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Do you have cars for transport? We Will Transport It is the Best Vehicle Transport Company in South Florida and one of the best Vehicle Shipping Companies Nationwide and Overseas. We also work together with multiple dealerships, then if you have cars for transport, we have a huge experience shipping multiple cars around the country and doing International Auto Shipping. We are Car Shippers!


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Car Transport Services

You will get the peace of mind that you deserve with our auto shipping quotes. If you have cars for transport, both nationwide and overseas, please call us and get the peace of mind that you deserve! We are an American Car Shipping Company with the best rates in Google Reviews, BBB Reviews (BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU) and Transport Reviews.

Do you have a car for transport?

At We Will Transport It Company you will get the best car transporter quote when you are looking for the best car for transport service and price. You will get up to a 20% discount if you call NOW!

We guarantee our AutoTransport Service is one of the best in the industry and our car shipping quotes are the most competitive!

Best car transport services

Do you have cars for transport?

Hardside enclosed Carrier with a lift gate loading an Ferrari vehicle

Enclosed Auto Transport

Although this is the most expensive car carrier method, enclosed car transport is highly secure, protects your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, and will provide

Open Auto Transport

This commonly used car transport method is affordable, available by many auto transport companies although there is a higher risk of car theft and your vehicle being exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Five automobiles carrier trailer on a red and white truck, we are car shippers


At We Will Transport It, we usually receive a considerable amount of questions about shipping cars, the dos and don’ts, and the logistics needed for the entire process.

We are happy to provide satisfactory answers to the topmost shared questions related to Auto Shipper.

Unlike any other shipping-based service, We Will Transport It has flexible pricing. The cost varies depending on the individual’s needs and the demands of the customer.

It’s important to consider a lot of variables such as the locations of both the pickup and delivery, open or enclosed methods of shipping, and the type of vehicle, just to name a few.

To get a quote for the cost of your vehicle hauling, we recommend visiting our link Free Shipping Quote. You’ll find all the details.

The cheapest and safest way to ship your car is via terminal-to-terminal. Terminals are a great way to ship a car if you need to lower the cost. Although it is slower than the other alternatives, it remains a plausible option.

The fastest method is of course the door-to-door Auto Shipping option. Many major cities have terminals where you can drop your car, but the door-to-door method that we provide remains the most secure.

With terminal shipping, you are at risk because you have to leave your vehicle with a 3rd Party Company until we come and pick it up for transport. At times, the vehicle may be unattended and in many cases, it stays there for days or weeks before pick up.

Car Shipping Cross Country

We have the ability to ship your car cross-country with the ease and comfort of you driving the car to the local grocery store and back. We Will Transport It can also offer great deals because we have both local drivers and cross country drivers.

Whether you are moving to a new area within the US, or you have just purchased a car from a dealership or seller across the country, We Will Transport It can take away the stress that preoccupies you during your Auto Shipping Process.

There are a few things you should consider when dealing with a vehicle shipping quote from car transport companies. While open car shippers may be the cheapest option available, if you desire extra protection for your vehicle during transport, we highly recommend enclosed trailer transport.

We also recommend booking your car shipping a few weeks in advance. The reason is pretty obvious; most auto carriers are pre-advancing their loads several weeks in advance. This simply means they are filling the available spots on their trucks weeks before the actual pickup date.

A cross-country auto shipping should take 7 to 10 days in transit and an additional 2-3 weeks if you’re shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.
Weather, traffic, and road conditions all play a big part in the transport time. If you need same-day or next-day service, the We Will Transport It expedited transport allows for faster pickup and delivery times.

The safety of your vehicle is our priority. Our customer reviews will definitely satisfy your inquiries regarding our professional and safe transport process. In short, if you need to transport a car across the country, or even overseas, We Will Transport It is the vehicle transport company that will exceed your expectations.


Open Auto transport is the most cost-effective way to ship a car. Almost 90% of the car shipping process uses an open car carrier trailer; vehicles travel exposed to road and weather conditions during transport.

As for enclosed transport, the container protects your vehicle from weather and road conditions during transport!

