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Relocating? We Will Transport It Can Help You Reserve Moving Containers for Your Upcoming Move!

There’s nothing like getting a big promotion at work, but it often requires you to make a cross-country move. Climbing the ladder often means relocating to new cities several times over the course of one’s career, and you have to be prepared to move at the drop of a hat. That’s where we come in!

Our team of shipping and container moving specialists at We Will Transport It is always a phone call away when you need to relocate or ship any other type of cargo, and we guarantee to save you 10% or more on the cost of moving storage containers. We can deliver a moving container directly to your front door, and then you can load it up at your convenience as you prepare for your upcoming move. Once you’ve loaded up all of your furniture and other personal items into the container, we can send a licensed and insured driver to load it up and deliver it to your new home. You can speak to a container moving agent 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196 to learn more about shipping moving containers and to get a free shipping quote. We offer a low price guarantee on all of our transportation services, and you’ll never be required to pay a deposit for moving storage containers or any other type of freight!

We Offer Guaranteed Low Rates for Shipping Moving Containers

Our team of moving containers specialists works on behalf of our customers to find the lowest possible rates for shipping moving containers every day. The most trusted and reliable moving container companies are prepared to compete for your business, and we have the purchasing power to get the best possible prices. The nation’s top carriers are moving storage containers across the country on a daily basis, and they offer the best rates for customers who reserve their shipments early.

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When you contact us for your price quote for moving shipping containers, we’ll give you an estimate based on the fair market value of the shipment. The moving containers companies in our network will bid on the shipment, and we’ll book your pick-up or delivery and send you an email confirmation. We make moving shipping containers easy, affordable, and hassle-free, and we always love working with budget-conscious customers to get the best possible rates!

We Partner With Trusted Moving Containers Companies

The moving container companies that we work with are all bonded and fully insured. We know that each moving container that you’re transporting contains precious cargo, and we want you to enjoy true peace of mind from the time you receive your estimate until the day that your moving containers are dropped off at your new home. Moving container companies count on word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business to grow, and they want to make sure that you’re always satisfied. We know that our customers place a lot of trust in us, which is why we exclusively partner with reliable and trusted moving containers companies. We have decades of experience moving shipping containers from coast to coast, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Moving Storage Containers Will Make Your Upcoming Move Easy!

If you’re making a cross-country move, you’ll save the most money if you take the time to prepare in advance. Moving containers companies offer expedited shipping options for professionals who need to move quickly, as long as they’re prepared to spare no expense. But if you want to maximize your savings, you can arrange to have moving containers delivered to your home ahead of time. You and your family can load up the moving storage containers at your convenience, and you won’t be forced to pack up everything at once. You’ll be able to make all of the arrangements for your upcoming move on your own schedule, and then you can schedule your pick-up at your convenience.

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We’ll make the top moving container companies bid for your business, and make sure that you always get the lowest possible rates. After we’ve scheduled your pick-up, we’ll send you an email confirmation with all of the details. We exclusively use licensed and insured drivers with plenty of experience moving shipping containers, and your cargo will always be in great hands while it’s in transit. The moving container will be awaiting you when you arrive at your new home, and you can get off to a great new start in your new hometown!


Our transportation agents are standing by when you need to schedule container moving services, and we love to save money for our customers. You can reach us online or 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196. We take pride in offering legendary service at great rates, and we’re happy to answer your questions about shipping moving containers at any time!

  • How does container moving work?

    If you’ve ever had to load up everything you own into a moving van, you already understand how stressful that it can be. In addition to all of the emotions that you encounter when you’re moving to an unfamiliar location, you have to completely uproot your family and load up everything that you own over the course of a couple of very busy days. Moving container companies give you a much easier alternative. All that you have to do is contact the company and give them some basic information to get started. You’ll need to let your moving agent know how large of a home you have, and they will help you determine the right size POD to facilitate your move. Once you’ve reserved your order, they’ll deliver a POD container to your home. You’ll pay a monthly rental fee for your POD, and you’ll have the ability to load and unload it at your convenience. You won’t be forced to move everything at once, and you’ll be able to take the time that you need to get packed up. Your agent can also get you in touch with local companies in your area who can assist you with packing and loading your POD for transport.

    Once your POD is delivered, you can store it at your home for as long as you need to. You can also choose the option of having the POD shipped to a storage center in your area where it will be secure and accessible at any time. This is a great option for professionals who need to move in a hurry and haven’t found a new home yet! You can have your POD delivered to a facility in your new town, and then you can arrange transportation for your POD to your new home when you’re ready to move in.

