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As a 5-star boat transport company based in Maine, we specialize in international boat shipping. Being located in Maine, we comprehend the pleasure of boating along the state’s 230 miles of coastline and its numerous stunning inland lakes and rivers. Many individuals relocate to Maine to relish the rural scenery, immerse themselves in the ambiance, and reside near the Atlantic Ocean.

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Suppose you are considering relocating to Maine or planning a recreational visit and owning a pleasure marine vessel or a boat that is crucial to your livelihood. In such instances, bringing it along may be a consideration. Nevertheless, transporting a boat over such distances can present substantial challenges. As Maine boat haulers, step in to guarantee the secure and efficient delivery of your boat to your preferred location.

What are the costs and distances of shipping a boat from Maine?

From ToMilesShipping Quote
Shipping a boat from Southwest Harbor, ME, 04679 to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 333121,748 Miles$7,650
Boat transport from Portland, ME, 04101 to Chocowinity, North Carolina, 2781829 miles$2,500
Hauling a boat from Yarmouth, ME, 04096 to New Holland, Ohio, 43145922 Miles$72,989
Moving a boat from Saco, ME, 04072 to Sister Bay, Wisconsin, 542341,345 Miles$6,350
Boat shipping from Norway, ME, 04268 to Detroit, Michigan 48203773 Miles$2,275

* The price may vary depending on weight, loading and unloading, and the cost of diesel fuel.

Maine Boat Shipping Specialists

Boat Transport Maine

The transportation of a boat from Maine to another state may appear straightforward, but it presents several challenges. While some individuals may contemplate attaching a trailer to their vehicle or navigating through waterways, both options entail drawbacks. Depending on the boat’s size, it may exceed the capacity for personal vehicles to transport it. Even if transporting the vessel via a trailer is feasible, driving is a more manageable option for inexperienced drivers. Additionally, there exists a risk of damage to the hauling vehicle if the trailer is not secured correctly. Hence, it is imperative to carefully consider these factors before determining the most suitable mode of transportation for your boat.

Affordable Maine Boat Haulers Company

As a reputable Maine Boat Shipping Company, We Will Transport It recognizes the challenges associated with boat transportation. While embarking on a watercourse voyage may seem appealing, it necessitates thorough planning and preparation. Boat owners are required to secure the necessary permits and licenses for each state along the route, and not all vessels are suited for this type of journey.

At We Will Transport It, we aim to streamline the process by offering the most competitive shipping quote in the industry. The safety and prompt transportation of your boat. Through our reliable services, you can relax and savor the journey without any apprehensions about the logistical aspects involved.

To get an accurate quote from us, make sure to have some specific information available when you call or use the online form. Make sure you know:

  • The exact dimensions of your boat, including the height, length, width, and weight. This determines how much space is needed on the shipping vehicle.
  • The dates of transport for your boat, including pick up and drop off. This helps us determine the likely weather conditions during the shipping period.
  • While we are primarily a domestic shipping company, we can ship boats internationally. This service depends on the water conditions and harbor availability in the destination country.

If you seek a dependable and effective solution for transporting your boat or yacht from one location to another, our team of transportation specialists at We Will Transport It is ready to assist you with your boat transport requirements in Maine. Avoid the frustration and inconvenience of managing the logistics independently and entrust our team of professionals to handle the task for you. Feel free to visit our website or contact us by phone to receive a complimentary quote. While we safely transport your boat to its destination, you can concentrate on the remainder of your vacation or relocation.

shipping container movers faqs

How many days does it take to haul a boat from Maine to Florida?

When transporting a boat from Maine to Florida, it is essential to note that the journey typically spans three to five days. However, it is imperative to consider the potential impact of factors such as traffic, weather conditions, fuel costs, and the time of year.

Can I store items in my boat when a paid transporter hauls them?

Please be advised that items can be stored on your boat; however, it is essential to ensure that they are adequately secured and strapped down. Please note that Boat Transporters cannot be held liable for any items that become dislodged during the shipping process.

How much does it cost to haul a 32-foot boat, not on a trailer from Maine, that is going a thousand miles?

When transporting a 32 ft boat from Maine, the driver’s fee typically ranges from three to five dollars per mile for trips exceeding one thousand miles. This rate is subject to variation based on the cost of diesel fuel and the specific pickup and delivery locations.

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Recent Boat Transport jobs by us to or from Maine

In 2024, a Neo 430 Roma Sailboat, which is 42.8 feet long, 13.4 feet wide, and 9.10 feet tall and weighs 11,000 lbs, was shipped from Portland, ME, to Waukegan, IL. The sailboat, originally from Italy, arrived at the port and needed to be picked up within three days to avoid storage charges. The sailboat was retrieved from a local truck station. The total distance covered during transportation was 1,164 miles, and the final cost, which included permits and escorts, amounted to $12,500.00.

 Boat Transport Maine

 Boat Transport Maine

 Boat Transport Maine

Boat job completed from Jekyll Island, Georgia to Portland, Maine

Boat job completed from Jekyll Island, Georgia to Portland, Maine

We transported a center console boat from the marina to a private dock for the customer. The entire process took four days, primarily due to a four-hour delay at the marina while they prepared the boat for shipment. The total cost of the consignment amounted to $4,700.

Boat Transport Maine with We Will Transport It

Hauling vessel job completed from Brick Township, New Jersey to Kennebunkport, Maine.

Dan was contracted to transport a boat on a trailer equipped with a two-inch ball and hitch. Our team dispatched the Ford F 350 to the client’s residence, promptly secured the trailer, and completed the delivery within a single day. The comprehensive fee amounted to $1,290, encompassing taxes, tolls, and insurance.

Boat Transport in Maine Facts

The following are some facts about boat transport in Maine:

  • Permits: You need special permission from the government to move any boat that’s wider than 8 feet and 6 inches. You can request this permission online or by sending a fax, but it’s essential to apply at least one day before you plan to move the boat. Some cities and busy areas may need extra permission as well.
  • Escorts: Please note that any vessel with a width of more than 12 feet requires an escort for safe navigation. In addition, vessels with a width of over 16 feet require a police escort to ensure safe and lawful passage.
  • Height restrictions: It is important to note that any loads that exceed the legal height of 13 feet and 6 inches must be reduced to this height before being transported. This is a requirement to ensure safe and legal transportation of goods.
  • Travel restrictions: State and federal holidays may have travel restrictions.
  • Boat transport services: Boat owners in Maine who need transport services can rely on certified professionals who know how to move their vessels safely and without damage. These services are available for both recreational and commercial boaters. It’s important to note that some state and federal holidays may affect travel restrictions.

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