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Motorcycle shipping companies

Need our Motorcycle Shipping Services? As Bike Shippers Specialists we have the Best Motorcycle Shipping Cost per mile in the industry.



Motorcycle Transport Company in the US

Best Motorcycle Shipping Cost with We Will Transport It. When placed on a carrier, are first created and then loaded into an enclosed trailer.

This makes sure that each bike is securely strapped down to prevent any damage during the motorbike transportation from point A to B. By it being enclosed, it makes sure each bike is kept out of the elements of the air such as wind, dust, and rain.

There are open carriers for motorcycle transport, but it is not recommended simply because an open carrier is designed for a vehicle such as cars and trucks because of the ramps. Also, open carriers will not keep the bike away from the outside elements.

The rates to ship a motorcycle are a little more expensive than open car transport but well worth the investment in a quality motorbike transportation service.

Shipping a Motorcycle

Transporting a Motorcycle just like any vehicle being transported, the cost for motorcycle shipping is calculated cents per mile based on distance and locations of pickup and delivery. Since motorcycles are lighter, smaller and they take up less space on an enclosed carrier, is a little less expensive to ship a motorcycle than in contrast to a car being transported enclosed.

Motorcycle Shipping Cost

Our professional Motorcycle Hauling agents here at We Will Transport It will be more than happy to help you make sure that your motorcycle is safely transported at the best rate possible and we will make sure our driver will arrive on schedule for the pickup and delivery. We do not take any upfront deposits and we will keep you informed throughout the entire motorcycle transport until your bike is delivered. Also, be sure to ask us about our car transport services.

#1 Best Motorcycle Shipping Company in the US.

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We Will Transport It is One of the Best Motorcycle Shipping Companies in Florida!

We Will Transport It is one of Florida’s top motorcycle shipping companies, and we’re always here help you ship motorcycle and other vehicles safely and securely to any destination in the world! Motorcycle transport services are a great way for your bikes to get there ahead of time when you’re making a cross-country move, or if you’re traveling by airplane. Enclosed motorcycle transportation can also protect your bikes from the weather so that all of your chrome still shines when you ride into Sturgis!

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We offer premium quality motorcycle shipping at great prices, and our commitment to customer service is unrivaled in The Sunshine State. We exclusively work with fully licensed, bonded, and insured motorcycle transportation companies, and you’ll never have to make an up-front deposit or a down payment to ship your motorcycle. Contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-885-5354 and let us save you up to 10% on motorcycle transport services!

We Offer Motorcycle shipping from Coast to Coast!

Motorcycle enthusiasts are always happiest in the saddle! Unfortunately, it’s not always convenient to ride our bikes all the way to our destination. Even a large touring bike can only hold a limited amount of gear, and traveling by motorcycle is even tougher when the family begins to expand. The good news is that motorcycle transport companies are here to help you have your bikes waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

If you’re traveling cross-country by airplane or if you’re relocating for a new job and driving a fully-loaded moving van, we offer door-to-door motorcycle transport service anywhere in the world! At We Will Transport It, you’ll never be required to make a down payment or pay an up-front deposit for motorcycle transport.

All that you have to do to get started is to use our shipping calculator on our website to get an accurate estimate of your motorcycle shipping cost. Enter your pick-up and delivery locations and your desired pick-up date into the form and click the button to receive a free no-obligation quote on ship motorcycle cost. As soon as you confirm your order, we’ll get right to work scheduling your shipment.

How Motorcycle Transport Services Work?

Working with a motorcycle transport company is a pretty straightforward process. Once you determine the actual ship motorcycle cost and schedule your pick-up, our dispatchers will locate a driver on your route. We offer motorcycle transportation to and from any location in the continental United States, and we’re also able to offer door-to-door service to most locations. If you live on a military base or in a gated community, you might need to select a nearby parking lot to meet your driver for the pick-up. You’ll receive a phone call or text message from your driver when he or she is close, and you can make the final arrangements.

Once your bike is loaded up, the motorcycle transport company will deliver it to your choice of any location in the world. We can deliver your bike to your new home, to your vacation destination, or to a long-term parking lot or storage facility. We can even transport your bikes out to the Bonneville Salt Flats when you’re ready to take a shot at the world land speed record! We offer open transport and enclosed transport services for motorcycles, and you can always expect transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

We Exclusively Work With the Nation’s Most Reliable Motorcycle Transport Companies!

When you research motorcycle shipping companies, it’s always important to make an informed decision. We take a lot of pride in connecting our customers with highly skilled and experienced drivers, and you can expect a customer service encounter that’s second to none.

Companies that provide motorcycle transport services depend on repeat and referral business, and they protect their reputations at all costs. All reputable motorcycle transport companies will allow you to read their reviews directly on their website, and they will be happy to provide you with a list of recent references. You can hire our drivers with confidence, because We Will Transport It only works with licensed, bonded, and insured carriers. Once your bike is loaded onto the trailer, it’s in very good hands for every mile of its journey.

We Offer Discounts When You Ship Multiple Bikes!

Do you own multiple motorcycles? Are you and a bunch of your friends planning a long-overdue motocross trip? If you’re shipping multiple motorcycles, we can help you save even more money! Making less pick-ups and filling up the trailers more quickly saves the motorcycle transport company time and fuel, and companies are always happy to pass on the savings to their customers. The more bikes that you ship, the more that you can save!


