Boat Transport from Scranton, North Carolina to Austin, Texas1,479 Miles$6,200
Boat Hauling from Burlington, North Carolina to Portland, Oregon2,810 Miles9,750
Shipping a boat from Newport, North Carolina, to Seattle, Washington3,009 Miles$10,950
Boat Shipping from Cornelius, North Carolina to Discovery Bay, California2,683 Miles$8,450

* Cost may vary depending on the size of the boat, the driver, the time of the year, and the price of diesel gas. Contact one of our local dispatchers for a more accurate quotation 877-330-0051.

What is the cost of shipping a boat to North Carolina?

From ToMilesBoat Shipping Quote
Boat Transport from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to New Bern, North Carolina846 Miles$2,250
Boat Shipping from Mooresville, North Carolina, to Arverne, New York618 Miles$1,875
Boat Hauling from White Stone, Virginia, to Stokesdale, North Carolina281 Miles$1,398
Boat Shipping from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, to Norwalk, Connecticut631 Miles$1,900
Boat Transport Fort Myers, Florida to Troutman, North Carolina731 Miles$2,150

* The shipment cost fluctuates depending on diesel gas, the time of the year, the trailer being used, and the driver on the job. Examples above are previous jobs for boats that were 28ft to 35 ft long; prices may vary. Contact your dispatcher for an accurate quote at 877-330-0051

We are the best Boat Transport Company in North Carolina.

Boat Transport, We Will Transport It

Shipping A Boat To Florida?

Boat Transport North Carolina

With a substantial length of Atlantic coastline and a climate heavily influenced by the ocean, North Carolina is a haven for boaters of many kinds. From those who want to brave the Graveyard of the Atlantic to those who are looking for a more casual boating experience, boats and yachts along the coastline and coastal plains are often used for both work and play.

5 powerful engine in the back of a boat, being transported on Seal boat trailer, Boat Transport North Carolina

When someone is moving to or from the area, using boat transport in North Carolina takes much of the hassle of relocation with a yacht or boat. At We Will Transport It, we have years of experience in relocating boats from North Carolina to a myriad of locations and back.

Boat Shipping North Carolina

We Will Transport It is a fully licensed and bonded vehicle shipping company with five-star ratings. We have experience transporting vessels domestically and internationally and understand how to take every precaution possible to get your yacht or boat to its next destination. We also frequently work with manufacturers who are delivering boats to their new owners.

5 powerful engine in the back of a boat, being transported on Seal boat trailer, Boat Transport North Carolina

With boat shipping in North Carolina, you have the flexibility you need in your travel, whether you’re moving for good or heading on a long vacation.

Boat Transport Companies in North Carolina

North Carolina has several river basins as well as distinct segments of the Atlantic coastline. From Albemarle Sound and Cape Hatteras to the river basins of the Blue Ridge Mountains, vessels are used in North Carolina to fish, pleasure boat, and tour. They may be used strictly for pleasure, or boats and yachts may be a key part of small business entrepreneurship.

When you contact We Will Transport It for a free quote on boat shipping in North Carolina, we ask that you have certain information handy to make the quote process smoother and more accurate. Please have:

  • Your boat’s precise dimensions, including height, width, length, and weight
  • The exact addresses of both the pickup and drop-off locations.

North Carolina Boat Haulers

When you are going to be looking for a North Carolina Boat Haulers Company, to accurately quote your shipping cost, there are several factors we must consider, including:

  • What the weather conditions are likely to be like at the time of transport
  • What regulations must be met or licenses must be obtained to transport the vessel
  • What carrier is most appropriate to transport the vessel
  • Will the vessel be delivered internationally or domestically

By carefully weighing these factors, we can make sure that our quote is transparent and understandable.

Boat moving North Carolina

When you need a Boat moving to North Carolina, either because you’re moving into or out of the state, save yourself a lot of frustration by hiring We Will Transport It to ship your boat for you. Instead of fighting with a hitch or mapping waterways, you can relax and plan the rest of your trip.

Manufacturers can hand over vessels without worrying about what will happen next with them. Visit We Will Transport It today to get a free quote, either by phone or through our website contact form, and make sure your next boat shipping experience is a pleasant one.


How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Boat in North Carolina?

It depends on the season, the size of your boat, and other factors on how much your boat will cost to transport. It’s typical to pay between $3.55 and $5.00 per mile if your beam width is over 12 feet.

You will have to pay less for a mile if your boat is smaller. Approximately $2.50 is the average cost per mile for boat transport.

Recent Boat Transport jobs by We Will Transport It

Boat Transport North Carolina

2018 Center Console regulator transported from Florida to North Carolina

The 2018 Center Console regulator was hauled from Boca Raton to Ocracoke, North Carolina. The customer bought the vessel for fishing and was super excited. We hauled it with a GMC 2500 Sierra. Total transit time was three days, and the final price was $4,250.00.

 Boat Transport North Carolina

Shipping a World Cat Boat from North Carolina to California

We received a call from a customer looking to purchase a World Cat. After giving them the quote, they had to call back after the sea trial to finalize the deal. Four days later, the customer explained the boat did not run well and decided to buy a Grady White. The vessel was located at Nags Head and delivered to Los Angeles, California. The driver took seven days to deliver, and the total cost was $8,475.00.

A 2022 Regal LS6 Boat Transport from Minnesota to North Carolina

A 2022 Regal LS6 Boat was transported without a trailer from Minneapolis, MN 55419, to Cornelius, NC 28031. Our driver, Zach, handled the delivery. He picked up the boat on 3/15/2024 and successfully delivered it on 3/19/2024. The cost of the transportation service was $4,800. If you require similar shipping services, you can contact Zach directly at 954-317-0538.

Boat Transport North Carolina

Boat Transport North Carolina

Boat Transport North Carolina

Boat Transport North Carolina

North Carolina Facts

There are four states: North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and the Atlantic Ocean. As visitors travel across North Carolina, they will see three distinct regions characterized by three different landscapes.

In the western region of the state, the Appalachian Mountains cover the most extensive mountain range in the eastern U.S. These mountains reach up to 1,000 feet above sea level on some peaks.
You can find the Piedmont region in the middle of the state. This plateau lies between the mountains and the coastal plains, like a mountain whose top has been chopped off. Water flows over rapids and through waterfalls in this region.

You’ll hear gulls once you reach the east! There are primarily flat lands in the coastal plain, which leads to the Atlantic Ocean in the east. This region is home to beaches, swamps, and longleaf pines.

Most Popular Dealerships that sell boats and yachts in North Carolina

  • Coral Bay Marina Yacht Sales (252) 247-4231
  • Riggs Yacht Sales (910) 679-4988
  • Grand Slam Consignment Boat Sales (252) 622-4421

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