Enclosed Auto transport is a Vehicle Transport that ensures protection for other vehicles. It’s a great Auto Shipping method if you need to transport a high-value vehicle or luxury car. Enclosed carriers often carry fewer vehicles than the bigger open transport carriers. We perfectly understand that you want your car to arrive in the same condition it was in before pickup. Avoid exposure to natural elements or extreme weather with enclosed auto shipping.

The decision is always yours; choose what best fits your interests.

Enclosed car haulers boost your vehicles’ safety. Most customers don’t mind a little rain o
r snow. But when you’re dealing with exotic auto shipping or long distances transport, using enclosed transport for your vehicle while shipping might be necessary for keeping your car in perfect condition.

How Long Does Car Transport Take

There are a lot of factors that determine the transit time when shipping your vehicle. There are many influencing variables that auto carrier businesses have to take into consideration when giving an estimate of how long it takes to ship a car.

Traffic can be the most common issue. Depending on the area where you want your car delivered, traffic can delay your car more than you may realize. Don’t forget that during transit the auto carrier will be delivering additional vehicles. Depending on the method you chose for transport, the carrier could have up to 9 additional cars to deliver.

When other vehicles on the truck have different destinations, the staff will need to fulfill their obligations to those other car owners. Remote areas can also make the transport take longer. These issues can affect your car’s arrival time.

The weather may also be a factor in the time your car takes to reach its destination. Auto carriers run into poor weather when traveling through different states. Inclement weather is always a factor. Snow in the winter or rainstorms all year round will always cause delays.

Road conditions, such as road closures or construction, can also delay transport. Many drivers have to take detours because of road conditions (I.e. shut down road repairs). Choosing an adequate season for your auto shipping is always a wise choice.


How much does it cost to transport a car UK?

The average, transported car delivery costs an average of $3/mile delivering the car 50 miles approximately. Bigger is the distance the price will drop down to around $1.20/mile.

International Auto Shipping and the We Will Transport It logo, 2 automobiles inside an enclosed carrier, one on top of the other one

Enclosed Carrier with one beautiful orange vehicle inside and the We Will Transport It logo. we are car shippers


The best auto transport company is the one that will give you a realistic car shipment quote and the best customer service, while at the same time, offering you a fast, safe and reliable auto transport process for your automobile transportation service. We Will Transport It is the best and the cheapest way to ship your car and we are a 5-star company with 49,148 positives reviews and counting. Your transport vehicle service will vary based on the experience and professionalism of the company you chose.


The cheapest car shipper service is when you utilize open transport versus enclosed transport. Although, this method will save you money it is less secure than using enclosed transport. We can provide you many options for shipping car services and we will always promise you a fair and honest rate.

Multi Auto Shipping using a five automobiles carrier trailers on a red and white truck, we are Car Shippers

Open carrier with ten automobiles trailer ready to be transport, we are Car Shippers


If you need to ship your vehicle and need a realistic price call We Will Transport It.
Depending on the distance, time of the year, current gas prices, transport preference (open or enclosed), and additional taxes, tolls and/or fees shipping costs can vary greatly. Our A+ Rated car shippers services will always exceed your expectations. You should never trust your car transport services to just any company. Always research the company and make an informed decision. In the event that the specific transport vehicle service is unavailable, move to another company. A company that has limited options or cannot meet your specific needs will end up being a disaster if you compromise.


Our company will always provide a specific transport vehicle service experience that will meet your expectations. When you begin to compare Car Transport Services it will become evident that our company offers the most options and the better prices. Because we have such a large fleet, we can continually keep our prices down because of the volume of vehicles we transport. Our wide range of Auto Transport Services can be custom packaged so that you get exactly what you need and desire for your transport.

Car Transport service, open car carriers

How to Find the #1 Best
Car Transport from state to state Companies?

A+ Certified Shipping Cars Across Country Company in the US. We are a Car Shipping Company, specializing in shipping car services both nationwide and overseas. We provide shipping car service throughout the United States. We also provide Auto Shipping Services to other countries, you can visit our International Shipping page for better information.

Our services can be pricey, which is why we offer free Auto Shipping quotes. For most of us, a car is one of the biggest purchases that we make during our lives, so when you need to ship a car, you want to make sure that you’re hiring a company that you can trust.

Best auto transport across country service

We are an elite vehicle transportation service company. We offer excellent insurance coverage for transportation and delivery. Contact one of our experienced representatives to take advantage of our exclusive offers and save!