  • Will I pay less if I’m making a local move in the same city?

    All moving companies offer long-distance service, but some companies are better than others if you’re going to be moving to a new home in the same city. The total cost of container shipping is based on a number of factors, which include the size of the container you’re shipping and the total distance for the shipment. You’ll pay a higher price for a longer move, but your average rate per mile will be lower. You’ll be paying for less mileage on a shorter move, but you’ll incur certain fixed costs no matter what distance you’re moving. If you’re just moving across town, it might not make financial sense to pay for a full-service moving company. Many of the nation’s leading transportation companies can help you make a local move at a great price, and you can also usually find regional transportation companies that offer great rates.

    It always pays to shop around when you’re making a local move, and you should take your time to make a smart buy. We’re connected with a network of the top transportation companies in the USA, and we can save you the most money on moving and container shipping services if you call us early.

  • What types of discounts are available?

    You should always get multiple estimates to see how the different moving companies match up on price. The fixed costs of shipping will be more or less the same for each company, but some companies price their services differently. Larger companies that service more states often have the ability to offer better prices, but independent companies often have lower overhead. Be sure to ask for itemized estimates, and ask for clarification about any items that you don’t understand. Some moving companies also offer price matching and low-price guarantees.

  • How much does moving shipping containers cost?

    The price of container moving services is based on the size of the moving containers and the distance that they will travel.

    The average cost for shipping moving containers domestically is around $3,000.

    These prices are only estimates, and they’re subject to change at any time. The final price that you pay for shipping will be based on the availability of drivers and seasonal demand, and it might not be the same as your original estimate. Our shipping agents can give you an accurate quote for moving storage containers 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196.

  • What containers size are available?

    There are three different container sizes. Their small 8-foot containers have the same storage capacity as a 10’ truck, and they’re an ideal option for customers who live in studio apartments or college students who are moving into dormitories. 12-foot containers are the next step up, and they’re a good option for customers in small one-bedroom homes and apartments. The large 16-foot containers are the most popular option, and they take up the length of one normal-sized parking space. A 16-foot is ideal for homes up to 1,200 square feet in size and it has the same storage capacity as a 20’ truck.

    Before you call to get your quote, take the time to think about all the large items that you’ll need to transport. Your shipping specialist can help you select the correct size for your move.

  • How much should I budget to rent a 16-foot container for my move?

    We are one of the nation’s most popular moving container companies, and one of their 16’x8’ containers is an ideal option for customers who need to move the contents of a home with 3-5 rooms. Your average cost for container moving with will range from $900-$3,800, and your pricing will be affected by the distance that you’re moving and several other fees. You can find a detailed fee breakdown for all of the services on their website, but your pricing will be based on how far you’re moving and how many containers you’ll need.

    You’ll have to pay a delivery fee for each of the moving shipping containers that you use and you’ll pay a monthly rental fee until your moving containers are picked up and delivered to your new home. You’ll also have to pay taxes for most shipments, and you’ll need to purchase insurance coverage for your POD. Coverage for the moving container itself will cost you $10 a month, and you can purchase protection for the contents for $34.95 and up. Your insurance premiums will be calculated according to the declared value of the contents of the POD. You can’t ship vehicles, hazardous materials, or pets in your POD, and you should notify your transportation specialists about any unusual items that you’ll need to move. Be sure to ask as many questions as necessary so that you can avoid any unnecessary delays.

  • How much will it cost me to purchase my own used 20-foot shipping container?

    A moving container is a great option for professionals who are relocating for a new job, but you’ll be paying monthly rental rates if you’re not moving right away. Rental for a 16-foot POD starts around $120 a month. If your move is in the more distant future, you might consider purchasing a used shipping container. A 20-foot container will cost you around $1,500-$2,500, and a 40-foot container will cost you $3,500-$5,500. These estimates for moving containers are subject to availability and seasonal demand.

    You can use your container as a semi-permanent storage building once you’re done with your move, or you can convert it into a shipping container home on your new property. There are seasoned home builders throughout the United States who have the skills and experience to build luxurious homes from shipping containers, and container homes can be built for a fraction of the cost of homes constructed from conventional materials.

  • What is the shipping container made of?

