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Yacht being transported for a huge blue truck, Boat Transport Virginia

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When the necessity arises to transport your boat to or from Virginia, We Will Transport It is your reliable partner. We work in conjunction with the best transport companies in the industry, enabling us to provide you with optimal rates for shipping your boat. Our expertise in the field guarantees a hassle-free experience for you, ensuring that your boat arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Below are examples of prices for shipping boats to and from Virginia:

What is the Price to move a boat from Virginia?

From ToMilesShipping Quote
Boat Shipping from Woodbridge, Virginia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida1,010 Miles$3,750
Boat Transport from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Long Beach, California2,735 Miles$10,750
Boat Hauling from Portsmouth, Virginia to Houston, Texas1,357 Miles$6,750
Shipping a boat from Mineral, Virginia to Englewood, Florida921 Miles$2,989
Boat Shipping from Lancaster, Virginia to Clinton, Connecticut430 Miles$1,850

* Cost may vary depending on the size of the boat, the driver, the time of the year, and the price of diesel gas. Contact one of our local dispatchers for a more accurate quotation 877-330-0051.

What is the cost of shipping a boat to Virginia?

From ToMilesBoat Shipping Quote
Boat Transport from Gulfport, Florida to Reedville, Virginia898 Miles$2,750
Boat Shipping from Oxon Hill, Maryland to Colonial Beach, Virginia54 Miles$989
Boat Hauling from Pittsburg, California to Norfolk, Virginia2,960 Miles$12,975
Boat Shipping from Seattle, Washington to Portsmouth, Virginia2,958 Miles12,950
Boat Transport from Brooklyn, New York to Deltaville, Virginia361 Miles$1,500

* The shipment cost fluctuates depending on diesel gas, the time of the year, the trailer being used, and the driver on the job. Examples above are previous jobs for boats that were 28ft to 35 ft long; prices may vary. Contact your dispatcher for an accurate quote at 877-330-0051

We are the best Boat Transport Company in the US.

Boat Transport, We Will Transport It

Shipping A Boat To Florida?

Looking for the Best Boat Transport Company in Virginia?

You will obtain the peace of mind that you deserve with our Boat Transport Virginia Service, secure Virginia Boat Transport and fast delivery!

Best Boat Shipping Company in Virginia

The cost of shipping your vessel varies greatly, depending on a number of factors. When we offer you a price quote, we consider:

  • The anticipate weather at the time of shipment
  • Whether the vessel is traveling domestically or internationally
  • What licenses must be obtained or regulations must be followed to ship the vehicle to its destination
  • What carriers are best equipped to provide shipment for the vessel
  • The most effective route for delivery, including whether the vessel will be shipped by land or by sea.

Boat Transport Virginia

From the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River to the Tidepools of Virginia, the state called the Mother of Presidents is a fantastic location for boating. Using vessels both for recreation and for entrepreneurship, boaters in Virginia have a wide variety of opportunities waiting for them on the water.

Whether you are moving to or vacationing in Virginia, it makes sense to bring your boat or yacht with you. Save yourself the bother of hooking up a hitch or trying to chart a path through waterways to get to your new destination and hire We Will Transport It to provide boat transport in Virginia.

Virginia Boat Transport

We Will Transport It is a fully bonded and licensed vehicle shipping company with extensive experience in getting your vehicles safely from one spot to another, domestically or internationally. We understand that whether you rely on your boat for recreation or for your business, it is an important piece of your life. We treat each vessel with the ultimate care.

Yacht being transported for a huge blue truck, Boat Transport Virginia

When you call us or use the online form for a quote, we ask that you have the following information available to speed the process:

  • The exact dimensions of your yacht or boat, including length, height, width, and weight
  • The precise address of your boat will be picked up and delivered.

Boat Haulers Virginia

Once we have all of these factors determined, we can offer you a clear and transparent quote on the price of boat transport.

It may seem like a simple process to either hitch your boat to your vehicle, or to chart a course and sail to your next destination. But both of these processes are more complicated than they sound. If you hitch a boat incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging your vehicle and your boat. If you have a smaller boat, it may not be able to handle rougher waters that you could need to traverse on the way to your destination.

