Boat Transport Maine

With more than 230 miles of coastline and number of picturesque inland lakes and rivers, boating in Maine is a true joy. Those moving to Maine often do so to enjoy the rural landscape, enjoy the atmosphere, and get close to the Atlantic ocean. Those who own pleasure marine vessels or boats that are part of their livelihood may want to bring them along when they move to or vacation in Maine. Hauling a boat that far, however, can be a real hassle.

Enter We Will Transport It. We are a five star vehicle shipping company that specializes in heavy load hauling. Let us handle your boat transport Maine and make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting yourself to your destination.

On the surface, hauling a boat to another state might not sound like too much of an issue. Most people think of either hitching a trailer to their car or truck and making the drive, or charting a course through waterways in order to get where they’re going. While either of these might be possible, both of them have significant drawbacks.

Some boats are too big to be hauled by personal vehicles. Others will make driving so unwieldy that it’s difficult for anyone who isn’t a professional driver. There’s also a risk of damage to the hauling vehicle if the trailer is hitched incorrectly.

And while charting a water course sounds like a fantastic trip, it is often much more involved than it sounds. Boaters must make sure they have the right permits and licenses for every state they travel through, and not all boats are well suited for this type of trip.

It’s so much easier to let We Will Transport It just take care of your boat transport Maine needs.

To get an accurate quote from us, make sure to have some specific information available when you call or use the online form. Make sure you know:

  • The exact dimensions of your boat, including the height, length, width, and weight. This determines how much space is needed on the shipping vehicle.
  • The dates of transport for your boat, including pick up and drop off. This helps us determine the likely weather conditions during the shipping period.
  • While we are primarily a domestic shipping company, we do have the ability to ship boats internationally. This service depends on the water conditions and harbor availability in the destination country.

Don’t get yourself frustrated and tangled up in knots trying to figure out how to get your boat or yacht from one location to another. Let the transportation specialists at We Will Transport It handle your boat transport Maine so that you can get back to planning the rest of your vacation or move. Visit us online or give us a call to get a free quote.

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