  • Free and Best Shipping Quotes
  • Competitive Rates
  • No Money Down | No Upfront Deposits
  • Fully Insured Drivers
  • Licensed and Bonded
  • Door to Door Auto Shipping Service
  • Best Customer Service and Best Truck Drivers
  • Fast and secure transportation and delivery
  • International Shipping

Auto transport Across the Country: A Car Shipping Service across the country is the process of shipping an automobile from one destination to a different one that is many miles away. The best vehicle hauling companies offer both open transport and enclosed transport.

How to ship my Car from One State to Another?

There are several steps to ship your car. They include:

  • Requesting a free auto transport quote
  • Providing a detailed description of the car
  • Selecting the type of auto transport service that you need
  • Scheduling a date for vehicle pickup and delivery
  • Request a Free Car Shipping Quote

    To plan financially for the Car Shippers service, request a free quote. You can call us directly or send the request to us online through our website. We’ll return a quote for the auto transport cost to you quickly.

  • Describe Your Vehicle

    When you call for a quote, be ready to give us information about your vehicle. We’ll need to know the year, make and model. We’ll also need the address of the pickup location and the delivery information.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car?

    Shipping a car across the country will cost more than shipping shorter distances. You will also spend more to ship your car to foreign countries. The average price for a small sedan using an open carrier can vary based on the time of year and the distance for the shipping car service.

  • Choosing the Type of Vehicle Hauling Service

    The next step is to choose how you want your car to be shipped. An estimated 80% of cars are shipped on open transport carriers. People who are transporting expensive luxury vehicles usually select enclosed carriers.

  • Scheduling your auto transport Pickup and Delivery

    With preparation, the vehicle pickup and delivery process should be quick and easy. We will confirm the pickup and delivery dates with you in advance, so you can plan for the arrival of your vehicle.

  • How much does it cost to ship a car?

    Car shipping prices will always vary There is no set cost like other service-based products. Car Shippers are based on things like where the car is being picked up from and where it’s going. The cost will also vary according to how you want the vehicle shipped and the type of vehicle that you’re transporting. For instance, Hawaii auto shipping will cost more than auto transport to Florida if you’re shipping a car from one mainland destination to another.

Professional car shipping across country Company

AutoGuide advises consumers to complete carrier research before hiring a professional Car Transport company.

Read a few Google reviews and Facebook ratings to see how other customers felt about working with the Auto Shipper companies that you’re considering.

The benefits of choosing a professional vehicle transport company are that expert car shippers will have experience loading vehicles onto trailers. The driver will also have completed truck driving school, so you can feel confident that your vehicle will arrive safely.

Insurance is another benefit of working with a professional automobile transportation service company. Our insurance policy covers up to $100,000 in damages.

Auto Transport from state to state SERVICES

The most important aspect of vehicle hauling is to make sure that the service is in line with your needs as the customer and that we provide the correct service to meet your needs. The automobile transportation service that we provide will be specific to your needs. We will always provide you with a driver who is the subject area expert of every minor detail that is involved in shipping your vehicle.

You also want to make sure that the cars for transport are in good working condition. Vehicles that are not operable can still be
transported but there is an additional cost.

We also offer a wide range of options for dealerships, corporate accounts and fleets. Call now for details for Car Shipping for dealerships.

Additional Comfort Cars for Transport Steps

How to transport a car from one state to another is a question we get quite often. It takes a lot of planning for you as the customer and the last thing you want is to be dealing with an inexperienced company during this process. SpareFoot offers some advice. First, make reservations early.

As soon as you know that you need to transport a car, be sure to contact several Auto Shipper companies to compare quotes. After selecting the best company, prepare the vehicle by ensuring that it’s in good working condition. Fill the fluids, but decrease the amount of gas in the vehicle to just a quarter of a tank.

Clean the outside of the vehicle before turning it over to the Auto Shipper trailer operator so that a thorough inspection of the condition of the vehicle can be performed. The driver will note any scratches, dents, or dings that are present.

Following these steps will ensure your car will reach its destination in the same preloading condition.

How cars for transport work?