    Shipping containers are constructed from an alloy known as corten steel, which combines steel and a few other metals to create a material that’s weather-resistant and built to survive the rigors of overseas shipping. Corten steel is engineered to oxidize naturally, and it’s commonly known as “weathering steel” in the transportation industry. The rust and weathering on the exterior of the container creates an additional layer of protection for the container by preventing the formation of additional oxidation. Corten steel can be welded, and it’s used to make the container’s walls, frame, beams, and cargo doors. The floors of shipping containers are made from marine-grade plywood treated with insecticides and other chemicals. Some container floors are also made from bamboo, which is cheap, plentiful, and resistant to mildew.

  • Can the moving container companies help me load up my moving container?

    Some moving containers companies offer full-service pick-up and delivery. When you call to schedule your pick-up, they can do all the loading before your container gets picked up and all of the unloading when your container is delivered to your new home. If you want to make your move quick and easy, full-service is definitely the way to go. Bundling all of the services together will mean a higher overall price tag, but many customers appreciate the convenience of being able to make all of the arrangements with one phone call.

    If you’re a little more budget-conscious, you might be inclined to load the container yourself and recruit some of your friends to help you move larger items. But this arrangement isn’t always practical or convenient. Hiring professionals is a good way to avoid the delays that occur when your friends suddenly remember other obligations on the morning of your moving day!

    Some moving containers companies exclusively offer pick-up and delivery services, and some companies focus exclusively on providing labor. Be sure to talk to your transportation agent about your options. You should let your agent know about the largest items that you’ll need to ship, and you should also be realistic about what you can do on your own. Paying for professional movers will cost you a little more than a few large pizzas, but you’ll enjoy a lot more peace of mind. The movers will show up at a time that’s convenient for you, and they’ll make sure that your items are carefully packed and loaded.

  • Can moving containers be transported overseas?

    If you’re moving overseas, your shipping containers can be loaded onto a container ship at any port city and transported to almost any destination in the world. You’ll need to complete some additional customs paperwork for an international shipment, and you’ll need to confirm that your destination currently accepts shipments from the United States. Just make sure that you choose a transportation company with plenty of experience shipping moving containers to overseas ports.

  • Is there anything that’s not allowed in a shipping container?

    You can transport almost any cargo in a moving container, with the exception of hazardous materials and a few other items. You should ask your transportation agent about any specific items that you need to move, but these items are never allowed.

    • Hazardous Or Toxic Materials-Hazardous materials include gasoline, paint, cleaning products, and anything flammable.
    • Explosives And Weapons-Fireworks and other combustible materials aren’t allowed. You also can’t ship ammunition or weapons in a shipping container.
    • Perishable Items-Even if you pay for expedited shipping, your container will be in transit for several days. Perishable items that require refrigeration can spoil in transit and attract rodents. Non-perishable food items aren’t susceptible to spoilage, but they can also attract rodents and insects.
    • Pets and Plants-Even if the container is vented, it’s not safe for pets and livestock. Some plants are very hearty and require almost no light, but they can attract insects and other vermin.

    In addition to the items listed above, you can’t use a POD or a shipping container to transport illegal or stolen goods. You’ll want to fully insure the contents of the POD, but you shouldn’t pack jewelry, currency, or any other rare or irreplaceable items in the container.

  • Can I Transport My Car In a Continer?

    You might be able to fit your vehicle into a larger-sized POD, but they don’t currently allow you to transport a vehicle. But if you need vehicle shipping, we can help you transport your car, SUV, or truck anywhere in the world! We can send an open transport carrier to your home and transport your vehicle it to any address in North America. We also offer vehicle shipping services in enclosed trailers that serve as a “mobile garage” for your luxury auto or sports car.

Give WWTI A Call Anytime To Learn More About Moving Storage Containers!

Moving is never easy, but our team at We Will Transport It is here to help you get the job done quickly and at a great price. Our transportation agents have plenty of experience, and they all love to save money for our clients! We search day and night to find the best possible deals for all of our clients, and we don’t require any money down to schedule container moving or any other transportation services. We partner with the most reliable transportation companies in the industry, and we exclusively partner with bonded companies. Contact one of our transportation agents 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196 or contact us online to get your free quote on moving shipping containers today!

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Shipping container trandsport 20'

Dimensions: 20’x8’x9.6′
Weight: about 9,000 lbs
From: Los Angeles, California
To: Miami Lakes, Miami

Shipping container trandsport 30'

Dimensions: 30’x8’x9.6′
Weight: about 11,000 lbs
From: Dodge City, Kansas
To: Bronx, New York

Shipping container trandsport 40'

Dimensions: 40’x8’x9.6′
Weight: about 12,500 lbs
From: Coss Roads, Kansas City
To: Portland, Oregon

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