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    At We Will Transport It we understand how important your car is to you. You can be confident that it will be in safe hands with us. We are trusted and relied upon as one of the best car hauling companies in the country.


    Car Transport Services with We Will Transport It

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    Best Car Transport Services | Do You Have Cars For Transport?Our car transportation services are the only way to save time and money.  We offer the cheapest auto shipping quotes in the industry, and our Door to Door vehicle transport is recommended for all our customers. You can check this in our Google reviews with more than 290 Five Stars reviews and counting.

    We Will Transport It will take care of your Vehicle Shipping needs!


    We ship cars around the world with our International Vehicle Transport Team, which specializes in fast car delivery.

    Do you have a car for transport?

    At We Will Transport It, you will get the best auto shipping quote when you are looking for the best price to transport your vehicle and will get up to a 20% off discount if you call NOW!

    We guarantee our Auto Transportation Service is one of the best in the industry and our auto shipping quotes are the most competitive!

    Do you need vehicle transport services?

    We Will Transport It is rated #1 in Vehicle Shipping and continually ranks as one the best vehicle transport companies in South Florida. We can Ship Cars Cross Country, Nationwide and even offer International Car Shipping. We have gained valuable experience shipping cars while working alongside countless dealerships during the 30 plus years we’ve been involved in the automobile shipping industry. We can ship cars anywhere; across the country or internationally. Transporting Cars: It’s What We Do!

    Best Car Transport Services | Do You Have Cars For Transport?

    Auto Shipping with We Will Transport It couldn’t be easier. Whether you finally purchased that exotic vehicle you’ve always wanted or you’re planning to move the entire family across the country; shipping a vehicle as opposed to driving it can save you a ton of hassle, time, and most importantly, money. At We Will Transport It, we help connect you with the best vehicle transport services in the industry all in one place. Simply enter some basic data about your vehicle including the year, make and model and the pickup and drop off location and within minutes you’ll begin receiving the best auto shipping quotes available. All you have to do then is pick the one that works best for you to get your vehicle transported.


    At We Will Transport It, we usually receive a considerable amount of questions about shipping cars, the do’s and don’ts, and the logistics needed for the entire process.

    As your auto shipper, we are happy to provide the answers to any questions you may have.

    Unlike any other shipping-based service, We Will Transport It has flexible pricing. The cost varies depending on the individual’s needs and the demands of the customer.

    It’s important to consider the variables such as the location of both the pickup and delivery, open or enclosed methods of shipping, and the type of vehicle, just to name a few.

    Choose from our database of hundreds of licensed and bonded car transport carriers.

    We provide reliable Vehicle Transportation services you can count on. We are also an International Car Shipping Company! Whether you are moving from one state to another due to a job transfer or a change of scenery, We Will Transport It has over 30 years of auto shipping experience covering all 50 States including Alaska and Hawaii.

    Best Car Transport Services | Do You Have Cars For Transport?

    Now the most important thing to remember about transporting cars is location, location, location! The cost to ship your vehicle will be based on the following factors that a car transportation specialist will assess:

    • Year, make and model of vehicle
    • The distance from pickup to delivery
    • Time of year (winter, summer, spring, fall)
    • Open or Enclosed Transports
    • Space and availability of the carriers
    • Cost of diesel gas

    Year, Make and Model

    For example, the cost to transport a car, such as a 2000 Honda Civic from Florida to New York in June will be the same cost as a 2014 Honda Civic going the same route. Some customers think, due to erroneous information that the older the vehicle is, the cheaper the car shipping cost will be. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

    Keep in mind that both vehicles will take up the same space on the car carrier, regardless of age. Now using the same route, if you have a 2000 Lincoln Town car and a 2000 Honda Civic, the Civic will cost considerably cheaper than the Lincoln simply because of the size, weight, and space on the carrier each vehicle will require.

    The Distance

    The cost for transporting a car (or ANY vehicle) will be on a cents-per-mile based on location. There is NO FLAT FEE ACROSS THE BOARD. Brokers do not determine the cost, the carrier/driver does. The cents-per-mile fee is determined by the driver/carrier. This cost is per vehicle on a carrier and has to cover the overhead cost associated to transport any vehicle.

    The overhead each carrier/driver must cover are:

    • Fuel Cost
    • Taxes, Tolls, Weigh Station Fees
    • Insurance (per vehicle)

    Time of Year (Seasons)

    This is very important when transporting cars. For example, if you are in the North (Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, etc) and are looking to transport your car/pickup truck to Florida between September-January (winter/snow-bird), keep in mind that you will be competing against about 200,000 other individuals who will need their vehicles shipped as well.

    This WILL drive up the price simply because the numbers of vehicles that need to be shipped outnumber the available carriers running the route. Now if you need auto shipping on a specific date and delivered on a specific date, this too will spike the cost, again to the limited availability.

    It is best to pre-advance your request giving our agents here at We Will transport It is the best opportunity to take care of your transportation needs by pre-advancing your orders months in advance and we have Cheap Car Shipping prices.

