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Car Shipping Company

Car shipping companies transport vehicles from one area to another. While the process seems simple, selecting the best company that will ship your car for a fair price can be a stressful experience.

We Will Transport It is the best Car Shipping Company in the US.

To make car shipping easy, we’re answering questions like:

  • How much does it cost to ship a car in the United States?
  • How much does it cost to ship a car overseas?
  • What does an international car shipping company do to determine shipping costs?

Ship a Car

When it comes to shipping cars, you can have yours shipped open transport or enclosed.

Open transport is more affordable. The car shipping cost is about 30% to 40% less than enclosed shipping.
However, if you’re transporting an expensive or rare vehicle, then enclosed car shipping offers better protection.

Shipping Cars

If you need to ship a car, then keep in mind that your overall car shipping cost will be less if your vehicle is operational.
The reason for this is that it’s easier for the car transporting company to move your vehicle on and off the transport unit. The time of year also has an impact on shipping cars.
If you prefer to spend your winters in warmer states, then the car shipping cost will be higher in the winter and in the spring.

Shipping a Car

Weight affects the cost of shipping a car. An international car shipping company will need to check in with weight stations to reach their destination.
It costs a shipping company some of their profits when their weight load is too heavy because they must remove freight to continue. Then, they’ll need to arrange to have whatever was moved transported in a different unit.
Heavier vehicles also cost more in fuel consumption to transport. If your vehicle weighs 4,500 pounds or more, then your car shipping cost will be more.

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Elite Car Shipping Company



Car Shipping Cost

When you need to transport your car to a different location, you might be tempted to drive it there yourself, but it may be best to hire a company that specializes in shipping cars.

Professional car shipping means that you’ll avoid putting excess miles on your car.
It’s less likely that your car will be in an accident when you use professional shipping. Your car will also suffer less wear and tear.

International Car Shipping Company

If you’re transporting your car to a foreign destination, you’ll want to check into the benefits of hiring an international car hauling company.

Elite Car Shipping Company

Businesses that specialize in international transport will know how to properly prepare your vehicle for travel to make sure that it arrives safely. Depending on where the vehicle is going, it will be shipped by sea, rail, or truck.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Car transporting companies usually consider a medium distance trip one that ranges from 500 miles to 1,500 miles away. The average per mile cost for a medium distance trip is $.93 a mile. This means that you’ll pay around $650 to send your car to a destination that’s 700 miles away.

The car shipping cost for long distances is around $.58 a mile.
Companies that provide car shipping services usually consider a trip long distance if it’s 1,500 miles away or more. If you need to transport a car to a place that’s 2,000 miles away, you can expect to pay around $1,160 to get it there.
Car transport companies offer quotes on their transportation service so that you can budget the expense.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Overseas?

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas? An international car transporting company will transport your car anywhere from $900 to $2,000 depending on several factors.
These include how far you’re shipping the vehicle to, the size of your automobile, any customs charges that you may need to cover, and the amount of your shipping insurance.

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Elite Car Shipping Company with We Will Transport It

When you are looking for an auto transport company it is important to note the International shipping price, the Nationwide shipping quotes and the cost to transport when you are using open transport carriers and closed car transport carriers.
We specialized in international vehicle shipping services, including car shipping, boat shipping, yacht shipping and heavy equipment shipping to any country.
Our auto transport service offers door to door car transport to help you save time and money with We Will Transport It.

Roll-on roll-off ships are cargo ships designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as a car, a truck, semi-trailer trucks, trailers and railroad cars.

We Will Transport It

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