Boat Transport Florida

With its sunny climate, incredible access to the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic ocean to the east, and its variety of tourist activities, it’s no wonder that Florida is a vacation destination and dream home for many Americans, as well as international visitors. Floridians own pleasure boats and yachts, make their living on fishing and touring vessels, and buy new boats from manufacturers who may not be located anywhere near Florida. To get marine vessels safely from one location to another, many captains turn to boat transport in Florida. We Will Transport It is a bonded and licensed vehicle transport company that is fully qualified to handle your vessel. We want to make sure your boat is shipped safe and sound, wherever you’re going.

Whether you’re moving to Florida, just visiting, or leaving Florida for another location, shipping your boat may be one of the more complicated pieces of your journey. While it may sound like a lot of fun to cruise down in your boat, you may not have sufficient access to waterways, and your vessel may not be able to handle all of the waters it would encounter.

Hauling your boat yourself might be possible, but it is also a frustrating endeavor. You need a vehicle strong enough to haul the boat, and you still risk damage from weather and road elements on the way. The clear solution is to hire a transportation company that will manage all the details for you.

When you contact We Will Transport It for a Florida marine transportation quote, please have this information available so we can give you the most accurate pricing possible:

  • The exact dimensions of your vessel, including height, length, width, and weight

  • The exact address of where your boat is to be picked up and dropped off.

Once we have this information, we begin the process of working up an accurate quote to take your boat from one location to another. The Florida boat haulers at We Will Transport It create your quote based on several key elements:

  • What carrier is most appropriate to transport the vessel

  • Can the boat or yacht be transported on waterways, or will it go overland

  • What is the weather likely to be during the time period of the boat’s transportation

  • What permits must be obtained or regulations must be followed in each state through which the boat will travel.

Whether you’re a pleasure boater, a manufacturer, or you make your living with your marine vessel, make sure to rely on We Will Transport It to get your boat from one destination to the next, safely and efficiently. We want you to be happy on the water, and we know this means arrive ready to go back in the water. Save yourself a great deal of hassle by choosing the experts at We Will Transport It, and call us today for a free quote.