Virginia Boat Mover

Instead of fighting with limitations, hire the experts for boat transport in Virginia. The professionals at We Will Transport It know the ins and outs of vehicle shipping and will ensure that your vehicle gets to the right spot at the right time.

Yacht being transported for a huge blue truck, Boat Transport Virginia

We will answer any questions you have during the quote process or during shipping to make sure that you understand exactly what happens next. Visit us today and get a free quote by either calling us directly or providing information through our online form. Let us take the worry out of transporting your vessel to its new home.

What is the cost of shipping a boat?

Depending on the distance, a boat can be transported for between $1.35 and $15 per mile. A shorter trip can cost anywhere from $160 to $400, while a more extended trip can cost anywhere from $650 to $1500 or even more. The cost of transporting an average 40-foot boat by road is $2.80 to $3.95 per mile, depending on the type of vessel.

How long does it take to ship a boat?

Boat delivery times vary depending on the size, location, and whether the boat is being transported by one driver or by a team. A boat can travel 450 to 1,250 miles a day, depending on its size and the driver’s rest needs. In addition to the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, the time it takes to deliver the boat depends on that distance as well.

What is the shipping process for a boat?

Shipments of boats over land are most common, and trailers parked on a flatbed or a larger multi-boat trailer are often used for delivery. A boat cannot be shipped down the highway, however, because of some restrictions. An overland boat cannot be wider than 12 feet.

What is the cost of shipping a boat internationally?

The cost of international boat shipping is generally higher than that of overland transportation. The price of shipping a boat over water ranges from $3,500 to $16,000. The cost of shipping a large yacht from one continent to another can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Boat Transport Company in Virginia

Finished boat transport across the US:

From Virginia to Oregon, I took a 2018 Sea Ray. The boat was 33 feet long and was equipped with twin outboard engines. There was no marina where the customer could unload the vessel, so our driver, who was driving the trailer, wet-launched it. A total of six days were needed for the shipment to be delivered and the final price was $9,200. We offer a wide range of boat shipping services to meet all your needs, so please give us a call today.

Boat Transport Company in South Florida

Center Console fishing boat shipment

As a result of this successful delivery of a boat from Penhook, VA to West Palm Beach, FL, we were able to meet our deadline. Our customer bought this for their fishing team and was ecstatic to receive it by Friday, as their tournament started on Saturday morning, so they were very eager to have it in hand by Saturday. After we picked it up with our team of drivers, we were able to get it delivered within two days.

Virginia Facts

Most Popular Boat Dealerships in Virginia, VA

  • Centerville Waterway 757-547-4498
  • Lynnhaven Marine 757-481-0700
  • Southeastern Marine 804-226-1111

What is Virginia’s most important port?

  • Virginia International Gateway is the Western Hemisphere’s most technologically advanced port.
  • Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) are the most important facilities at the Port of Virginia, which are located in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • PMT at Portsmouth, Virginia.
  • The Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT) is located in Newport News, Virginia.

Here are some facts about boating in Virginia:

Virginia law requires boats to have the following equipment:

  • An emergency life jacket
  • Devices that produce sound
  • The engine cut-off switch (ECOS)
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Device for muffled sound
  • Flame arrestor for backfires
  • The ventilation system
  • Boating under the influence: Boat operators are not allowed to drink alcohol. On the other hand, passengers are allowed to drink while the boat is moving or stopped.
  • No wake law: Operators of PWCs must maintain a “no wake” operation whenever they are within 50 feet of docks, piers, boathouses, boat ramps, and people on the water. Steerage and headway are maintained at the slowest speed necessary to maintain “no wake.”
  • Boating safety education: Boating safety courses must be completed by operators aged 14 and 15.
  • Life jackets: Every boater must carry at least one Coast Guard-approved life jacket. The wearing of a life jacket is not a requirement for adults, but it is strongly recommended.
  • Illegal activities: When operating a boat, water ski, or aquaplane recklessly, you are breaking the law. While intoxicated, boating, aquaplaning, and water skiing are illegal.
  • Overloading: The loading of passengers or cargo beyond the safe cargo-carrying capacity of a vessel is illegal.

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