    Shipping a Car – Open or Enclosed

    Exotic Car Transportation, Best Exotic Car Transport CompaniesIn-car shipping, the main difference between Open Car Shipping vs Enclosed Auto Transport is insurance. Open transport vehicles have a $100,000.00 policy per vehicle while Enclosed Auto transport has a $1,000,000.00 policy per vehicle. Generally, open transportation usually transports high-end sport/luxury cars that are generally worth $100,000.00 or more. Enclosed car transport will only have room for 2 to 3 cars max. Enclosed Auto Transports or Enclosed Trailers also are climate controlled and they keep the vehicles protected from the elements. Open carriers are open to the weather and the elements but are just as safe and reliable but they will also carry up to 10 cars at one time generally worth well under $100,000.00.

    For information and requirements for truck and bus drivers click on Federal Motor Carrier Safety

    Best Auto Transport Companies

    Looking for an auto transport company can be hard. There are so many options. There are so many different car transport companies. These car shipping companies all offer different options and services. You will find some that are exclusive to private transport companies and service only private customers.

    Automobile transport companies, Automobile transport services, Auto transport services near me, American auto transport customer serviceThen there are car corporate transportation services that handle companies and dealerships. No matter what you need there is a car shipping company waiting to meet your needs. And they will all claim to have the best transport costs.

    Open Transport Car Shipping

    The American auto transport industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Every company out there will claim to be the best car shipping company. As a customer, you have to make sure that you are researching the companies that you may use. Auto Shipping works well when you find a company that works best for you.

    The majority of transports are done by car transport trucks that have open trailers. This simply means that the trailer that is being used for transport is not enclosed and the car is fully exposed during transport.

    Automobile Transport Services

    Some customers think that the best car shipping company will always provide a cheap quote. This is a service industry and you get what you pay for. If you get a price that is too good to be true it’s a good chance that it is.

    Auto transport companies, Auto Transport Service, Automobile transport, Best Auto Transport Companies

    Although companies can provide you with options for the cheapest way to ship your vehicle, keep in mind that shipping a car is not a cheap process. What sets our company apart from others is that we are dedicated to getting the job done.

    Enclosed Car Transport Service

    When your car needs additional insurance during transport you will want to use an enclosed trailer. These enclosed trailers, rather hard side or soft side, will protect your car during transport. Enclosed trailers are very expensive when compared to open transports.

    But if you need additional insurance or protection then enclosed car transport is the way to go. If you are asking how much does it cost to ship a vehicle on an enclosed transport here is a simple answer. It usually costs about 3 times more than an open trailer to ship a car in an enclosed trailer.

    Classic Car Transport

    If you need to ship a classic car then we would recommend that you use an enclosed trailer. This will protect the condition of the vehicle much better than an open trailer. We have customers who relocate their classic cars to other states.

    Automobile transport companies, Automobile transport services, Auto transport services near me, American auto transport customer service

    We even have a Hawaii car shipping team that can assist you with getting your classic car to any Hawaiian island. Don’t be fooled by companies that have fancy names like “car transport inc.” And we certainly recommend that you never use a car transport u-haul to ship your classic car. Let us handle your expensive car transport for you.


    Enclosed Carrier with one beautiful orange vehicle inside and the We Will Transport It logo. we are car shippers


    The best auto transport company is the one that will give you a realistic car shipment quote and the best customer service, while at the same time, offering you a fast, safe and reliable process for all your automobile transportation needs. We Will Transport It is the cheapest way to ship your car and we are a 5-star company with 49,148 positives reviews and counting. Your vehicle transport service will vary based on the experience and professionalism of the company you choose.


    The cheapest auto shipping service is when you utilize open transport versus enclosed transport. Although, this method will save you money it is less secure than using an enclosed transport. We can offer you several shipping services for your car and we will always promise you a fair and honest rate.

    Multi Auto Shipping using a five automobiles carrier trailers on a red and white truck, we are Car Shippers

    Open carrier with ten automobiles trailer ready to be transport, we are Car Shippers


    If you need to ship your vehicle and need a realistic price call We Will Transport It. Depending on the distance, time of the year, current gas prices, transport preference (open or enclosed), and additional taxes, tolls and/or fees, shipping costs can vary greatly. Our A+ Rated car shippers will always exceed your expectations. You should never trust your car transportation services to just any company. Always research the company and make an informed decision. In the event that the specific vehicle transport service you want is unavailable, move on to another company. A company that has limited options or cannot meet your specific needs will end up being a disaster if you compromise.


    Our company will always try to provide you with the best vehicle transport experience possible always striving to meet your expectations. When you begin to compare Car Transport Services it will become evident that our company offers the most options and best pricing. Because we have such a large fleet, we can continually keep our prices down due to the large volume of vehicles we transport. Our wide range of Auto Transportation Services can be customized so you get exactly what you need and require for your transport.

    Car Transport service, open car carriers

    We have Car Shippers available nationwide and overseas:

    • California Car Shippers
    • Ship a car to/from Florida
    • New York Cars Transportation Services
    • Texas Car Shippers Nationwide & Overseas
    • Michigan Car Shippers
    • International Auto Shipping Company
    • Kansas Auto Transport and Heavy Haul
    • Montana Car Shippers
    • Auto Shipping Miami
    • Transport vehicle service San Antonio, Texas

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