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Heavy Load Transporters – Oversize Hauling

Need assistance with hauling oversize loads? When it comes to oversize hauling, We Will Transport It can transport any oversized, overweight service vehicle or truck inside the continental U.S. or Canada. Service vehicles and heavy equipment for any local government, municipality or corporate dealer can easily be moved by our professional heavy load transporters.

Hauling Oversize Loads

heavy load transporters hauling oversized loadsOnce we have the proper dimensions, weight, height, length and width, the pickup and delivery location, our oversize hauling specialist then will get the best route for service truck transport, get all state and federal permits necessary to be in compliant with all DOT regulations. We will then ship oversize vehicle properly and effectively.

Depending on the dimensions of the vehicle, we can transport the vehicle using a Low Boy, Step-Deck, or Flat-bed carrier. If the vehicle is too large to transport, then we can do a Drive-Away. All of our drivers are fully 100% Licensed, Bonded and Insured with a clean 10 year MVR record.

Our dispatch department will keep in constant communication with our drivers to make sure that your oversized equipment arrives safe and delivery will be in a reasonable time frame considering traffic and weather.

Here is a list of vehicles we can drive away or transport:

oversize hauling hauling oversized loads

  • Airline Ground Support Equipment
  • Buses of all types (commercial or school)
  • Delivery Vans and Ambulances
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • SWAT Units
  • Fire Trucks
  • Heavy and Light Duty Trucks
  • Mobile Cranes and Concrete Pumps
  • Motor Homes
  • Straight Trucks
  • Tractor and Tractor-Trailer Combinations
  • Utility Trucks and much more!

If you need to ship oversize vehicle — our pros can help! Ask for one of our oversize hauling specialists to make sure your vehicle get safely picked up and delivered.

Hauling Oversize Loads, 1-877-880-5991