All transport vehicle services will be specific to your individual needs. The first step is going to require you to identify what it is that you need. Then you have to locate a company that can provide you with shipping car services that work for you.

Start by searching for an Auto Shipping service near me and then broaden your search from there. You will see that numerous companies can provide a shipping car service. But you are going to need to call these companies and make sure they can provide exactly what you need for your Car Shipper service.

Car Transport services need to be detailed and all-inclusive when you are making arrangements. Any overlooked detail or misunderstanding can cause major headaches down the road.

How to transport your car?

Car Shipping Services are influenced by various factors. The duration of the shipping is determined by the distance to be traveled, weather, road conditions, traffic, and whether you choose a door-to-door auto transport service or not. In addition, here is what you need to know about how to ship a car.

Always ask specific questions when you are finalizing your transport vehicle service. If you don’t understand what is being said then ask for clarification.

The transportation of additional items within your vehicle during the Auto Shipping process is not recommended.

  • Acquire your auto shipping quotes.
  • Facilitate the process of requesting your vehicle transport online.
  • Receive the related auto transport company assignment.
  • Your assigned car delivery contact pickup contact.
  • Your auto shipping service gets to its appropriate destination.

How to secure the best car shipping deal at an affordable price?

Do you need to ship a car from state to state and get up to 20% OFF?

  • Ensure that you acquire a binding price quote by all means.
  • Verify the legitimacy of the shipping company by ensuring that it’s federally licensed.
  • Focus on auto shipping companies that allow you free rental for any type of delay.
  • The car shippers company of your choice must be flexible to handle any car damages (should provide you with auto transport insurance).
  • Your selected shipping company should operate on most days of the week.
  • You always want to try to work with a local car company. Car shippers service near me is always a bonus for your transport.

Best car transport companies

There are many companies you can choose to ship your car with and each vehicle hauling company brings a lot of distinct advantages with their service.

Shipping a car with We Will Transport will allow you to enjoy a guaranteed pick update and professional services. We offer the cheapest way to ship a car, we use experienced truck drivers who will guarantee the fastest car and we will ensure a very secure delivery.

We have offices in several states, call us, or Google “Auto Shipping Service near me” to find one of our locations near you.

We have the best car Transport from state to state quotes in the industry!

We are a High Tech auto transport from state to state company in the US. Because of our excellent car transporter prices, excellent auto carriers to protect your car, customer service, and because we always are the cheapest option to ship a car, we have a high volume of customers.

We strongly recommend you begin your car hauling quote and arrangements at least one week before your pickup date.

Car Shipping across country Types of quotes

When you use professional Auto Shipping services there are three transport types of quotes. These are standard auto transport quotes, expedited quotes, and rush quotes. Let’s look at these in detail.

  1. Standard quotes

    This is usually the cheapest quote of the three costs to ship your car. However, the service you get will equate to the minimum price you paid as many people tend to prefer this quote type because of its affordability.

    The competition for space is tight whether you are shipping your car across the country or internationally. There are also higher chances of delay in you getting your vehicle.

  2. Expedited quotes

    This is a very good type of car shipping quote that gives you many added advantages. This type of quote is used if you intend to acquire auto hauler services for a remote location.

    The additional costs associated with expedited Auto Transport quotes will, in turn, reward you during your vehicle shipping process.

  3. Rush Quotes

    The services that you will get for this type of quote are undeniably better. All you need to do is pay those extra bucks and you can be assured of a quicker delivery. The Car Shippers Service is naturally drawn to take care of your shipping requirements better.

At We Will Transport It, you will get the cheapest way to ship cars, saving a lot of money with our special quotes and our auto transport specials that we have every month!

If you need to ship a car to/from California to/from Hawaii, just let us know and you will save up to 20%.

A+ Certified Car Shipping Across Country Company in the US

an American Car Transporters Company!

We Will Transport It logo

We have Car Shippers offices nationwide and overseas:

  • California Car Shippers
  • Ship a car to/from Florida
  • New York Cars Transportation Services
  • Texas Car Shippers Nationwide & Overseas
  • Michigan Car Shippers
  • International Auto Shipping Company
  • Kansas Auto Transport and Heavy Haul
  • Montana Car Shippers
  • Auto Shipping Miami
  • Transport vehicle service San Antonio, Texas

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