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about motorcycle shipping. Our agents are also available at all times at 1-888-885-5354 if you have any specific questions that we didn’t answer in the section below.

How to ship motorcycle?

Shipping your motorcycle is a quick and easy process. After you’ve received your free online quote and confirmed your shipping order, our team of agents will get right to work finding a driver to pick up your motorcycle. We offer door-to-door service, and your choice of transportation modes.

Open-carrier transport services is the most economical way of shipping your motorcycles, and we also offer enclosed shipping that serves as a “mobile garage” to protect your rare bikes or new auction purchases from the elements. Your motorcycle will be delivered to a location of your choosing, and it will be ready for you when you arrive. It’s not nearly as fun as riding the bike to your destination, but you won’t be putting any mileage on your odometer or your tires along the way.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

In order to get the best estimate of your motorcycle shipping cost, we recommend using our ship motorcycle cost calculator on our site. The prices to ship motorcycle range from around $500 to $1,200, depending on the length of the trip and the mode of transportation. The motorcycle shipping cost for enclosed transportation will be approximately 40% higher than open transport, but it’s the best option if you’re transporting a rare bike that you want to protect from the weather along your trip.

Don’t hesitate to get multiple quotes and read the online reviews for every motorcycle transportation business that you’re considering for the job. There are always plenty of shipping companies prepared to compete for your business, and you can get some great deals if you shop around. Motorcycle shipping cost averages tend to stay pretty constant, but if the motorcycle transport company frequently delivers on your intended route they might be able to offer you a better price. Some independent companies can also offer lower rates if they have less overhead. But you should always be suspicious any time that you see a shipping quote that’s drastically lower than the others. What corners are they prepared to cut in order to offer you that price?

Our shipping quotes all include taxes, tolls, insurance, and fuel. We can save you up to 10% on shipping with hidden fees, no up-front deposits, and no money down.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle overseas?

We Will Transport It is proud to offer international shipping services, and we can give you a free no-obligation quote in a matter of minutes. Just click here to get started, or give our agents a call at 1-888-885-5354. Overseas motorcycle transport will cost a little more than coast-to-coast shipping, and you’ll need to complete additional paperwork and customs forms. Some international destinations might also charge additional taxes or port fees. The ship motorcycle cost will typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 for overseas shipping.

It’s most cost-effective to ship motorcycle in a container, but if you’re prepared to spare no expense we can also schedule a shipment by airplane. Shipping costs are calculated based on the motorcycle’s size and weight, shipping destination, and other factors. It’s always cheapest to ship motorcycles between two cities that each have large shipping ports. If you have to use another mode of transportation such as open-carrier transport or enclosed shipping, you’ll incur those additional transportation expenses as well. Be sure to also find out if your destination accepts motorcycle shipments, and if there are any restrictions on the types of motorcycles that are allowed. An experienced shipping company should be familiar with the laws and regulations, but you owe it to yourself to also do your own research to avoid any unexpected delays.

You’ll need to have a certified copy of your original title, or a letter from your finance company giving you permission to take your motorcycle out of the country. You’ll also need to have a copy of the export declaration from the transportation company and the dangerous goods form declaration. Find out if your insurance policy will cover your bike overseas, or if you need to purchase an additional policy or add a special rider to your existing policy.

You’ll need to schedule your international shipment a minimum of three to 12 weeks in advance. We can help you find expedited shipping if you’re prepared to pay a premium, and we can also help you maximize your savings if you have some flexibility in your schedule. We can often get some great deals from shippers offering deep discounts on unsold container space on frequently-traveled routes, and we pass those savings on to you!

How far in advance should I schedule a shipment?

We’re currently experiencing historically high shortages of drivers in the motorcycle transport industry, so it’s always to your advantage to schedule your shipment as far in advance as possible. After you’ve determined your preferred pick-up time, you can visit our homepage and enter your pick-up and delivery locations. We’ll give you a quote in a matter of minutes, and we’ll get right to work locating a driver as soon as you confirm your shipping order. Our team of dispatchers works with drivers who all share our commitment to lighting-fast shipping, and your motorcycle will be in good hands every step of the way.

You’ll receive an email with the driver’s phone number as soon as your pick-up is confirmed, and your driver will contact you directly to confirm the arrangements. We offer door-to-door service anywhere in the United States, but the driver will need room to load up your bikes and maneuver the truck. If you live in a gated community or in a location where a truck can’t easily turn around, your driver can also meet you in a nearby parking lot to load up your motorcycle.

Can you deliver my bike to a garage?

We offer door-to-door service to any destination in the continental United States and the convenience of having your motorcycles waiting for you ahead of time. That often means a new home, but some of our clients are relocating so quickly that they haven’t even found a new home yet! We can deliver your motorcycle to your choice of storage facility or long-term parking lot, and will do our best to provide whatever accommodations that you need. We can also deliver your bike to the airport parking lot so that you can skip all of the hassles at the rental car counter!

Get Your Free Shipping Quote Now!

We Will Transport It works exclusively with licensed, insured, and bonded motorcycle transport companies and motorcycle shipping companies, and we can save you up to 10% on motorcycle shipping services every day. You can get a free quote online, or at 1-888-885-5354. We can always save you up to 10% on open-air or enclosed car shipping services with no up-front deposit and no money down.

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